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President Don O'Neill
8787 Bay Colony Dr
Naples, FL 34108

Newsletter Editor:
Thomas S. Conger
2210 Quail Point Terrace
Medford, OR 97504

Communication Officer:
Harris B. McKee (Webmaster)
929 W Foster Ave Apt 705
Chicago, IL 60640-1682

Vice-President :Denny Denniston
266 West 91st St
New York, NY 10024-1101

Vice-President Gerald Kaminsky
136 Harold Road
Woodmere, NY 11598-1435

Bequest Chair

David Armstrong
4600 N Ocean Boulevard, Ste. 206
Boynton Beach, FL 33435-7365
Arts & Legacy Committee
Oscar Arslanian
2489 North Edgemont St
Los Angeles, CA 90027-1054
Pete Bleyler
42 Wildwood Drive
West Lebanon, NH 03784
Secretary :Victor S. Rich
94 Dove Hill Drive
Manhasset, NY 11030-4060
Treasurer :Ron Wybranowski
89 Millpond
North Andover, MA 01845-2902
Mini-Reunion Chairman: Hanover
Maynard B. Wheeler
P.O. Box 538
Grantham, NH 02753-0538
Class Historian/Necrologist
Harris McKee

Co-Head Agents :
Henry Eberhardt
300 Beach Dr. NE
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Harris McKee
929 W Foster Ave Apt 705
Chicago, IL 60640-1682
(479) 619-7324
Roger McArt
3421 Ballybridge Circle, Apt 203
Bonita Springs, FL 34134-1998

Mini-Reunion Chairman:

Dave Prewitt
and Joan Prewitt
279 Warner Road
Wayne , PA 19087-2156

Women's Committee
Nyla Arslanian
Patti Rich
Joan Prewitt

(Note that email addresses inWWW are disguised using *** for @ to provide some protectionagainst sites looking for email addresses. Replace the *** with @ before using.)
Class Web Site:http://www.dartmouth.org/classes/61/

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Zoom Mini-Reunion October 2-3 2020. They said it couldn't be done…! But we sure did the Fall Mini, in historic fashion! Not only was attendance an all-time high, but attendees also enjoyed themselves, and the program, immensely.
Here's the official report from laureled chair Maynard Wheeler:>
"With trepidation in the face of the octogenarian status of members and modern technology, the Blue Ribbon committee of Don O'Neill, Hop Holmberg, Pete Bleyler, Harris McKee, Dave Prewitt and Maynard Wheeler decided to convert the prohibited physical reunion in Hanover to one by Zoom!  A key was that Harris had extensive experience with the zoom process.  Even though the College thought it unwise, a two day meeting somewhat mimicking the usual gathering in Hanover was planned. To permit ease of attendance from the West Coast, meetings began at midday Hanover time. Starting with Buddy Teevens who gave an enthusiastic report of sport and football with response to questions submitted in advance, we hear Dr Lisa Adams from the Dartmouth Medical School present an overview of the whole COVID-19 situation. Friday evening's theme was the HOP and the commissioned wind symphony by Oliver Caplan '04 which, out of more than 50 suggested favorite Dartmouth places, included as one of the four movements one themed on the '61 Robert Frost statue.  Saturday was student day starting with two who had been selected for the Stephen W Bosworth Award at the Dickey Center for International Understanding. Rik Abels '21 was from the Netherlands and Nick Nobles '21 from Arkansas after a career in the Air Force. We were most fortunate to have Christine Bosworth in attendance. Then the HOP came back with its director Mary Lou Aleskie talking about our Frost Award for an Arts Initiative Student.  Jessica Zhang '21 presented her work on "New Dian-Cui: Culturally Conscious Recreation of a Lost Art."  Don O'Neill led a Business Meeting which featured the induction into the Class of '61 of Vince Wilson, valued liaison with the Dartmouth College Fund. Also, Special Recognition Awards were given to Dave and Joanie Prewitt for multiple successful off-campus reunions and Maynard Wheeler for almost two decades of Fall mini-reunions in Hanover. The evening session was energetically led by two coaches: Sam McCorkle and Kevin Daft concentrating on the victorious 2019 Harvard Game.
Attendees could come and go as they liked. Attendance was 56 classmates, 18 wives and one widow.

