Jean DeHaven



I grew up on my Grandfathers farm in Southern Ohio, where

at the age of 5, I started drawing portraits of my cousins in

the cellar, sitting with Mason jars of stewed tomatoes and

green beans. After graduating from The Ohio State

University (1963) with a BFA in Advertising Design, I worked

for an advertising agency and later an art studio for 6 years

in Newport Beach, California. This is where I became

reacquainted with and married a fellow H.S. student, Navy

Lt. Commander (MC), Kenneth DeHaven


Thirty plus years later in Rochester, NY, I started painting

and became a member of the DRAW group of women artists,

The New York Figure Study Guild and The Portrait Society

of America.  Now my portrait art has resumed in my

Penfield, NY basement studio shared with Kens workshop

(Kens Clocks).

                                                           --Jean DeHaven



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