Minutes of Various Gatherings and History

Executive Committee

Luncheon-Meeting Feb. 5, 2013

Norwich Inn, Vermont

We had a lightly attended, but fun lunch on TWe had a lightly attended, but fun lunch on Tuesday, February 5, including Bud Munson, John Hatheway, Bill Scott and Pete Foster and Ray Richard (with Barbara Munson, Judy Cross, Marge Scott, Anne Foster and Ellie Huke,) Just after one o'clock we settled down to the serious work of stuffing 220 envelopes with the latest Newsletter and new Class directory and finished in barely over one hour. I am not sure we had a quorum, but we didn't take any actions of significance. Discussion at the table, though briefer than normal this time, were lively and enjoyable.

An additional item: After the Tuesday luncheon, I received a message from the Alumni Office requesting each of the Classes to write a letter welcoming the new Dartmouth president, Philip Hanlon, to Dartmouth in July 

Report on Monthly Luncheon meeting June 7, 2011

     There being more than six Executive Committee members present, a quorum, we felt  it was in order to make a few relatively minor decisions for the welfare of the Class at this get-togethet.  Present were:

Warren Daniell
Bud Munson
Ray Richard
Joe Smith 
Bud Gedney
John Hatheway
Pete Foster

Revised mailing lists for the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, Class Newsletter and Mini-Reunion notice were presented by Ray Richard and John Hatheway after a great deal of work to analyze interest on the part of  Classmates as indicated by participation in various Class activities in recent years.  It was agreed, effective with the new Fiscal Year starting July 1 that the DAM list would be reduced by 59 names and the Newsletter be sent to only 201 Classmates and Widows.

It was also agreed that the upcoming Mini Reunion notice be sent only to 34 people who had previously attended at one time or another in the past.  The reason for these drastic reductions is strictly financial with the number of dues payers now down to 119 and the cost of mailings as projected in our budget would exceed our capability.  Ray had chaired an ad hoc committee which did the research and presented recommendations.  Certainly any Classmate who asks to be on any list will be added without question. Dave Kurr, our capable Secretary, will be in charge of keeping the list up to date for Newsletter mailings.

Other Business:
The next Newsletter, it was hoped, would be best assembled and sent as soon after the Mini-Reunion, Sept. 30 to Oct. 2, to provide the best in news and photo opportunities.  Production cost comparisons were reviewed with some thought given to the possibility of a simple Newspaper in black and white if the budget so dictates when reviewed at the Annual Meeting.

Warren Daniell, Head Agent announced that his team had exceeded their goal of $40,000 for the Dartmouth College Fund and felt there were still opportunities for additional gifts by June 30. This welcome news matches former annual results in spite of our losses.

The several recent Executive appointments at College officer levels were noted with Pete anxious for organization chart publication. He has since been in touch with the President's office and asked to be put on a list to receive such when it becomes available.

John Hatheway said that he had invited Martha Johnson Beattie, the new V.P. of Alumni Relations to speak during the Mini at our Friday night Class Dinner at the Hanover Inn. The weekend will also featuure talks at Alumni Hall and a cookout at Dent Cabin.  Other activities on campus were discussed including upcoming Commencement, Class Officer's weekend, the summer Lecture Series and Dartmouth Night in the fall as well as the successful Rugby Team win over West Point for the National Championship.

Pete reminded all that our annual Class Activity Report will need cooperation on the part of several officers for prompt completion.

This day was an opportunity for our ladies to gather outdoors for the first time this season to enjoy their Norwich Inn lunch together.

Summary of ad hoc Newsletter Meeting at the Norwich Inn, May 3, 2011

Seven members of the Class of 1948 executive committee met today at the Norwich Inn for the primary purpose of deciding which classmate and widow names should be removed from the Newsletter mailing list.  Committee members in attendance were Pete Foster, John Hatheway, Bud Gedney, Bud Munson, Dave Kurr, Bill Scott and Ray Richard. This is one of the actions to keep the Class budget on a sound footing as the decline in dues continues.

