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January 30, 2019

Nelly Mendoza-Mendoza '19, was our ARTS  INITIATIVE STUDENT In 2017- Her project was titled: Torches and Gold: An Exploration of Ancient Greek Granulation. She joined us for dinner at Class Officer's Weekend and for our dinner at the DOC House this past mini-reunion.

An article she authored was featured in the Dartmouth of January 30, 2019. Click on Mendoza-Mendoza to see the article.

June 5, 2013

Our Academic Student last year was Rebecca Lau '13 from the Computer Science Dept who presented her project: Developing Home Care Applications for Patients with Hypertension.

She wrote a very thoughtful note, received today, the first I have ever received from one of "our students"!
Dear Class of 1961,

Thank you so much for your support this year on my thesis.  With your generous funding, we were able to purchase eight tablets so that we could pilot our Android application to patients with hypertension at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. My thesis did well and was awarded honors by the CS department.  Once again, thanks so much for your support; we wouldn't be able to do this without you, Best, Rebecca Lau '13

I have asked her for a summary or copy of her thesis so that I may report on morre details from the project at the reunion this fall.

Maynard Wheeler

April 2, 2013

One of our class projects is an annual Arts initiative Award of $1,500 to a student artist. This year's award went to Sera Boeno '14 for her project "Tore", an art installation that examines the tradition of honor killings in her home country of Turkey, which is currently on display in the Black Family Visual Arts Center in Hanover. Click on The Dartmouth Boeno Article to see letter from Jeff James, Hop Director, and the D article.


February 11, 2013

Jacob Osterhout '02, son of David Osterhout '61 reported on Samantha (Sam) Knowles '12, our 2012 Arts Initiative Fellow, in the NewYork Daily News on February 6th. Click on Why Do You Have Black Dolls to see the story. To see the YouTube Trailer click on Why Do You Have Black Dolls.

February 8, 2013

Our 2013 Arts Initiative Student is Sera Boeno '14 for her project Tore. Pete Bleyler reports that she is an outstanding young woman. This conclusion is definitely supported by her application. Check out our Application Guidelines and Sera' s Application


December 6, 2011
---In response to posting below, Sarah Schewe added---

Hi Maynard,

Just got the sample of the web update -- looks great! Since I last emailed you I found out that the Bush family and their staff requested 20 kangas to take home with them. Apparently the medical director of the Bush Institute is a Dartmouth grad and was very happy to see Dartmouth support for the kanga :)

Thank you again for supporting this project! Look forward to seeing you again -- I'll let you know when the kanga arrives!

Best wishes,

December 5, 2011

---Sarah Schewe wrote ---
Hi Maynard,

I thought you'd enjoy this note which I received today (below) and the attached photos. The kangas have been printed and distributed in Tanzania and the NGO I've been working with will be sending me a few kangas (one to
keep, one for the Hop and one for the Class of 1961!).

Best wishes,

Sarah, warmest greetings!  we have had the most amazing week with the kangas-they are definitely a hit!  Sonja has great photos of the printing and the women receiving them at the community level, and I am attaching some photos of President Bush in front of them during his visit to TZ last week.  Love or hate his politics-no one in the White House
has done more for HIV and malaria care and treatment than President Bush and his wife and daughters LOVED the kanga and requested some to take home with them.  I am also sending you the final pdf of the kanga design-I hope
you approve :)!

Congratulations!  They will be sent off from the embassy on
Monday-Love you!



Final Kanga Design
Review by President Bush-I

Review by President and Mrs. Bush-II

May 20, 2011

Sarah R. Schewe '12 has been selected as this year's recipient of the Class of 1961 Arts Initiative Award.  Our $1,500 grant will support her project "Tanzanian Kangas: Wrapping Women in Hope." As Jeff James wrote to me, this is an innovative public health campaign using traditional textiles as functional art.  He also indicated that Sarah is a very thoughtful young woman who hopes to tackle public health challenges in new and creative ways.

