Ben Gitchel
Piermont, NH



Born in Arkansas and raised in the West, Ben Gitchel received a BA from Dartmouth in 1961 and an MA from Tulane in 1965.  Modeling for a drawing class taught by Paul Sample his freshman year introduced him to art.  He painted and sold his first painting while spending a semester abroad to study Spanish at the University of Salamanca, Spain in 1958.


While living in New York's East Village, Ben was fortunate to have the advice of such artists as Irving Marantz, Michael Lekakis, and Ngoot Lee among many others. 


Ben has produced innumerable easel paintings and works on paper.  He has exhibited in NYC, New Jersey, Texas, Vermont and New Hampshire.  The artist resides with his wife, Mel, in Piermont, NH.


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                                                 --  Ben Gitchel




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