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Not Fake News!

Mini-reunion August 7-10, 2018!

A little late, but happy to report that those attending unanimously praised our first ever summer mini-reunion.  The first event started on a wet note--Liz and Tex Weingarten had planned a barbeque at their spacious home in Norwich.  Alas, continuous showers required that we had to move the party indoors.  That didn't deter the following from enjoying a delicious meal and an open bar to go with excellent companionship and nostalgia:

Buck and Mary Scott and their daughter Sally Moser      Ed Landau

Carl Glassberg                                                                   Joe Spound

Babs Hall                                                                            Paul and Ilse Orth

Pete and Jean Henderson                                                 Henry and Amy Nachman

Pete and Lu Martin                                                            Liz and Jack Weingarten              

Charlie Russell and Peggy Read                                        Dottie Mori

Bill and Ki Leffler                                                                Al Brout and daughter Ellen Lindsey '81

Howie and Nat Allen                                                           Jack and Carol Giegerich

The next morning most of us who were staying at the Courtyard Marriott navigated circuitous detours to attend a Class breakfast meeting at the Woodlands in Lebanon (where three of our classmates now make their homes)  To be reported on later).  That noon we were rewarded with excellent weather and we had a beautiful luncheon at the home of Ben Schore (honorary classmate'51a) and Kathy Rhine at their Etna estate.  The highlight of the day was the presentation of the Spirit of '51 Award to Charlie Russell, our editor of Fifty-one Fables for the past three years.

After afternoon naps we headed up north to Mt. Moosilauke and the newly completed and very impressive Ravine Lodge.  Well worth the hour plus drive to see. Dinner was fun and concluded with a rousing singing of the Alma Mater.

Class Mini-reunion Sept. 22d -24th,2017 :

Among those attending were:

Allens, Brouts, Dworken and Deedee, Giegeriches, Hall, Henderson, Hopkins, Lefflers, Martins, McKees, Miller, Mori, Nachmans, Read, Russell, Skewes, Weingartens, & Welch.   The lovely warm weather made the weekend more enjoyable.

Friday evening started with drinks and plentiful hors d'oeuvres at Bab Hall's Hanover home. We all enjoyed the tour of Nathan's Garden, the living memorial to the Halls' son who died tragically at the age of 21.  The highlight of the evenng was the presentation oofoofof the 'oSpirit of '51FFrFridofay of the 'Spirit of '51 Award' to our classmate Donald D. O'Dowd.  Inasmuch as he was in Santa Barbara, CA the award was not handed to him but was communicated to him and his family by Pete Henderson on the telephone.  A copy of the award may be seen elsewhere on this website.

 Saturday morning a well attended meeting of the Class Executive Committee was held at Blunt (formerly Crosby) and a number of classmates got together afterward for a box lunch.  That evening we dined at Three Tomatoes Restaurant in Lebanon.  We had a private room in this great Italian restuarant on the Green in Lebanon.  Following dinner a number of us went to watch the Dartmouth

Holy Cross football game.  Dartmouth managed a come-from-behind  victory.  (Editor's note--As of last weekend Dartmouth is undefeated with a 5-0 record.  They play Columbia on October 28, which strange to say, is also 5-0 this autumn.)


'51 CARES!  At the 65th reunion the class approved  '51 CARES!  Click here for an explanation of the program and the members of the team that will be intiating the project.

The 65th Reunion took place Sept. 30 to Oct. 2! We had the largest attendance by far than any 65th reunion ever had. Click here to see the list of those who attended.  We were blessed with good weather and most of us stayed at the Hanover Inn and the Marriott, courtesy of the College. The hardiest of us went to Memorial Field Friday evening to watch Penn's football team beat the men in Green 42-26(although the new uniforms looked more black than green).  The rest of us watched the game on a large screen in the new banquet room at the Inn. (write rest of story)

At Saturday's banquet the Class was delighted to present the'Spirit of '51' Award to Howard Pearson, MD.  Howard, a medical pioneer in the field of pediatric hematology and oncology, had a remarkable career. He regrettably passed away two weeks after the reunion.  The November/December 2016 issue of the Alumni Magazine has a review and link to his book 'Fulfilling Paul Newman's Dream'.  Click on to go to the excerpt directly:

A number of you asked whether they could have copies of the slide show that played on the large screen at the reunion banquet Saturday.  That consisted of 428 photos I took at reunions from the 50th and continuing to the 64th mini-reunion.  It also includes Faye Simel's photos from the 50th and Amy Nachman's photos from the Chicago mini.  I have posted the slide show photos to a Google web Album which anyone can access by going to this link:  The last album in this group is the slide show.  Sorry--no background  music or captions--you can supply your own.

