1955 Class Notes, June 28, 2011

Many thanks to Dan and Amelia Musser who hosted a glorious mini reunion at the Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan, June 12 - 15. Fifty-two classmates and 48 spouses and friends came from near and far for our largest attendance ever for a destination reunion. The near included John and Dorothy Barker (Michigan), Jack and Frances Welsh (Ohio), from Wisconsin Joe and Frances Bachman and Jim and Betty Jo Nelsen. Sandy and Marilyn Philips came in from their summer place in Ontario. They have recently moved to a retirement community in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania close by Lyn and Claudie Brock who were also with us.
Distance travelers included Frank and Nancy Carlton and Jan Braestrup from Oregon, Jim Wiggin (Florida), Bob and Ila Feltman (Arizona), Pete and Annie Teal (Montana), George and Barbara Schmitt (Colorado), Dave and Alice Walton and Neal Allen in from Georgia. Hod and Mabel Symes (Missouri) reported that “they spent some time in the basement” when tornado warnings sounded but had no damage locally.
Highlights included a lively and informative panel of Joe Mathewson, Gale Roberson, and Nick Kotz centered on Joe’s book, The Supreme Court and the Press. Questions discussed were: privacy, public knowledge, televising proceedings – Joe reminded us that “it is our court.”
Class of 1955 Awards were presented to Harry Ambrose and Paul Merriken in recognition of their contributions to their professions, community, and Dartmouth. Earlier, a “Resolution of Thanks and Appreciation” was given to Harry for his leadership of the class Advisory Committee in the composition of a letter to President Kim which suggested possible alternatives where the college could be more supportive of military service. Based on the initial response, future constructive dialogue is anticipated.
John French and Carole Bailey were married on June 18th in Sharon, Connecticut. Jim and Judy Perkins were among those present. Jim Cavanaugh reminded us in a letter in the July/August DAM of the efforts of fraternities in our era to effect removal of discriminatory clauses. The college advised us that Thomas Carlsen, Ph.D. died April 2, 2011. Homecoming: October 24 – 26 – see you there!
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1955 Class Notes, April 28, 2011

We were relieved and heartened to learn that classmate Taro Shindo and his wife Setsuko are safe and suffered no immediate aftereffects from the tsunami and earthquake in their home city of Takarazka, Japan, 350 miles from the center of the disaster. Taro has expressed high appreciation for the assistance Japan has received as quoted below from his email.
“Forty days swiftly passed away since the disaster. Japan has been given tremendous help from many countries. We realize the strong ties with the world outside Japan and are deeply moved by their cooperation. I should pass on to the American people about the strong support in many aspects from US military that reached 16 thousands soldiers, 13 naval vessels, 133 aircrafts and 8 thousands tons relief materials. The paratroops from the air and the landing operation from the sea reached at Sendai Airport which was all buried in heavy debris by TSUNAMI. Owing to their engagement in relief operations, after a few days the airport miraculously restored its partial carrying power. It’s incredible that now it is functioning almost as it used to be.
“For the Fukushima nuclear radius accident, providing experts and equipment support from the organization concerned, US dispatched the very specialized Marine “CBIRF” of 150 men who are ready to act at any time. On the top of it the pilotless photo-reconnaissance plane “GLOBAL HAWK” continues watching the plant. Our Defense Minister stressed that we have been most impressed and overwhelmed by the generosity, vitality and vigor of the American people through the crisis of this time. Now we switched our actions from for-emergency towards reconstruction.”
John Baldwin reported a record, drought ending, 60” snow accumulation at his home in Twain Harte, California. It was still snowing on Palm Sunday in Rapid City, South Dakota when we reached John Barlow. He and Anne had an excellent vacation in Scotland this year including a stop at Saint Andrews. John Levitas (Whitesboro, New York) is the winter winner with 120”.
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1955 Class Notes, February 28, 2011

1955 – an excellent class! We are pleased to report that the College’s ranking of 71 classes placed us among only 12 classes ranked excellent for 2009-10 – and, only five classes scored higher than ’55. President Jack Doyle thanks all our classmates for their continued support of class projects, programs, and reunions.
Speaking of reunions, you still have time to join classmates at the June 11-14 mini at Mackinac Island hosted by Dan Musser. Just a few rooms remain; contact Betty Brady at 508 785 0790, or
Frank Carlton’s (and Nancy’s) list of activities and community involvement at their Eugene, Oregon retirement village plus travel is staggering. Frank detailed in their Christmas note the various committees they chair plus outings to plays and operas and even some snow shoveling. Not only did they get to our 55th last year, but also toured New Mexico on an Elderhostel in March. Post-reunion they spent a week near Mont Tremblant, Quebec in the Laurentian Mountains.
Tom Calloway (Porterville. California) told us of his and Carol’s travels throughout California (e.g., Pebble Beach, Carmel) during the summer to dodge the high temperatures all the while wondering why California wants to build a high speed line from nowhere to nowhere. Dick Gardner and Audrey (Dover, DE) had a good ski trip to Colorado and will do a river cruise in the Ukraine this summer where Dick will do genealogical research on his grandmother.
We sadly note the passing of Hart Perry in early February. As many of you know, Hart had dedicated his life’s work and interests to rowing. He was Executive Director of the National Rowing Association and was known as the “Godfather” of rowing. Hart had just returned from London where he had received the 2010 World Distinguished Service to Rowing Award. A special memorial service is scheduled for April 16 at Kent School.
Dartmouth College Fund: please remember to support the hard work of Chairman Woody Goss and his team in this important annual giving effort for the college and the class.
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January 2010
1955 Class Notes, December 28, 2010