Great assistance was given to this exercise by our honorary Class member and Widows Program Coordinator and Memorial Gift Chair, Pat McAllister, who led the analysis of the widows list

The Newsletter

The criteria used to make the decisions were:

Attendance at a recent reunion

Contribution to the DCF

Payment of Class dues

Any other evidence of interest in the Class or the College

We worked with the official College 1948 Newsletter mailing list which has 260 names, 156 classmates and 104 widows.  The list was reduced in number by 67 names; 42 classmates and 35 widows. The College will accept our decision to reduce the list, but will require the Class to maintain the list and submit it with the mailings of all future Newsletters. Pete Foster will review the decision with the Newsletter Editor, Dick Dahl and Warren Daniell, to receive their input before names are actually removed. The current Newsletter, being mailed this week, will not contain any of the reductions.


We repeated the list-pruning exercise for the DAM because we received only 124 responses to our 256 letters of March 1, 2011 (College approved) asking for classmates and widows to tell us yes or no to the question:” Do you want to continue receiving the DAM?” Ninety classmates said yes” as did 25 widows. The rest said no.

Our letter said this was to be final, however, we assume that many simply forgot to answer the letter. Today, our review removed additional names of 72 classmates and 35 widows from the list. Unlike the Newsletter, this exercise did not have the approval of the College, but is advisory for the future. We plan to meet again soon with the College, perhaps mailing one more DAM (yes or no) letter. This time a truly final one, see what the result is and then decide what to do about mailings. This might include telling the College that we will not pay for mailings on our cancellation list.

As soon as the College sends us the final invoices for printing, sorting, mailing and postage I will work with Foxy Parker to compare the cost with last year’s so we can see the result of our efforts.

Submitted by Ray Richard, Chairman pro tem.

New President Pete Foster's notes from our regular monthly luncheon on Dec. 1, 2009 at the Norwich Inn
First I should tell you that this regular meeting, although usually small, is a great tradition for the Class and in addition to allowing decisions to be discussed and made for the Class, it keeps the strong spirit of Dartmouth in the hearts of those who attend and allows us to really know each other with many common interests.

     Any member or widow of the Class who can make it to the Norwich Inn at 12:00 o'clock noon on the first Tuesday of the Month is welcome.  You would enjoy it and the cost for a first class meal runs around $20.00 which.   includes a Piggly Wiggley ale made on the premises. Several of us enjoy one of those.  Let Bud Gedney know, ok?

     Discussion of the New Class of 1948 Memorial Fund, which was established during our Annual Class Meeting in October, was held and will provide a means for any person wishing to remember or honor a Classmate of '48 following a death, perhaps or attainment of a noteworthy goal or performance of civic endeavor. Initially the Fund will be used to support the Class Project of Hanover Inn Porch Rocking Chair maintenance which has been one of our continuing roles for many years. Additional endowments may be made in the future depending on how the fund grows in time. At present, at $5,500 it includes an amount of $2,544 which remained from a Special Reserve Fund set up for the 60th Reunion to attract attendance through various means. So, other uses which will help preserve the memory of our Great Class of the years, may be supported other than by our annual budget.

     It was noted by a report from Treasurer Foxy Parker that two $500 gifts had been made from our regular budget to support the Hood Museum Space for Dialogue, which the Class initiated for Student Interns years back, and the Athletic Sponsor Program. The Budget is dependant on dues payment s from our 155 or so active Classmates running about $6,000 a year, the largest expenses being our share of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine and our three Newsletters.

     John Hatheway was somewhat late having listened to President Kim's 90 minute report on the Financial condition of the College which he summarized for us briefly. Savings of $50 million dollars in each of the coming two years is the goal he has set.  He is a remarkable man and we believe he will have good cooperation in succeeding.