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Here's a screen shot from the one of the Mini Sessions.

Participant Screen Shot

Christine Zhang & Mary Lou Aleskie
Christine Zhang, Our Arts Initiative Student with Hop Director Mary Lou Aleskie

And Dartmouth Symphony in Virtual Concert
Dartmouth Symphony in Virtual Concert

 Nick Nobles '21

Rick Abels '21

Nick Nobles '21 and Rik Abels '21   Recipients of the
Stephen W Bosworth Award at the Dickey Center for International Understanding

Vince Wilson '61a

Vince's Plaque

Vince Wilson '61a

A survey was circulated among all attendees to garner the tenor of the milestone event. Harris reports results clearly indicate that "attendees gave it an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 and I think every event had approval of greater than 4 out 5." Further, consider comments such as: "this was fun, didn't think we could pull it off and it was great."  "I thought the virtual mini reunion was outstanding."  One specific conclusion from the Survey was a request to have Quarterly Class Zoom Minis. In response, Maynard has scheduled the First Quarterly Zoom Meeting on January 12th. One program already identified will be a discussion of the book The Great Influenza by John Barry. Get a copy now and be prepared.
Also, as a result of the successful Mini, and in view of no committal on part of the college re. possibility of staging our scheduled 60th reunion in person and in Hanover, Pete Bleyler's Reunion gang have committed to doing at least part—if not all—of June '21 activities via Zoom. Just think of the travel savings alone: and definite chances of enhanced attendance from 'round the girdled earth…!

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Mini-Reunion '61 Classmate Attendees











Buddy Teevens '79


Oscar & Nyla



Dr. Lisa Adams




Gerry & Jackie

Mary Lou Aleskie





Christianne Hardy, PhD

Bosworth (W)




Nick Nobles '21


Charles & Kathy



Rich Abels '21




Roger & Sandy

Jessica Zhang '21





Asst. D. Football Coach Sam McCorkle









Asst.. D. Football Coach Kevin Daft


Ken & Jean






Don & Ellen



Henry & Laurie


Connie & Maria



John & Cindy


Dave & Joan





Vic.  & Patti















Robert & Peggy-Ann







Tom & Carla







Peter & Karin










Jim & Joan








Hop & Judy





Bob & Karen


Maynard & Sandy








Ivar & Carol




Class Directory: We plan to issue a class directory prior to our 60th reunion recognized that many classmates have moved since the directory for the 55th reunion was issued. We would like the listings to be correct and enlist your help. Please go online and verify your profile. Here's how you do that.
On your computer or tablet, Google "Dartmouth College Alumni Directory". That will take you to a page with a big heading Dartmouth Alumni. Click on the tab "CONNECT" AND CHOOSE find alumni. Page down to "Update your alumni profile" and click on alumni profile. You will be asked to enter your Dartmouth login info. If you haven't done this before, just follow the instructions. (If you get bogged down send all your contact information to Harris McKee.)

Women's Initiative: Too much can't be said about the success of the class virtual mini-reunion. Happy that 18 spouses and one widow, individually listed above attended. It was special to see Chris Bosworth introduce the first recipient of the award named in her husband Steve's honor.
With the thrill of that virtual mini accomplishment still strong and no clear word from the college regarding the possibility of a Hanover 60th reunion, we added our voice of support for a virtual reunion next year. We doubt that many of us would relish a 5+ hour masked flight or whatever will be cooked up in the meantime to keep us all safe from the dreaded plague.
Our Women's Initiative had been tasked to encourage widows to participate at the reunion for, even though their beloveds are gone, they still are part of the class. Now, that the logistics of travel have been removed, we hope that there will be a good response not only from our Dartmouth '61 widows but for all spouses as well.
Our outreach team is growing with the addition of Susan Moore (Bob) and Madge Ginn (Frank) and more to come. We hope to connect with every spouse. It's an ambitious undertaking but since the travel and lodging costs are covered, we hope for a significant turnout for the 60th next June.
Sadly, we bid farewell to Patty McElhinney (Jim) and Nancy Klath (Norm), who passed away recently and send our condolence to their husbands. We are at the time of life when it's not "if" the unexpected will happen it's when. That's true no matter what stage of life we're at as we seasoned seniors know all too well. So love, dance and play like there's no tomorrow. That will bring joy and laughter to all your todays. Nyla Arslanian

