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Revised July 12, 2020

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Check out the College’s website:


The College alumni website provides classmate information easily.



The directory function can be a useful tool for looking up information on classmates. I recommend this as a first step in locating an address or phone number before you contact me. A particularly interesting feature is the ability to send email to alums without seeing their email address. The email is sent without the sender learning what the address is. This system is also supposed to prevent the Crawler Search engines that Spammers use from being able to find your email address as well.


Tom Conger has pointed out that the alumni lookup doesn’t do well with too much information. He couldn’t find my information when he plugged in “Harris Bonar McKee”. Using the Advanced Search that lets you enter such detail as class does find me with just “McKee” and “1961” in the class line.


Basically the search is the same as before except a better format and different update feature.  Using the Advanced Search you can look up by name, class, by regional club, city, state, country, degree major and school - you can also add a photo.  To search by anything other than name, you will need to click on the Advanced Search. You can edit your own profile and then see how others would view your information, and hide information that you don't want visible.  All updates go back to the Alumni Records Office.  


Do check it out!

Harris B. McKee


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