     We hope to see more of you at upcoming meetings.  Next on January 12, 2010 due to a Norwich Inn holiday.   
Our Monthly Luncheon meeting at the Norwich Inn Tuesday February 3, 2009 was a relatively low key affair. Six classmates -
Pete Foster,  John Hatheway, Joe Smith. Buds Gedney and Elliot, and I graced
the Norwich Inn's "1948 Table", with four ladies (Ginny Gedney, Jean Guthrie,
Pat McAllister, and Anne Foster) in the main dining room. Someone pulled out a
newspaper announcing the Inn's plan to renovate the main building and to replace
the rear seven-room motel with a new three-story structure......their welcome
response to the drifting economy, I imagine.


The annual class meeting at our fall mini-reunion was highlighted by
President Kim’s visit, when he responded to a variety of questions. He believes
it is critical to learn how to execute and accomplish goals in both healthcare
and education (historically neither has been run in a businesslike fashion);
finding your passion is an intellectual experience; there are pluses in the
fraternity and sorority relationships as people like to congregate; the “Great
Issues” course will be revived, possibly this summer when the full sophomore
class is in session; the Dartmouth Institute for Health Services is a most
important source for the establishment and operation of international healthcare
systems; and Dartmouth has more information than any other educational
institution on the solutions of healthcare delivery. This last opinion was
reaffirmed in a conversation with our dinner speaker Charlie Wheelan ’88,
visiting professor of economics at the University of Chicago.

Marv Axelrod, while splitting his time
between Waban, Massachusetts, and Palm Beach, Florida, is still responsible for
his family business, Alps Sportsware Manufacturing Co. Inc., which was
established in 1932, during the heart of the Depression. To remain competitive
Alps has set up a group of sources in China, but still manufactures a portion of
its line in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Marv is working with a personal trainer and
plans to add 30 yards to his drive next year.

Don Casey is still fully active in his own firm as a trial
lawyer litigating commercial cases. He recently received the Legion of Honor
Medal, chevalier rank, from the French government for the bombing raids he made
over France in WW II. Don flew 28 missions with the 379th Bomb Group, 8th U.S.
Army-Air Force before he was shot down and interned as a POW. His book, To
Fight For My Country, Sir
, which documents his experience as a 19-year-old
navigator, was published last fall and is available on Amazon.com. Don is the
oldest member of the Chicago Golf Club, where he has been playing since he was
10 years old.

Dave Kurr, 4281 Indian Field Road, Clinton, NY 13323;
(315) 853-3582; djkurr@verizon,net


    Dartmouth Class of 1948
    Annual Meeting
    October 10, 2008

     The meeting was called to order in the Wren Room of Carpenter Hall by President Warren Daniell at 2:40 PM .  It was attended by many of the 33 alumni, wives, and widows of the Class of 1948who were in Hanover for the mini-reunion..

     The minutes of the June meeting were approved by voice vote.

     Warren confirmed that Jim Schaefer is now an official member of the Alumni Council  and is our contact should any of us have  problems with or questions for the college.  Warren advised that the 60th Reunion came in $604 under budget.

     John Hatheway said that he had talked with Adam Keller, Executive VP & CFO of the College, relative to combining the existing endowed Scholar Athlete Award with the Hanover Inn porch rocking chairs into a single endowment.  While John didn’t get a firm commitment, he got a positive response.  The present endowment is approximately $20,000 with an annual draw down of about $500.   It would take about $10,000 to endow the rockers, which is too small for a separate endowment..  There was an extended discussion as to where the $10,000 would come from.  Warren Daniell indicated that we had $555 of Memorial Gifts in memory of Bob Reynolds, which the family has asked to be utilized for an Inn rocker endowment.. In addition, a $2.544 SRF balance scheduled to be contributed to a 1948 Memorial Fund could be used for this purpose.  John pointed out that these funds can not be used for ordinary Class expenses.  Warren  also suggested we might use the volunteered extra dues payments made by several Class members.  Pat McAllister indicated that a fund (now valued at approximately $7,500) established many years ago in memory of her husband, Al McAllister, could also be dedicated to this purpose. John will continue to explore the matter with the College.