I didn't take any photos at this 65th--if others have digital photos they would like to add to the album or want to use to start a 65th reunion album, send me the pictures you want the class to share and I'll post them after I review them to make sure no one tries to sneak in an Anthony Weiner photo.


2015 MINI-REUNION TOOK PLACE SEPTEMBER 25, 2015.  The weather was fantastic and The football team beat Sacred Heart, continuing its undefeated season.

 A wonderful turnout of classmates and friends--Howie & Nat Allen, Seth & Margery Atherton, Joan & Al Brout, Mike Choukas, Marcia Clayton, Chet & Pat Cotter, Don Dworken & DeeDee Tohn, Carl Glassberg, Babs Hall, Bob Hopkins, Pete Henderson, Pat & John Hoskins, Trula Jennings-Smith, Herb Knight, Lu & Pete Martin, Gebby & Sandy McDonald, Dick & Joyce & Jim & Janet & Matt McFarland, JoAnn & Peirce McKee, Loye Miller, Dotty Mori, Amy & Henry Nachman, Peggy Read & Charlie Russell, Sue & Dave Saxton, Connie & Jack Skewes, Joe Welch & Deidre Farrell and Liz & Tex Weingarten.

The highlight of the weekend was the presentation of the 'Spirit of '51' Award to Dick McFarland, witnessed by his wife, son Jim '86, daughter-in-law Janet and grandson Matt '16.  See below for the Award Citation, penned by Pete Henderson.


    Classmates who say that there's never anything new on this website are in for a surprise--we've added two links which you might find helpful.  The first and easiest to use is a link to  This allows you to look up alumni and administrators by simply typing their name.  It will show the full name, class, and email address if known. No reigistration or password required.

    What is also now avaiable is a website for the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine.  This shows DAM issues back to the middle ages and includes a search process whereby you can type in a name and the pages where it appears in archived issues will show on your screen. You can also call up recent obituaries and class notes.  It's a little more complicated because you first have to register to access the good stuff.  Give it a try at


Earlier News!


I wasn't able to attend the mini-reunion November 2014 and haven't yet received a report on who attended or any photos I can post on this website.from any of the attendees.  As soon as I have something I'll be happy to update.

   2013 Mini-reunion took place October 11th-12th!   The 49 classmates, spouses, friends and guests convened Friday night at Amy and Henry Nachman's' Hanover home for dinner before attending the Homecoming bonfire. The next day after tailgating at Occom Commons we watched Dartmouth's football team beat Yale 27-21 on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

     That night we had an excellent dinner back at Occom.  The highlights by far were the presentation of two class 'Spirit of '51' Awards.  The first was awarded to Al Moses who was touched and delighted to hear Peirce McKee read the citation on the plaque in front of a dozen of Al's family and friends.  The second was given to Peter Martin in recognition of a lifetime of dedication to the Class and to the College.  Peter and Lu are our only classmates married to each other (Lu is an honorary member of the class of '51). Some not-so-good photos from the weekend may be seen at

Of course the best part of the weekend was catching up with classmates and the friendships that 'will be part of us till death'. Among those attending were: Howie & Nat Allen, Joan & Al Brout, Pat, Chet, Jim & Celsey Cotter, Nita & Mike Choukas, Pete Henderson, Babs Hall, Lu & Pete Martin, Gebby & Sandy McDonald, Nan & Jerry Mitchell, Dotty & Nina Mori, JoAnne & Peirce McKee, Loye Miller, Al Moses and 7 family and friends, Amy & Hank Nachman, Dick & Nan Pugh, Charlie Russell & Peggy Read, Connie & Jack Skewes, Ben Schore & Kathy Rines, Barbara & Ralph Watkins, Liz & Tex Weingarten, Ed Weisenfeld and Joe Welch.  (I think I've got them all.)

At the executive committee meeting that morning it was decided to have a 2013 mini-reunion on a weekend other than Homecoming because of the difficulty of obtaining rooms and venues for events. That weekend is October 31/November 1, 2014.  Make your plans early.  Minutes of the Executive Committee meetings may be accessed below.

