A myriad of special 1948 activities of note!             including a list of classmates deaths AND CONTRIBUTIONS 

Reports are also covered on the Minutes, Projects and College pages including some monthly luncheons and display of classmates lost since January 1, 1998

Monthly Luncheons

MONTHLY MINI-MEETINGS at the Norwich Inn, 12:00 noon for lunch and discussion; all are welcome
These regular gatherings have been drawing from five to eight Classmates and up to eight widows and wives.  They are very valuable to keep Class activities going and encouraging communications between members as well as planning ahead.And for those who can join us, the next luncheon meeting is the first Tuesday each month! Hope to see some of you then!  All Classmates, spouses and Widows are welcome.

Reports for 2013 have not been documented but have continued regularly each first Tuesday:   ALL ARE WELCOME!

November 6, 2012
       In spite of the Presidential elections, six classmates and seven wives and widows met in Norwich and after an 11:30 business meeting enjoyed lunch and good company at this first get together since our 2012 Mini Reunion in October.
       Present were Ray Richard, our newly elected President, Bud Munson, V.P., Joe Smith, John Htheway, Bud Gedney and Pete Foster.  Honorary Executive Committee member, Pat McAllister discussed her project of printing a revised Class Directory which is in final compilation pending a follow up with Widows for accuracy and desires.  The subject of our next Newsletter concerning cost, content with respect to content and timing were discussed with our upcoming 65th reunion in 2013 in mind.  It was reported that the College would be sending an attention card after the New Year.  Pat is sending a regular letter to widows discussion the above pluse-mail addresses, Memorial Gifts and the recently installed Class Memorial Bench near the new Life Sciences building.
      At the ladies table were Ginny Gedney, Barbara Munson, Anne Foster, Ellie Huke, Pat and Judy
Cross with their own agenda not to be published.  The ladies of the Class are becoming more active and contribute ideas and enthusiasm for continuing Class activity.  We will be collecting thoughts and ideas on how to increase interest in attendance in the big 65th next Fall.

Other Various months, 2012
       The main subjects of interest to the Executive Committee members at 1st Tuesday luncheons,
at the Norwich Inn, involved balancing the Class 2012 Budget and planning for the Mini Reunion in September.  Also of some concern was the inability, for many reasons, to produce Newsletters to keep Classmates informed of activities undertaken, College items and plans for Class Activities including projects, meetings, classmate news with associated photos.
        Ray Richard, the V.P. Pete Foster had asked to work on an apparent problem in balancing the Class Budget for the Fiscal Year, selected Foxy Parker, Treasurer and Bud Munson, plus others as needed to develop ideas and plans.  These were reviewed at Exec. Comm. meetings as proposed and steps taken included paring down the distribution of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine and making changes in the annual support of some of our Class Projects. These steps were implemented which resulted in solving the financial problem.  Ray received full credit for this effort.  Perhaps due to this action, which may have been duplicated by other Classes, the College later advised all that it would be fully responsible for the Alumni Magazine costs relieving Classes of that burden and supplying all Alumni with copies every two months whether they had indicated interest or not.
       Support for our ongoing Class Projects, as revised, is discussed in that section of this website.
Sept. 4, 2012
        This Tuesday at the Norwich Inn we had five members of the Class Exec. Comm. plus 6 ladies, either wives or widows of the Classmates; a good turnout and fine company.  Pat McAllister, our honorary Classmate and Widows contact is all excited thinking about our 65th Reunion next year and is planning an update of the Class Directory especially for that purpose.  We will want to make personal contact with as many as possible both to encourage attendance at the College sponsored get together and to solicit as large a Dartmouth Fund contribution as possible.  Warren Daniell has already rounded up his Agents who make many contacts and have done a great job, equal to that of last year in spite of a dozen losses in the Class count.  The goal for 2013 will be $65,000.
July 5, 2011
       There were only five of us at this meeting: John Hatheway, Bud Gedney, Bud Munson, Bill Scott and Pete Foster.  Agenda items included: Class goals for the Class Activity Report, Memorial Bench Inscription, cost reduction possibilities for the next Newsletter submitted by Ray Richard, end of fiscal year Financial Report from Foxy Parker, the final Dartmouth College fund Report from Warren Daniell, head Agent at over $44,000, 10% above our goal and a letter from Harry Sheehy, Director of Athletics, that the Class Endowment Fund for the benefit of our Scholar-Athletes Award project had grown to $17,000 which should probably allow our normal $500 gift to the Athletic Sponsors Program be incorporated as a second beneficiary.  This will be discussed in August. For DCF history see below.
        Bud Munson reported on the cost savings meeting he a Ray had with Alumni Relations and Goal suggestions in addition of retaining our Class 70% participation in the DCF.  Pete is to poll the Executive Committee on wishes for the inscription to the Memorial Bench plaque.
See what progress can be made by even a small group from a very small Class.
By Pete Foster