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Prewitt Award

Wheeler Special Award

You bet these were both long overdue. Yuge laurels & plaudits to these three stalwarts who have performed above & beyond the call in maintaining class unity/elan!

Dave & JoaniMaynard & R.Frost
         Dave & Joani Prewitt                Robert Frost & Maynard Wheeler


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Class Adoption. As we noted above, we surprised Vince Wilson at our mini-reunion by adopting him as a member of the Class of 1961.Some classmates inquired what that means. The congratulatory letter from Cheryl Bascomb below provides a good answer.
Vincent A. Wilson
Dartmouth College, 41 Centerra, Room 321C Dartmouth College Fund
Hanover, NH 03755
Dear Vince,
Congratulations! I am thrilled to welcome you to the great Class of 1961—a well-deserved honor that recognizes your work and connection with this group. As Vice President for Alumni Relations, I want to acknowledge your formal adoption by the Class of 1961 and share some important information.
Class adoption honors those who are making or have made a significant impact on the College and the Dartmouth community, which you have done in many ways. As an adopted member, you are considered much like other members of the class and given many of the same privileges. You will receive class correspondence and invitations to class-organized events such as reunions, mini-reunions, and other activities. A free subscription to Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, invitations to College-sponsored regional events, and Dartmouth regional club activities will also be part of your new status as a member of the Class of 1961. You will have lifetime borrowing privileges at Baker-Berry Library, access to the Digital Library, and special access to cabins within the Dartmouth College Grant. With all these opportunities, it is your choice to participate at whatever level you choose.
While adopted members share almost all the privileges of class membership, adopted members cannot vote in trustee elections, nor can they serve on the Alumni Council. However, we welcome your volunteer participation in other roles and look forward to continuing to work with you in Advancement and the alumni community.
On behalf of all alumni, I want to extend heartfelt thanks to you for your contributions to our College and for earning the admiration of your new classmates. Congratulations on receiving this honor from your fellow ' 61s, and welcome to the Dartmouth family.
Cheryl A. Bascomb ' 82
Vice President for Alumni Relations

Further, we have also compiled a list of all class presidents from June '61 to the present:

