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Revised: 7-08-11

Welcome 1961   

Alumni Countil Report May 15, 2020

Roger McArt succeeded Al Orschel fall of 2013
--McArt Alumni Council Meeting Reports

Al Orschel became Representative for Class of '61 succeeding Pete Bleyler.
--Orschel Alumni Council Meeting Reports

Pete Bleyler became Representative for Class of '61 and '62 succeeding Bill Pearce '62 .
---Bleyler Alumni Council Meeting Reports

Mike Houlahan Alumni Council Representative, N.E. Ohio 2004-2007. Mike Houlahan '61 has been a Regional-at-Large Representative on the Alumni Council, and has sent his reports to a number of clubs around Ohio and in neighboring states.  He included me in his most recent distribution and has graciously consented to sharing the report with our class.
--Alumni Council Meeting of May 17-19, 2007

Sarah Jackson-Han '88 from the Alumni Council Communications Committee.
--Alumni Council Meeting of May 14-16, 2009


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