Other Reports

Special Report - Scholar Athletes

The winners of this year's (2011) 1948 awards are:

Coleen Olson, '10 who plays Lacrosse and Derek Stenquist on the Ivy League leading Soccer team.

Each of these outstanding athletes also have produced very high GPAs to earn this recognition. See Class Projects page for the full story.
The '48 Scholar-Athlete Awards
program continues annually as we recognize two undergraduates for their accomplishments and examples to their fellow students.

This years winners are announced above and we are proud to remember former students so honored on a plaque in the West Gymnasium. A complete list of 1948 award winners is shown on the PROJECTS page.

John Hatheway maintains the handsome plaque listing all winners of this award. It is an enduring credit to our Class and has recently been moved to a more visible area.See our Class Projects page

Special Report - 1948 College Fund Giving

Bill Scott and Marv Axelrod report the following 10 years Class giving to the Dartmouth Fund    
Warren Daniell  Head Agent - 2010 and on
2000....$124,023....156donors.....64% participation  - $795 per donor
2001....$167,212....154 donors....66% participation-$1,086 per donor
2002....$126,557....143 donors....63% participation - $885 per donor
2003....$107.097....151 donors....70% participation - $709 per donor
2004....$102,512....146 donors....71% participation - $702 per donor
2005....$. 84,893....137 donors....71% participation - $620 per donor
2006....$85,000......130 donors....71% participation - $653 per donor
2007....$88,614......100 donors....57% participation - $880 per donor
    2008.$146,254.........97 donors..,,59% participation - $1508 per donor*
2009....$42,010......?? donors......52% participation - unknown average#
2010....$43,158.........82 donors...61.0% participation - $526 per donor
2011....$44,344.........85 donors...69.7% participation - $522 per donor
2012....$128,336.......84 donors....51% participation - $445 per donor*
donors....55% participation - $900 per donor*
*(Three very special gifts involved)

Bill and Marv report that a total of $863,519 had been given by our class members
over the five year period completed in 2008 including Athletic donations.

Each of these men have worked hard and effectively for several years and will be hard to match.. Bill has indicated that he feels he has run the course and wants to be relieved of this important function. Marv too has indicated he was willing to let a new volunteer take over. They both deserve our gratitude.


You will be hearing from him for Annual Contributions to the Dartmouth fund

Careful analysis of above figures show fewer donors but higher percent participation over the years. This could be interpreted as showing that Fund donors live longer than the average class member, we suppose.?

Our participation rate has held up much better than many classes and these dedicated guys Bill Scott and Marv Axelrod have inspired us. The College as a whole is down to 45%. For our class size we have really shown leadership and devotion in spite of certain dis- enchantment with the Administration. You will notice, for instance, that the College details giving sources, dates and amounts but does not provide expense information or reasons for increasing budgets or even staff numbers. (We need to know where the money goes).

In Memorium

The College provided us seventy names and we updated the following list of '48 Classmates who have died since January 1, 1998. We remember them fondly and regret their absence from our midst. As of mid-July , 2009 it is reported that we have lost a total of 283 classmates since graduation leaving 178.  Omissions from this list below should be reported to PeterBCT@snet.net .