Till Reunion





Harris McKee



Dave Blake



Jack Reno



Gerry Kaminsky



Hop Holmberg/Dave Prewitt



Vic Rich



Art Kelton



Oscar Arslanian



Pete Bleyler



Roger McArt



Denny Denniston



Don O'Neill

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Some memories re. particular regime's legacies follow:
Gerry Kaminsky: I remember two highlights: working with Ron Wybranowski to articulate and convince others that our class can most impact the college for the long term by working on participation not dollars, given our size, because of the above-average size of class of 1960. We won the Harvey Hood award for that year. 
Getting others to assume responsibility for the planning and ultimate success of our 25th reunion.
Pete Bleyler: a couple of things about Oscar 's regime: 1) Raising our class dues to $61 where they have remained ever since, and 2) Initiating the Legacy Endowment Fund AND 3) getting David Birney to head up the operation.  There may be others.
As for the class in general, Jon Sperling updates: "Have been thinking of you with all of the disruption out there and with the horrible fires. Hope you have come thru OK. You're always welcome to spend some time at my place on the north fork of Long Island if in need of clean air. Not much new with me. Have cut out the consulting traveling overseas and continue with my gig coaching/mentoring new employees at USAID in the mysteries of foreign assistance. My daughter Victoria was married a year ago in Greenport to Rob Beasley from Nashville. It was great fun. My older daughter, Alexandra, had a second daughter last week, but with the COVID rubbish not sure when I will get an introduction. I have been splitting my time between McLean, VA and Greenport which, aside from the long drive, makes for a great semi-retirement."
FJ "Duck" Eicke reports in after the siege of gulf coast hurricanes: "Being in Pearl, we are 160 miles north of the coast. Sally did some damage on the coast - fishing piers and some beach erosion - but all is well. Friends in Lower Alabama - north of Orange Beach - got some but their house is high and they have a whole-house generator to keep them comfortable. The near shore areas of the Alabama coast got hit real hard - one big 40-50 ft charter boat was on the road in one piece—out of Zeke's Marina where we left for our fishing trip. Not sure what the status of the Eagle Express that we fished from is now. Have a trip to Bay St Louis scheduled for first week October. I have something like an upper-ankle sprain now but also had cortisone and chicken cone shots earlier this week to address non-functional knees. The WWW is finally started to turn on us: those fires are real but the enviros are at least partly to blame - when we build near forests and do not prescribe burn. Will be sending you a chapter from a book that is by an environmentalist titled: Apocalypse Never. Great treatise and next to last chapter impressed me. Stay safe and run like hell if they get close."
We asked for classmates (besides Hank "Squid" Eberhardt) who were afflicted by the 1957 UV flu epidemic to submit their experience(s); John Schlachtenhaufen recalls: "I was just about to celebrate 18 with the only date I could afford that freshman term. It was a blind date for the Harvard game and I so wanted to see Boston for the first time. In addition, I was failing German 1 and I was desperate to avoid a cot in Dartmouth Hall though I felt terrible. My wise roomie Porkchop [Tony Oestreicher] was sure a good dose of brandy would do the trick. By the time I finally yielded and went to Dick 's House, my temp had reached 104. I was admitted immediately and given my own room, which they created by moving 2 pneumonia patients into one room. I survived the flu obviously and German 1, thanks to a gift from Herr Scott, who took it back the following term. In those days of polio fear, my parents never knew of this. With Covid19 upon us, I just told my wife and kids this year. Remember, those were the days of one coin-op phone per dorm and despite nearly 10% of Dartmouth students sick, the Harvard game was played and their band, with its big bass drum, played on. Truly, a different world we lived in."
Arslanian Anniversary
Oscar and Nyla Arslanian celebrated #51 with a trip to San Clemente with a stop to see Granville Redmond exhibit at the Laguna Art Museum
i befoe e t-shirt

Fritz Kern Birthday
Fritz & Janis Kern celebrate his 81st in Redondo Beach Marina— another different world.