Twenty-five classmates turned out for Homecoming: Dick Barr, Stan Bergman, Dick Blodgett, Betty Brady, Lynn Brock, Tom Byrne, Dave Conlon, Jere Danielle, Jack Doyle, John French, Mike Gorton, Woody Goss, Larry Hagar, Dick Hastings, Buck Kuttner, Harry Lewis, Ken Lundstrom, Joe Mathewson, Doug Melville, Larry Pilchman, Bud Pulis, Ward Rowley, Web Wilde, Ed Willi, and Dave Winograd plus spouses. Friday afternoon Lyn and Claudie Brock told of Claudie’s family’s experiences in WWII as captured in Lyn’s book, In This Hospitable Land. Prior to Homecoming, Lyn and Claudie gave a presentation at the Weston, Massachusetts library (arranged by Gale Parker) for several classmates and friends. A review by Pete Buhler augmented the program. Awards at the class dinner were made to Buck Kuttner and Larry Pilchman. All happenings at Homecoming were detailed in Joe’s newsletter including the effort of Ed Willi to bring the Alcoholics Anonymous play to Hanover and a request for our support – especially timely in view of the latest report from the Alumni Council of the exceptionally high incidence of alcohol abuse on campus – both men and women. The final footballl game at Princeton saw the Big Green end thirteen losing seasons. The Lundstroms, Rowleys, Pulises, and Dick Hopkins helped the celebration. We also had a little time after the game with our newest adopted classmate, Athletic Director Harry Sheehy. He is a definite plus for the College – look for better times ahead across the board.
The efforts of Jim Perkins as a young lieutenant back in the fifties to institute environmental sanctuaries on Air Force Bases have come to full fruition and recognition in a soon to be published history. From an initial sanctuary at Elgin AFB, the United States Air Force, under the authority of the U.S. Department of Defense and with the cooperation of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, today has the sole responsibility for the management of conservation programs (wildlife and natural resources) on all U. S. military bases. After Jim had left the service, he was recognized with a Commendation Medal in a Pentagon ceremony.
Mini-reunion Mackinac Island, June 11-14, 2011.
- Ken Lundstrom, 1101 Exchange Place, #1106, Durham, NC 27713, 919-206-4639;

August 2008

Greetings from sunny Cape Cod…74 degrees with a breeze!

John and Dorothy Barker have retired to Glen Arbor, Michigan, which borders on “Sleeping Bear National Lake Shore Park”, about 100 miles from Travers City, in the northern part of the state. When John is not working for “Habitat for Humanity” hammering nails or supervising construction, they are “birding”, cross-country skiing, or hiking.  Previously, they lived down state where the construction was much more active. Here, they are building one home, for “Habitat” every 18 months, as the area is very rural. Their children, John’83, and Julie’86, each have two children.

Swift and Kit Lawrence are great grandparents.  Nora Somerville was born to Jessica and Michael Somerville.   Michael is the son of Scott Somerville’79 and Marcia Lawrence’80.  Swift and Kit see Pete and Joan Thompson, who live near them in Westport, Massachusetts.  They had dinner with Gill and Hart Perry recently and had a visit from Jim Wiggins.  Swift and Kit spend much of the summer sailing; this week an overnight to Cuttyhunk.
Bobby Lieder, Delray Beach, Florida and Ketchum, Idaho, had his second hip replaced and is better than new except for trading golf for tennis.  His wife, Lucy, passed away 4 years ago. He has traveled to Normandy and the “D-Day” Memorials, and Paris-London by the” Chunnel”.  His sons, Michael and Nick, and daughter Jessica, have two children each. Bob has a “wonderful friend”, Mary, a widow from Santa Monica.  Ski with him on the “black diamonds” in Sun Valley.

Marilyn and Bob Bagdasarian live in Winchester, Massachusetts where Bob continues to practice law. They have a summer home in North Falmouth, Massachusetts (Cape Cod), the site of many family gatherings, in addition to family reunions which took place in France, California, and New York.  Their son, Bruce, ‘84, has two children, ages six and three, a boy and a girl. Bob played golf this week with Dr. Phil Reilly who lives in Osterville, Massachusetts.  Phil is now retired as a surgeon. He continues to do administrative review of patient care and surgical outcomes. He and his wife, Joan, spend January and February each year in Florida. Each of their sons has three children. Happily one son lives near them in Medfield, Massachusetts.   Joan serves on the Board of Ocean Spray, and Phil, Jr. is on the Board of Arnold Advertising.

Dr. Larry Kretchmar and his wife, Bernis, live in Los Altos, California, where Larry continues to see patients in his Urology practice. Larry interned at “The Hitchcock” spent four years in Rochester, New York, and two years in the Navy. Their nineteen year old granddaughter is in her second year at Wellesley College. Larry and Bernis have four grandchildren.  Dick and Lois Frieder will be visiting them this summer.

Reminder:  100+ people have expressed interest in the Washington, D.C. mini-reunion, 4/23-4/26/09.  The committee has a wonderful program.  Contact Betty Brady, @ or at Post Office Box 277, Dover, MA 02030.

Bob Fanger