Tom Judd
Madison, NJ

I've been interested in photography since 1945 when my Dad gave me the simple camera he carried through the South Pacific during WWII.  I was basically a snapshooter through high school and college, then my interest intensified when I got involved with several camera clubs.  I progressed through slide and print competitions, and finally into judging for the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs.  After several years of that, I decided to leave the world of clubs and competitions to concentrate on my personal interests. 


In the latter phase of my engineering career I became a research scientist investigating possible future applications for the then-emerging Internet.  Since this involved color images, I was introduced to digital image processing and became an early user of Photoshop.  This meshed nicely with my hobby, and led me into printing with inkjet printers.  Better prints, with far less hassle, than those from my wet darkroom phase. Upon retirement in 1999, I enhanced my home digital darkroom and have been making prints for exhibition and occasional sale ever since.


The images in this gallery are a sample of my work since our 50th in 2011.  I do a lot of landscape work, many of the shots involving water. I enjoy going to antique auto shows to photograph rare and unusual old vehicles. I don't do portraits per se, but sometimes find interesting people in public places and especially re-enactors at historical museums.

And sometimes I just find interesting shapes and objects.


                                        --Tom Judd



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