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GREEN CARDS -Norm Page njpage@cox.net"I finally retired from listening to rocks tell me about geologic history ca. two years ago and began an old (new) profession from high school of wood sculpture. Both boys are finally seniors in college, one at ASU and the other at Willamette University. These are photos of some of the newer sculptures on my Facebook page—only a few of the 90 or more pieces. Tom I used to work out of Medford doing geology—how did the fires go down?" [we dodged a bullet at my CCRC—but many employees lost everything = awful! tc]
Dick Lemke ad7afgrv@gmail.com "We spent time living in Tucson to thaw out after spending decades living in the Pacific Northwest, but found the summers were way too hot. We've moved to Brevard, NC, where my wife Marty was born and raised. With 81 years on the clock we are trying to stay isolated and healthy."
Chris Dueker chrisduek@aol.com "We last exchanged personal mail in the last quarter of the 20th century. I have the treasured mail, but it is buried. You had amazingly noted my letter to the Honolulu Advertiser re: the Pioneer Inn of Lahaina. Snce then I have moved (2014) to Idaho (from Calif) and bought many more aloha shirts. You have moved many more times than I.
I continue to enjoy your work with WWW (always in print format). I should have spent [more] time with you in Hanover, but my time was brief.  Now, a Hawaii question needs your counsel: Bruce Forester wrote '…original Trader Vic's was right there on the beach.' A source says TV's went to Honolulu in 1950 after its founding in Oakland (briefly as Hinky Dinks); I believe Bruce got founding order wrong, though I admire his med school time management.  Where was TV's in Waikiki? I sadly missed it during my 1967-70 island life.
I don't know about strangulation clinics. To get my Sandwich Isles Medical License I had to visit the Honolulu leprosy clinic. Our first son was born at Kapiolani [Ob/Gyn Hosp].
Now, another TV's reference: I am re-reading a wonderful book about WWII submarines, Wake of the Wahoo. Book is a 1942-49 memoir which was written in 1960. Author [F. Sterling] puts TV's in Honolulu during WWII. Oops! Mr Vic was born too late for that. Oh, well. We liked Oakland [Emeryville] TV's during internship (1965-66).
My daughter (Pomona College tribute) is a fine reader; she tracked down (recently) and sent me The Dartmouth Murders by Clifford Orr. A very worthwhile tome."   [in re. the Trader Vic's mystery, we replied: The only TV 's site I recall (a Spencecliff venue) was on Ward Av, makai of King St; we used to go there for lunch and drink scorpions (and never get back to the office…)
It s possible Duke [Forester] was confusing it with Don the Beachcomber's which was in Int 'l Mktplc, right on Kalakaua Blvd across from the old Outrigger Canoe Club; that would put it almost on the beach (hey - sounds like a movie…); or maybe he was thinking of Queen 's Surf (the old Chris Holmes estate) which had a thatched hut pub right on the beach. As he is still seeing patients, I hesitate to bother him for such drivia. tc]              
Now for tough part: As you saw in the iModule Harris circulated on October 10, Jim McElhinney lost Patty, his bride of 56 years, on Sept 22. Dr Mc, Malibu Fatz Miller and your lowly scribe bonded in Hanover very early in our days on campus—even before two-a-days for Pea Green football on Chase Field. And whatever cemented that intrepid trio together was stern stuff. We lost Billy Bitchen 10 years ago (on tc's birthday…), but Mc & I have managed to keep in solid contact over all the years. And I share his loss. Mai poina 'oe.

Dartmouth College Fund—Lest we bask too long in our great accomplishment as the class with the highest participation for 2019-20, plans are underway for our DCF 2020-21 60th Anniversary campaign. One of our '61s has offered to generously match contributions by '61s who double last year's contribution or match their 55th reunion gift. Watch for details of this "Double-Double" Challenge which will be released shortly.

Bartlett Tower Society--We have updated our Class web page for the College's Bartlett Tower Society (BTS). The updated page also provides simplified instructions as to the many ways to easily become a member. The web page lists each of our 67 classmates who have provided for a gift to Dartmouth at their death and thus have become a member of the BTS. For access to our Class BTS website just click on the following link: BTS

For our 60th reunion next Spring ,your class officers have set the very challenging goal of increasing the Class of '61 membership to 100 by adding 33 new members. If you are not already a BTS member we hope you will consider adding your name to our list and helping us meet our goal.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information please Contact David Armstrong at: Tel 561-573-6316 or email dgarmstrong0507@gmail.com.

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Ohlen Alexander shared this week photos from the 1957 Freshman Trip which neither of your editors took. In addition, there's a great shot of one of the 1957 bonfire construction projects.


McNutt Departure

McNutt Departure

John Sloan Dickey

John Sloan Dickey

Boarding the Bus


Freshman Poker

Freshman Poker



The Freshmen Built the Bonfire in those Days before College Bonfires killed the builders

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Old Lives Matter

Just Saying

Al Rozycki lives on the western banks of the CT River, on McKenna Road in Norwich. He submits here a perfect closing photo of fall colors in the Uppah Valley:

Fall View From Rozycki Yard


Me ke aloha pumehana, tc 


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