     In context of the foregoing, Dick Dahl pointed out that costs of the Class Newsletters were increasing and consideration should be given to increasing funding thereof as the Newsletters are probably the most effective way of contacting the Class.  Newsletters are currently sent to 200 classmates and 80 widows.  Dick noted that the College contributed $400 for each Newsletter edition p to a $1,200 annual max. It was agreed to leave the 2009 budget at $4,400, but review costs after the first two letters.

     Foxy Parker gave the Treasurer’s report which showed a cash balance of $13,975 as of Oct 3, 2008.  The budget for next year shows expenditures of $8,840 with a deficit of $1,130.

     John Hatheway requested approval, which was granted in a voice vote, of a Class Projects budget of $1,500 composed of $500 for the Class being an Athletic Sponsor; $500 for our continued representation in the Hood Space Dialogue program that has been picked up by the Class of ’67, and $500 for the porch rockers.

     John Van Raalte  advised that he knew of no new major gifts from Class members to the College, and that he would continue to provide funding info to the Class.                            

     Pat McAllister advised that we’ve lost 13 classmates this year and that she continues with the help of the six other women to contact Class widows.

     Pete Foster advised that he and Sam Wilkinson are working to develop procedures to recommend additions or changes to the Class Constitution. He is trying to keep the Class website up to date as regards meetings and Class memorials.  Pete thanked all his classmates who contacted him during his recent illness.  It was nice to see him back.

     Bud Gedney gave a schedule for the mini reunion and advised that this would be the last reunion he would help chair, a responsibility he and Ginnie have shared since l981.  He received a generous round of applause and appreciation from all present.

     Warren Daniell advised that Bud Elliott would Chair the nominating committee for new Class officers to be elected next year, and noted that John Hatheway, Bud Gedney, Sam Wilkinson, and Jim Schaefer had agreed to serve on the committee.

     There being no other new business, Warren adjourned the meeting at 3:44.

     Notes by Dave Kurr

    Dartmouth Class of 1948
    Annual Meeting
    September 28, 2007

    The meeting was called to order at 2:35 PM by President Warren Daniell in the Wren room, Sanborn wing of Baker Library on the Dartmouth Campus in Hanover, New Hampshire. There were 30 attendees including members, wives and widows. Warren stated that the Class was in "healthy" condition, former Presidents having left situations in "good order". He had tried to contact all non-elected Class officials; all those he was able to reach agreed to continue their service to the Class.

    Warren had asked John Hatheway and Bud Gedney to serve as co-chairs for the upcoming 60th Reunion in 2008 and he added Gene Finke, Dave Kurr, Joe Smith and Mort Smith to the Executive Committee. Russ Carlson had volunteered to solicit donations to a Special Reserve Fund, to encourage attendance at the 60th Reunion, which has produced $6,000. A November 2006 meeting of the Executive Committee dealt mainly with Reunion interests. Warren also called attention to our February Mini and monthly lunches at the Norwich Inn.

    Secretary Bob Herrick read names of ten classmates who had died since the summer of 2005, adding the names of Jack Jansing and Bill Felton who died recently and whose obits will appear in a future DAM. ) The '48 Website lists all deaths since January 1, 1998 on the Reports page.

    Treasurer Foxy Parker handed out copies of a Proposed $7,925 Budget for FY 2008, up from 2007's actual costs of $6,699 due to Reunion Newsletters and Class Projects. Shifting the Inn Rocker cost of $930 from FY 2007 to FY 2008 resulted in a surplus of $911 for FY 2007 but a predicted deficit of $625 for FY 2008. Russ Carlson's Special Reserve Fund of $6,000 will provide for additional Reunion communications.This proposed budget, plus $300 for a Porch Chairs endowment donation, voted later at the meeting, was adopted by unanimous vote.

