` The Great Dartmouth Class of 1956

Join the 1956 Class ListServ

Dartmouth has graciously set up List Servers for each Class, including OURS! The management of the lists was changed on April 1, 2003, exchanging Dartmouth's Majordomo web program for a new LISTSERVE@DARTMOUTH.EDU.

These listservs allow one of us to send a message to everyone who is on the list. At this writing,about 105 Classmates, or 20% of this Great Class are signed onto the Announce list, and 45 Classmates, or about 7%, participate in the Chat list.

To add your e-mail address to the Class ListServ, and thus participate in sending and receiving important personal, social, financial, political, poetical, or information that may (or may not) be of general interest to your Classmates, do this:

Send an e-mail message to Class Webster
saying that you want to subscribe or unsubscribe to either or both the Chat list and the Announce list. Try it - you may like it.

To remove yourself from either of the Class ListServs, send a message to Class Webster asking to be unsubscribed: Hon. Ed.

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