John H. Hadley, Jr. A.I.A.
569 Wilcox Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90004

1266 Juniper Beach Rd.
Camano Island, WA 98282


After graduating from the USC school of Architecture in 1966, I worked with Langdon & Wilson, Architects in Los Angeles for ten years working primarily on office buildings and hospitals.

In 1975, I left and began to purchase and rehabilitate distressed properties, and do some residential development work. I subsequently partnered with an individual from San Francisco, and together, we did projects on the west coast and in the mid west. We put limited partnerships together and purchased and restored apartment houses, office buildings, mobile home parks and small shopping centers.

The most significant project was the Kirby Building in Dallas, Texas and we won the top design award from the AIA for our restoration work. Traveling, airports and suitcases eventually took their toll by the early 90's, and I decided to stay close to home in Los Angeles and work only on projects that were nearby. I worked primarily on residential work where I was the developer, architect and contractor.

All my projects start with sketches and I always have liked the drawing aspect of my profession, so I am now actively doing some art work. I still do some client work, however it is decreasing as I spend more and more time at our home in Washington.

5 years later….Still doing some small architectural projects that keep me thinking creatively and three dimensionally. Two years ago, I started painting and drawing after a 60 year layoff. I take a life drawing class and an acrylic painting class weekly. It is providing a wonderful and exciting challenge to work freely without a ruler and a T-square.


                                                        -- John Hadley




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