Date/Death Classmate Date/Death Classmate Date/Death Classmate
March 1, 1998 Edward L. Tarca March 5, 1998 Dudley K. Wright March 28, 1998 Eugene W. Rohloff
March 28, 1998 John R.Mahoney,M.D. Aug. 10, 1998 Joseph W. Hickman Aug. 11, 1998 Thomas A. Gallant
Aug. 28, 1998 Daniel Z.SchumanEdD Nov. 19, 1998 Alvin H. Battison May 13, 1999 Capt.Roy E.Wilson USN
June 13, 1999 Richard S. Ruggles Sept.11, 1999 John R. Conlin Jan. 1, 2000 Leslie Thornton
Jan. 26, 2000 Francis E. Hummel Feb. 23, 2000 Paul S. Liscord, Jr. April 1, 2000 William C. Jones MD
April 21, 2000 Homer P. Young, Jr. June 23, 2000 A. Thomas Davis July 3, 2000 Thomas J. Campbell
Sept. 10, 2000 John M. Becker Sept. 22, 2000 Richard P. O'Leary Dec. 18, 2000 L. K. Sullivan
Jan. 17, 2001 Wendell W. Griffith Jan. 23, 2001 William R. Weir Mar. 21, 2001 John F. Taylor
April 16, 2001 David C. Packard June 7, 2001 Merrill N.ThompsonJr June 19, 2001 Jay C. Rutledge
Oct. 26, 2001 Rich. R. Bredenberg Nov. 23, 2001 Edwin K. Rutherford Nov. 25, 2001 Charles W. Kaufman
Jan. 27, 2002 Caleb C. Brown III Jan. 30, 2002 CaptDavidM.Richards March 1, 2002 George L. Woods, Jr.
May 14, 2002 Gordon G. Noe Aug. 12, 2002 James H. Mattoon, Jr. Sep.16,2002 George R.Michalek .
Oct. 2, 2002 Edward H. Concannon Oct.11,2002 David B.Story, Ed.D Nov. 4, 2002 Ray J. Howland, Jr.
Jan. 12, 2003 John J. Barry Feb. 7, 2003 Miles W. Richardson Mar. 21, 2003 Donald L. Funk
Jul.15, 2003 James E. McElvain Sep.10,2003 Harold W.Sanderson Nov.17, 2003 Peter J. Smith
Nov.20, 2003 George P. Gendron Dec.28, 2003 James J. Nicholson Jan. 17, 2004 Robert E.Huke, PhD
Feb.4, 2004 Robert B. Foster Mar.1, 2004 Edward O.Satalia Mar.9, 2004 W.Scane Bowler
May 20, 2004 Stanley F.Alger June 8, 2004 Shant L.Chebookian July 20, 2004 Allen R. Barrow Jr
Sep.7,2004 Gordon H.Robertson Nov.11,2004 Robert J.Douglas Dec.10,2004 Jorge Seralegui
Jan.20,2005 William W.Tharion Feb.4, 2005 James F.Fitzgerald Feb.28,2005 Ted Karl Tischler
Mar26,2005 John R.Abrahamson Apr.15, 2005 Ralph N. Helm May 15,2005 Norman M. Laird
May 16, 2005 William C. Felton May 20, 2005 Lloyd T.Krumm,Jr May 26,2005 David B.Miller Jr.
June 18,2005 Bernard J.Somers July 15,2005 Paul J.Campbell July 14,2005 John W. Park
August 2005Robert C. SebilianAug.16,2005Philip A.GahmAug.16,2005Albert L.Clark
Oct.24,2005 Thomas W.Crook Oct.24,2005 Wm.M.Coleman,MD Nov.30,2005 Dwight B.Burley,Jr
Dec.15,2005 Thomas E.Baldwin Jan.2, 2006 Francis L. Rimbach Feb.14,2006 Henry G.Mueller,Jr
Mar.7,2006 C.Frederick Levy,Jr Mar.18,2006 Robert P.Bartley Apr.26,2006 John F. Murphy
Aug.8,2006 Donald G.Morrison Aug.14,2006 Paul F. Mower Aug.27, 2006 Norman  R. Wilion