    Mini co-chair John Hatheway reviewed the weekend's schedule including Dinner at the Hanover Inn with soccer-star Nick Christman, one of our Scholar Athletes, and Jack Wilson from the College who will speak on recent and planned campus construction. Saturday will include Golf, a Tailgate picnic at the Observatory, football vs. Penn (Dartmouth won 21-13 for the first time in 10 years) and cookout at the DOC House since a wind-blown tree had demolished the Dent Cabin, our usual site. Sunday, brunch in Claremont at co-chair Bud and Ginny Gedney's (which was outstanding, sumptuous and outdoing all others).

    Reunion Co-chair Bud Gedney outlined plans for our 60th Reunion upcoming in 2008 with Bud Munson requesting a "tour of new College buildings" be included. John said that a letter would go out in November seeking attendance intentions and one in January with Programs expected and requesting initial payments. Reunion costs are hoped to be no more than $250 apiece with an estimated 70 returnees expected. More information will come as plans are made firm. Applause from attendees indicated gratitude for the extensive efforts being made by Bud and John to assure a successful 60th. Bud also noted intended efforts by Librarian Mary Donin to interview class members to collect memories of WWII experiences related to Dartmouth. She will be at the DOC event to talk to us about the project.

    Newsletter Editor, Dick Dahl, with much help from wife, Dot, will be publishing more extensive issues this fiscal year to encourage attendance at the 60th June 9-11, 2008. The July issue included a questionaire to get bio-data from classmates. A "Super Bonanza" issue is planned for November. Dick is focusing on individuals' news. With color photos, return cards and special features, costs are expected to increase from the last March net cost, after $400 from the College, of $1,300. Russ Carlson endorsed use of the SRF for this purpose and $1,900 from this fund has been proposed in the budget with still more available. The December 4th Executive Committee meeting will provide opportunity for such decisions.

    Past President Bud Elliott reported on the Hood Museum Project called Space for Dialogue with "fantastic news" on this 7-year, Class initiated and supported Art program which has been well received by the Director and involved students who actually design and produce specialized exhibits. The concept has been expanded at Dartmouth and adopted by other institutions. Bud had sought support from other classes for future years and found endorsement by the Class of '67 which has pledged a $250,000 endowment with another $100,000 coming. This will insure the continuation and further growth of this original project with our Class of 1948 credited as "originators" of this valuable and imaginative teaching concept.

    Class Project director, John Hatheway, reported on our several ongoing gifts to the College including Scholar-Athlete awards which have been endowed, Rocking Chairs on the Inn Porch (an annual expense) and Athletic Dept. support for seeking new students. Bud Gedney suggested we try to endow the Porch Chairs so that the project would be continued beyond our years and an amount of $300 was unanimously approved upon a motion from John Hatheway as an initial contribution. This matter will be further researched and discussed at the 60th in 2008. John recommended that the Class continue to support the Hood project, at least for this year and it is included in the budget.

    Bill Scott, Head Agent with Marv Axelrod reported on results of Class giving to the Dartmouth fund. As with other classes of our vintage, donor percentage was down but, due to special gifts, 100 donors from 1948 gave $88,000. The College would like the Class to triple its regular goal for the Reunion year and $150,000 was mentioned as a possible goal for the current year. There is confusion as to which gifts are counted in the Dartmouth Fund total and expressions were forthcoming that the Class would like credit for all gifts this year.

    John VanRaalte, Planned Giving Chairman, spoke on Life Annuities and giving through a will or via a special IRA method this year. He encouraged membership in the Bartlett Tower Society where the Class now counts 15 members.

    Pete Foster, Webmaster, was complimented for his very attractive web site but indicated that its use is not as great as could be hoped, in part because less than half the Class is known to utilize the Internet. He noted that access could be gained by googling "Dartmouth Class of 1948". Pete also spoke of "ListServ", a Dartmouth program that allows any classmate to send an e-mail to all 75 classmates whose e-address is on the list.

    Pat McAllister, Widows Program Coordinator, noted that 223 Classmates have been lost since their matriculation. She, with the help of others, maintains contact with over fifty widows who have demonstrated continuing interest in the Class. Her team will encourage as many as possible to join us at the 60th reunion.

