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Updated: March 25, 2021

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Steve Grossberg Publishes Magnus Opus, "Conscious Mind, Resonant Brain,
How Each Brain Makes a Mind" March 25, 2021

Class of '61 Award to Dave & Joan Prewitt and Maynard Wheeler Oct 3, 2020

Doug Zipes, Conversations with Legends in Cardiac Clinical Electrophysiology-2020

David Steinberg, The Multidisciplinary Nature of Morality and Applied Ethics-2020

Class of '61 Award to Tom Conger & Vic Rich March 23, 2020

Steve Grossberg Still Lecturing Worldwide in 2020

John King Induction in Health Care Hall of Fame March 3, 2019

Steve Grossberg wins Hebb Award November 29, 2018

Class of '61 Award to Ivar Jozus

Peter Holbrook Exhibition November 16, 2018 to January 11, 2019

Harris McKee Alumni Award November 2018

Class of '61 Award to Mike Murphy & Art Kelton May 2018

Sam Bell Awarded USF Alumni Award for Non-Alum

Oscar Arslanian, The Man Who Brought Rock & Roll Back

Mike Kirst-Retirement 2018. Look Back & Forward 2013

Mike Gazzaniga, "The Consciousness Instinct" WSJ Book Review

Bob Naegele, Recipient of 2017-18 State of Hockey Legacy Award

Doug Zipes, Damn the Naysayers: A Doctor's Memoir & Not Just a Game

Moe Banks, CTG Law Tribune's Lifetime Achievement Award

Art Kelton Alumni Award October 2017

Harris McKee Class of 1961 Award October 2017

Steve Grossberg Brain Research Report June 11, 2017

Peter Holbrook Exhibition April 22-23, 2017

Steve Grossberg Receives IEEE 2017 Frank Rosenblatt Award

Ken DeHaven Wins Accolades for Pioneering Sports Medicine

Doug Zipes Giesel Medical School Achievement Award November 2015

Gazzaniga Book Review--February 2015

Robert Hargraves Book, THORIUM: energy cheaper than coal
Published.September 2012

Ambassador Steve Bosworth Retires as Tufts' Dean September 2012

David Birney Stars in "8" The Play September 2012

Arslanians Lead Hollywood Arts Council, April 2012

Pete Bleyler Receives Alumni Award from Dartmouth Alumni Council at 50th Reunion

Oscar and Nyla Arslanian Receive Anastasia K. Mann Leadership Award. 10-10

Don O'Neill, Stephen F. Mandel '52 Society Award, March 2010

Oscar Arslanian Golden Award Nominee 5-08-09

Steve Bosworth-Envoy to Korea 5-26-09

Ken DeHaven Honored by University of Rochester
October 17, 2008

Mike Gazzaniga's Interview w/
On Status, Free Will & the Human Condition
(Mike Murphy recommends the transcript)

Al Rozycki Speaks on Ethics May 2007

Bob Conn honored with the
Dartmouth Alumni Award at the
May 19, 2006 Alumni Council

Tanzi License Plate Exchanged--Details
Mike Murphy to F.J. “Duck” Eicke to Pete Bleyler to Gerry
Kaminsky to Vic Rich (2006-2011).




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