Nov.16,2006 Richard T.Margeson Dec.15,2006 Gordon I. Winkler Jan.31,2007 .Austin R. Knight
Feb.2 ,2007 Louis Kraff Jr Mar.16,2007 Russell C. Palmer May 6, 2007 Peter H.Batchelder
Aug.16,2007 Gino C. Pierleoni Aug.22,2007 John C. Jansing Oct. 14, 2007 William A.Warnock
Oct. 14, 2007 Peter Holmes Page Oct.18,2007 Douglas J. Norton Oct.23,2007 .Philip T.Ruegger,Jr
Jan. 5, 2008..John M Bobbitt MDMar.23, 2008Saul Kwartin  May 13, 2008William S.Mattews Jr
June 6, 2008Truman T. Metzel Jr.June 11, 2008Robert R. ReynoldsJuly 20, 2008Robert Flanders Jr.MD
Aug.27, 2008Norman R. WilionAug.28, 2008Howard H. Hilton Jr. Sept. 1, 2008Gerald Peck
Sept. 7, 2008Louis C. Clarke Jr.Sept. 8, 2008John Alan McFallsSept. 9, 2008 Nathaniel Chase Merrill
Oct. 26, 2008David Jackson KadykFeb.16, 2009Theo.(Rod) C. SusenMay 1, 2009 MauriceN    Levy,MD
May 2, 2009Mel. L CheesmanMay 2, 2009William C.IvinsJr,MDMay 2, 2009 Robert H. Sherman
May27, 2009Robert H. CormackJun.21, 2009John H. CameronAug. 6, 2009 Milton H. Kurtz
Aug. 4,  2009Irvi ng W. TuttleAug.12, 2009KennethTYoung JrAug.28, 2009Robert D. Welch
Sep.10, 2009Cmdr.PhilipB.ShepardOct.21,2009Maurice F.MurphyOct.21,2009NormanW Saunders
Oct.23, 2009Walter W. KliebeNov.17, 2009Samuel AWilkinsonJan.20, 2010Paul M. Branch
Feb.11, 2010Loren C. SpademanFeb.24, 2010John F. McKeon IIIMar.2, 2010Julian Fogg Grow
Mar.5,2010RichardJ.S.Barlow,Jr.Mar.17, 2010Warren D. TaylorMay10,2010 Wm.J.Cummings,Jr
May 21,2010Lawrence C.PedersenJuly 23, 2010James H. JohnsonJuly 26,2010EdwdA.McLaughln
Nov. 8, 2010William K. MaloneDec. 3, 2010Geo C MacGillivrayDec.23, 2010Donald F. Drescher
Dec.27, 2010Roger V. ZornDec.29,2010Everett E. ChapmanFeb. 7, 2011Richard A Greene
Feb.14, 2011Allen E. McMichaelFeb.13, 2011M.Robert HerrickFeb.14, 2011Allen E. McMichael
Feb.16, 2011John S. FennoMar.8, 2011Arthur T. HendlerMay 4, 2011H. T. Bob Munson
May 10,2011Chas.C.Randolph IIIMay 25,2011Chas.W.BudThorne,JrJul. 18, 2011Thomas P. Donnelly
July 28, 2011Marc A. WyseAug.11, 2011Thomas P DonnellySept 17, 2011Richard S. Repko
Nov.28, 2011Donald R. RyanDec.22, 2011Walter J. CairnsJan. 26, 2012Carleton F. Evans
Feb 24, 2012Pentti K.Finn SiiteriMar.20, 2012Allen W. McKee Jr. Jun. 18. 2012David S. Karukin
Aug. 3, 2012John Fallon, Jr.Aug.12, 2012Thomas V. RaffertySept. 7, 2012OsborneC Ward Jr
Oct. 7, 2012Paul H Johnson, Jr.Oct. 13, 2012Jerome B. KingOct. 25, 2012Howard J. Westney
Dec.12, 2012Austin H. GedneyJan. 10, 2013Edward A. NadeauMar. 7, 2013Robt. A Hoekelman
Apr. 2, 2013Robert W. JeavonsMay 17 2013Malcolm J. SimpsonJun. 28, 2013Robert W. Heine