    There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:43 PM. Notes by Pete Foster


    Minutes of Class Meeting (revised)
    Sanborn Hall
    2:00 PM October 6, 2006

    Bud Elliott, President, opened the meeting by welcoming all. Nineteen classmates and an approximately equal number of guests were present. Bud noted that the Class is doing well, and attributed much of this to our outstanding Newsletter, our many Class projects and gifts, the monthly luncheons at the Norwich Inn, and the effective Web Site. He asked for a motion that the Minutes of the 2005 Meeting be approved; this was passed unanimously. Bud also mentioned the ongoing attempt to combine the Alumni Council and Alumni Association, and encouraged all to vote on this important matter.

    Bud Munson, Treasurer, distributed a sheet showing Class expenses for the past two fiscal years, noting a current balance of $4,808. His pro forma for Fiscal 2007, adjusted to include the Hood and Inn Rocker gifts noted in John Hatheway's report below, showed a projected deficit of $343 with an ending balance of $4,465. He noted that the Class operates with fixed annual expenses of approximately $6,300 and that income from dues is declining at about 6% per year. A major portion of this expense, about $3,100, is related to the Newsletter. Dues, at $50 for classmates and $25 for widows, are average for our vintage and there was no suggestion that they be changed. Dick Dahl asked if a portion of the Class funds might be invested in a Money Market Fund. Bud Munson has not done this, but suggested that the incoming Treasurer check the possibility of this with the Ledyard Bank. Dick then offered, in behalf of the entire Class, thanks to Bud for a job well done.

    Sonny Drury, who was not able to be present, had suggested by email prior to the meeting that the dues mailing include a line for a voluntary Newsletter contribution. Dick Dahl proposed that subsequent dues mailings, it being too late for the first one, include a line encouraging a general Voluntary Contribution of $10 in addition to the stated dues. This proposal was moved and passed unanimously. Bud Elliott then introduced three invited visitors from the Hood Museum….Dr. Brian Kennedy, Director; Kristin Monahan, Curatorial Assistant; and Roberta Chin, Assistant Director. Brian and Kristin spoke glowingly of the "Space For Dialogue" project, indicating that the $10,000 budget supports work of 6 to 8 interns each year. The projects allow students unlimited access to Hood's resources, and result in intriguing displays at the Hood entrance. Future plans include the possibility of showing the projects at as many as three additional locations around the campus. Participation in the project has proven to be a great career kickoff for a number of the student interns.

    Brian's ambitions with respect to the "Space For Dialogue" include creation of an endowment of $250,000, the income for which would help support the additional campus locations and the related future annual cost of $25,000. Our Class, despite generous additional contributions from Bud Elliott, Don Smith, Joe Smith and others, obviously cannot support this enhanced program, and both Brain and Bud are encouraged that the Class of 1967 is considering joining in support of the program and is likely to gradually take over, creating such an endowment but always acknowledging 1948 as the program Founder.

    John Hatheway, Projects Chair, reviewed the status of our Class Projects. The Blunt Garden, Library Table, and Scholar-Athlete program, which rewards two outstanding juniors, require no new funding. The Athletic Sponsors programs requires $500 annually; this amount was moved and passed unanimously. The Inn has advised that six rockers are in need of replacement at a total cost of $864; this was also moved and passed unanimously. John then spoke of the Hood project and noted that, thanks to Class and individual donations, an additional $1,000 would carry the project through June 2007. He recommended and moved that this amount be approved; the motion passed unanimously.

    Bill Scott and Marv Axelrod, Head Agents, spoke of the Dartmouth Fund. Our contribution for each of the past two years has approximated $54,000, of which $25,000 comes from just eleven classmates. An additional $31,000 is contributed for other college activities not counted towards the Fund. Our active base is 183 classmates; this includes all living classmates who have not asked to be disassociated from the college. The base is shrinking at a rate of about 11 each year. Our 64% giving rate is excellent, but the average gift is about $100 less than that of other classes in our era. Classmates are encouraged to give by mail, and by telephone calls from Bill, Marv, a number of Class volunteers, and the student "Green Corps". The report was accepted unanimously, and Bud thanked Bill and Marv for their welcomed efforts.