Photos of the 2012 mini-reunion may be seen at:

Sixtieth Reunion:

    The 60th Reunion took place in June 2011, and the 89 classmates and 100 assorted spouses, friends and guests (including children and grandchildren) had a wet wonderful time.  We set a new 60th reunion record for attendance,but equally important, raised over $374.081 for the College. Our goal was a more modest, attainable $251,000, so we exceeded it by 49%!   Our participation in that total included over 70.2% of us, beyond Dave Saxton's most optimistic prediction.  While we all enjoyed listening to President Kim and our panel participants, the best part was seeing each other in the place where it all began for us.

     Because of the rainy weather almost all outdoor activities had to be held indoors.  Major meals were held in Collis Center, formerly our Freshman Commons, and although the ceiling, fireplace and surroundings were much as they were when we arrived in the fall of 1947, the food was served on plates and infinitely improved over creamed chipped beef, corn fritters and bacon that we recalled from that halcyon era.      I was only able to take a few photos before my camera malfunctioned and I have posted them at Fortunately Batch assigned Shatzi the task of taking pictures and those are also posted on the picasa link.  Any of you who were clicking away with your digital cameras and want to share the results with your class shold contact me at for instructions as to how to post the pictures to the website for all to see.      Dates indicate latest updating of the subject.

Events  from an earlier age

50th Reunion photos (posted 7/9/01) More reunion photos (posted 7/19/2001)
Click here for 25 more (7/23/2001)
Fall Mini-reunion photos 9/28 & 9/29/2001
At Brace September 28,2001

At Executive Committee Meeting,Tailgate and  Halls September 29, 2001
Class officers Weekend (9/13-14/2002)

San Francisco Mini-reunion (click here for photos 4/24-4/27/2003) Fall Mini-reunion Oct. 2003 (click here for photos)Chicago Mini-reunion (click here for photos 4/29-5/2/2004) Fall Mini-reunion Oct. 8-9, 2004 (click here for photos)

Philadelphia Mini-reunion May 5-8, 2005 (click here for photos)

55th Reunion Photos June 2006Mini-Reunion Photos 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. 60th Reunion Photos June 2011.  (I suggest you use the middle-sized icon in the upper right corner to read the many incorrect captions which you can't see if  you view the pictures in the slide show mode.)

   Class Meetings:             Latest  Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

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    Class Financial Data --   Treasurer' s Reports 2010-2013 

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      Latest list of living classmates and last known e-mail addresses (updated 4/17/2019)

    Class Officers and Executive Committee (updated 9/18/2018 )

     Spirit of '51 Award Recipients (updated 10/26//2018)

The Still North Remembers Them

     Peirce McKee has designated himself Class Necrologist.  He has undertaken (yes, that's intentional) to accumulate all available obituaries of deceased classmates that have been published in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine that he has in his files.  These have now been uploaded in this section.  Of the 458 names of deceased classmates, we have obituaries linked so far to all but 54.  Information is pending as to the later ones, but there remain a significant number where no information is available.  If you have any data as to those missing (appearing in green on the webpage) please send them along to me and Peirce McKee (

Those that have obituaries appear in blue or purple, so click on for the link.

(updated 4/17/2019)

Class of 1951 Memorial Scholarship Fund (updated 9/20/2017)


    As of 12/31/2016  the Fund's market value was $313,985, a remarkable achievement, since we only started the Fund after our 50th reunion. The latest recipients are:

    Anna N. Ghnouly '16, of Santa Clara, CA

     Erin C. Czerwinski '17 of Key West, FL

     Yun Chao Chen '18 of Naugatuck, CT

This year, the Fund supported three students.  We'll let you know who when the College tells us. The class is contributing $4,000 to the Scholarship Fund, the same amount as last year.  

Those who wish to make a contribution should send a check payable to Dartmouth, along with a memo stating it is for the 1951 Memorial Scholarship Fund, to Henry Nachman, 30 Alice Peck Day Drive,#402, Lebanon, NH 03766 for forwarding to the College.

Bartlett Tower Society  (3/5/2017)
    Estate and Gift Planning -- We currently have 32 living Bartlett Society members and 45 who are

deceased.  The Class leads all classes with 11% of the Class as members.  The College has received

27 bequests totaling $6,642,516 from our classmates.  We're 11th among all classes in $ realized.  

The College now has a website which provides information and calculations for those

considering lifetime gifts and estate planning. You can access the site by clicking here.  (which will bring you to ) or you can contact Herb Knight at for more information.

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