In December, 2010 the Class Executive Committee voted to put $5,000 of our Memorial  Funds into the installation of a Memorial Bench, in the name of the Class, near the new Life Science Building, on the North campus now complete and being utilized and viewed in honor to the above named men.  This has been suitably inscribed in an attached plaque and we are proud of the statement it makes for Class members. All are urged to visit, view and use this monument. 

DARTMOUTH GRANT OUTING   A very  memorable weekend

Special Trip to New Hampshire's Northern Reaches

A goodly number of stalwart classmates and companions traveled to Wentworths Location August 29, 2002 for an overnight at the Second College Grant which borders Maine and is only a few miles from Canada. Bob Huke had made arrangements for the Management Cabin and Sam's Cabin to be available for our use and enjoyment of the beautiful but rugged surroundings. Most of the group met at Dunkin' Donuts in Berlin at 10 AM to form the caravan north. The Gedneys, Scotts, Hukes Greens, Munsons, Wilkinsons and Fosters were joined by Pat McAllister, Jean McLaughlin, John Hatheway, John Van Raalte, Bud Elliott, and Bob Munson for shared meals, hiking, exploring, touring the Grant and exchanging experiences Thursday and Friday.

................48'S ROCK......................................CROSS THE RIVER..................................AND CLIMB..........



    Here's a copy of the CLASS of the YEAR AWARD "IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE" received September 18, 1999 in    Hanover during the meetings of Class Officers.
       There were higher quality copies handed out as souveniers at the October ('99&'00) Mini-Reunions.

  • Although this award says it's for 1999 it was earned by the sensational 50th Reunion year of 1998. That year also helped call attention of the College to the many fine things '48 has done and is doing. We campaigned for this award and the Class of 1948 well deserves it.   Here, below, is the wording appearing on the above award.

    Dartmouth College
    Recognizes With Deep Appreciation
    The Extraordinary Achievements of

    The Class of 1948

    1999 Class of the Year

    The Class of 1948 came together in the autumn of 1944 carrying heavy burdens.
    It was the smallest and most diverse class to enter Dartmouth since World War I, and
    most of its members were soon scattered to the edges of the globe as World War II still
    raged. Despite that fragmentary history, the class has solidified under remarkable
    leadership to become a distinguished member of the Dartmouth family.

    At its 50th reunion last year, hordes of classmates and their families returned
    to the Hanover Plain in droves to renew old acquaintances and cement new ones. The
    class’s reunion book was a large compendium of biological sketches submitted by
    almost 565 percent of the class. Eighty percent of the class contributed to the Alumni
    Fund, a 108 percent increase over previous years.

    The class has established its own web site, holds monthly meetings at the
    Norwich Inn, and gathers frequently for mini-reunions elsewhere. Nineteen forty eight
    has established an athletic award, donated handsome rocking chairs for the porch at
    the Hanover Inn, maintains a book display case in Baker Library, and oversees the
    maintenanceof the flower garden in front of the Blunt Alumni Center.

    For its remarkable renaissance, for its spirit and camaraderie, for its many
    contributions to the College, and for its organizational skills, Dartmouth is honored
    tosingle out the Class of 1948 for this richly-deserved honor: 1999 Class of the Year.

    Nelson Armstrong
    Director, Alumni Relations
    James W.Griffith
    President, Class Pres. Assn.

    President of the College, Great Seal

  • At our 2002 Annual Meeting a new project was approved for the Hood Museum which involves sponsorship of the 1948 Space for Dialogue, a Student Curatorial Project, which has an exhibit now on display, a Class Meeting tour stop. You should make a point of seeing it! Class members are invited to tour the facility where our Project is featured just inside the main entrance.  Interest in this endeavor has trippled in the past few years.
  • A special Brochure is printed describing each student-designed display. This carries the acknowledgement "A Space for Dialogue and this brochure are made possible by a generous gift from the Class of 1948".

    A recent development in 2007 was the establishment of an endowment by the Class of '67 of $300,000 which should perpetuate this project but preserve the notoriety for our class, the initial sponsor.    See Class Projects page next page  

  • 2010 the Class Executive Committee voted to put $5,000 of our Memorial Funds into the installation of a Memorial Bench, in the name of the Class, at the new Life Sciences building on the North campus .  This is suitably inscribed "THE HILL WINDS KNOW THEIR NAMES" in an attached plaque and it looks great now that the Bench is placed in remembrance and honor of our departed classmates..

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