In Tanzania, village women wear kangas, traditional rectangular cloths, which come in many designs and colors.  Women wrap their kangas as skirts, shawls, head wrappers, or baby carriers, or they use the fabric to make dresses.  Kangas are not simply decorative, but have a social function.  They often contain a written Swahili inscription with messages that can range from religious to social messages or parables to political statements.  Sarah is proposing to design a kanga that provides information abut safe motherhood and critical warning signs during pregnancy. 

Without typing the entire project plan, let me finish by saying that, the reason for this project, is that approximately 8,500 mothers die annually in childbirth in Tanzania, which is 86 times the rate in the US.

Pete Bleyler

Taken in January 2011 while studying abroad in India
Sarah as she volunteered with WellShare International in Tanzania back in 2007
    For more details, click on: Jeff James Announcement and Sarah's Proposal
The kanga project is going well -- I recently finished some sketches that we are now getting feedback on from several women's groups in Karatu. Once we have their input, we'll move towards a final design and printing the kangas this summer. I look forward to presenting the project to the Class of 1961 in the fall! When the reunion weekend's schedule is arranged, it would be great if you could let me know the date and time of any events you'd like me to be at so I can put them on my calendar.

Thank you for your support!

Best wishes,

From: Susan Ackerman <susan.ackerman***>

Date: May 18, 2010 7:35:22 PM EDT

Subject: Class of 61 Fellow Alex Lloyd

Dear Pete and Maynard,

I just wanted to check in about the Class of 61 Fellowship to tell you that Alex Lloyd has really benefitted from the fellowship funding this year, so much so that he will be presenting his final thesis project to the Religion Department faculty on May 25th at 4:00pm. More important, he will be presenting his final thesis project to the friends of the Religion Department -- which certainly includes the Class of 61 -- on June 1, at 4:30 pm, in the Faculty Lounge of the Hopkins Center.


This is always one of our most special days of the year in the department: a chance to celebrate publicly our thesis students and their spectacular accomplishments. We lay on really good food; we're always really lucky and the sun always shines beautifully through those great Hop windows; and our students -- whom we encourage to invite all their friends and family to celebrate with them -- are always at their best. We really hope you, and any members of your class who would like to attend, can be there as well. We are so very, very proud of Alex, and we would love to share his accomplishments with all of you who have been so instrumental in his success -- so please do feel free to forward this invitation to whomever among your classmates that you would like. We's be honored by your presence.

I also know that, in the past, your class has extended its fellowship funding to a department for three years, and while I do not mean to presume, we in the Religion Department would love to be able to offer the Class of 61 fellowship to one of next year's thesis students. We do have an extraordinary candidate in mind -- a young women whose family worked many years in China and is fluent in Chinese and so hopes to work on Christian missionary movements in China in the mid-twentieth century. The documents associated with these missionary activities are a little scattered, but there are good archives in, of all places, North Carolina, so the funding support she most needs is money to be able to travel to that collection and be resident for several weeks while she works her way through it. That said, we still have thesis proposals coming in, so there may be a more extraordinary student still: nevertheless, we certainly know we have "fund-worthy" students if you wish to continue your affiliation with our department.

But, whatever the future, let me thank you again for the past. I just met with Alex last week, as part of the wrapping up of his thesis project, and I was so impressed to witness his growth as a scholar and as a person. You should be very proud of all you have done to make that possible.

All best,


Olivia Snyder-Spak Class of 1961 Arts Initiative Scholar


Memorial Service October 20, 2006--Hanover

One of our 1961 Fellows, Sandra J. Beutler, who is working on a terrorism project, as a corollary is putting on a Victims of Terrorism Memorial this Friday at 4:30 p.m. in the middle of the Green, and is
interested in getting area 61s to turn out. See the attached posters. Sandra says, "Professor Stam, Congressman Bass and several other will be speaking at the event.  In addition, there will be a jointly led moment of silence for the victims by Imam Aziz (of al Nur), Rabbi Boraz (of Hillel) and Chaplain Crocker (of the Tucker Foundation).  Thank you for your support!"



Lest We Forget

Victims of Terror Memorial

Friday Oct 20th

4:30 p.m.

On the Green



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