    Bud Gedney, Mini-Renion Chair as is John Hatheway, briefly discussed the fall mini reunion. He asked if the four-day format should be continued, and received a mild affirmative expression that it should be. He noted that the 2007 reunion will be built around the home football game against Penn, and will take place September 27 through 30. Appreciation for his and Ginny's Sunday brunch efforts, as well as those of John Hatheway for Thursday evening, was voiced by all.

    John Van Raalte, Gift Planning Officer, discussed our Planned Giving program, noting that there is a two-year "window of opportunity" to contribute to Dartmouth directly from an IRA on a tax-advantageous basis. Susan Hanson of the college's Development Office can advise on this. John's report was accepted unanimously.

    Dick Dahl, Newsletter Editor, gave a report on his very successful Newsletter. He plans to continue to publish four a year, at a cost to the Class of about $3,100. This is after Dartmouth's subsidy of $1,200 ($400 for each of the first three copies; he also receives production assistance of variable value from a college intern.). Contents include news of classmates, reunion coverage recent and future, obituaries, and whatever else is pertinent. The Newsletter presently goes to 216 classmates and 102 widows. He is constantly appealing for news, and Bud Elliott implored all present to send a return card, or a newsworthy email, to Dick. Dick was roundly applauded for a job well done.

    Pete Foster again reported on his activity as Webmaster. He tries to update the site monthly, and to maintain there a current list of classmate email addresses (only 79 at present). The web site can most easily be accessed by entering "Dartmouth Class 48" into Yahoo Search, or by using the web address"http://www.Dartmouth.org/classes/48". The site is not accessed very often, and Pete will ask Bob Herrick to promote its use in Bob's Alumni Magazine column. He, with Dick Dahl, will explore the possibility of adding the Newsletter to the website, and he will also consider introducing a 1948 "chat room".

    Pat McAllister, Widows Program Coordinator, speaking for all widows, first thanked John Hatheway for his excellent hosting Thursday evening. She then reported that the Class has lost about 215 members, including 16 the past year. She now knows of 85 widows, 28 of whom pay dues. She is trying to encourage more widow activity, has five helping to do this, and would like to find three more. Dick Dahl suggested that a "Widow's Corner" be considered for the newsletter, and Pat readily agreed to this. She was roundly applauded for the tremendous and successful effort she puts forth in making ours one of the strongest widow's group among Dartmouth's alumni.

    Warren Daniell, Vice President, reported briefly on plans for our 60th reunion, which will take place June 9-11, 2008. John Hatheway and Bud Gedney have agreed to be co-chairs. The first meeting with the Alumni Affairs office has taken place, but intense planning will not start until next spring. Warren believes, and will confirm, that our rooms will be in the Hanover Inn.

    Sam Wilkinson, reporting for the Nominating Committee, proposed the following officers for the next three years:

    President....................Warren Daniell
    Vice President................Pete Foster
    Secretary..................... Bob Herrick
    Treasurer.....................Foxy Parker

    No other nominations were offered from the floor. The ensuing voting was unanimous except for Secretary, where there were two dissenting votes.

    A brief but lively discussion followed concerning the ongoing vote on a proposed new Alumni Association/Alumni Council constitution. It was the sense of the meeting, but by no means unanimous, that the Class media - newsletter, Alumni Magazine notes, Website - should not be used for promoting personal opinions unless these opinions are identified as such. The insert to, and Bud Elliott's column in, the latest Newsletter were cited as good examples as to how these matters should be publicized. Warren noted that the current vote would be completed October 30 and that the class afterwards should concentrate upon support of the College, as called for in the Class constitution, no matter what the vote outcome. This received unanimous agreement.

    There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:30 PM.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Warren F. Daniell, Jr.
    Secretary Pro Tem (in the absence of Bob Herrick)

                                                                                                                                                                                            Page updated February 8, 2013

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