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Harris McKee
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Mini-Reunion Chairman:

Dave Prewitt

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Women's Committee
Nyla Arslanian
Patti Rich

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60th Reunion

As if you didn't know, the great virtual 60th Reunion (patiently chaired by Pete Bleyler) is nearly upon us. For a concise preview, go to the Class Website and click on "60th Reunion": voila - the entire four days before your very eyes with details about our panel discussions, entertainment and opportunities for interaction.. As the virtual format will not entail travel to Hanover nor lodging arrangements, we expect a large turnout. As the late Malibu Fatz Miller would say: "Be there or be square."

Click on the Registration button below to register or copy and paste:


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60th Reunion Registration

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting

A comprehensive Program Booklet will be mailed to you within the next couple of weeks, along with an updated Class Directory.

60th Reunion Schedule

Rugby Trophy

The Rugby Club's Liesching Trophy: donated by the late Wm. M.C. Miller, updated by tc—1961 Awardee: J. Michael Murphy.


We conducted our 5th annual 61st day mini-virtual reunion on March 2, under the auspices of our very capable Webmaster ("Digital Content Manager") H.B. Mckee. Great response, about 74 classmates participated; your lowly scribe couldn't get anybody to take his photo, so submitted a screen shot instead:

Conger's Poster

Which in turn inspired John Hadley to paint an impromptu portrait in acrylic:
Hadley's Acrilic Pig

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Another in the series of warm-up mini-reunion Zoom sessions was staged on April 6, featuring Mike Kirst, former President, California State Board of Education and Stanford Emeritus Professor of Education. Also included Ron Wybo's special showing of Dutton Foster 's remarkable paintings of trains and steamboats with comments by the artist. Well attended and received - laurels to the spotlit stars!

Old People Poster

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News from the class:

Rich "Paisan" Marrone reports from Sweden: "Anders Hansen, a psychiatrist, has published more than 2000 academic articles, along with several books, one of which discussed the positive effects of exercise on mental health.  He lectures frequently and has now produced/hosted two TV series/document-taries for Swedish National Television on the sometimes often incomprehensible functions of the brain, splicing interviews with outstanding scientists into in his very entertaining commentary.  Anders is one of most energetic purveyors of increasing scientific literacy for the general public in northern Europe. I am not sure if his work has been translated into English (he could easily accomplish that himself), so it's time I check it out. Still in his 40s, Anders will be making an impact on our perceptions of ourselves, hopefully, for quite a long while."

Then, directly to Mike Gazzaniga as a participant: "As you probably know, Anders' TV documentaries are immensely popular here, especially since he is able to spruce up his message with experts such as you. Now that you have appeared in both seasons of the series, your name has become very recognizable to those who are interested in our '3-pound-univers', often accompanied by comments such as: Wow, he's so smart, but his explanations are put in such a relaxed way that they really make sense; he seems like such a nice, calm, humorous guy; no pretensions here; boy, would we have liked to have him as a prof...and more...
Mike, you have contributed to many programs all over the globe-a few of which were aired here-yet this one seems special.  Thanks for agreeing to 'helping' Anders out!"
Good to see the old Aquinas House boys still scratching each other's' backs. 
Sent Emeritus DAM Editor Denny Dinan some drivel back in early April. He replied: "Me: out of touch lately."
WWW: "Whazzaah?"
DAD: "Cracked da freakin' hip."
WWW: "Oh, dang. U bionic now?"
DAD: "Partly. Plus now feature sinew from some other lad (deceased, they assure me)."
WWW: "Thinking of training for the Ironman competitions…?"
DAD: "Actually, in training for the transfer from walker to barstool."
WWW: "pivotal evolution…"

From Our House to Your House

by Jack Ridl
"It is 1959. It is the cusp of the coming revolution.
We still like Ike. We are still afraid of Sputnik.
We read Life magazine and Sports Illustrated
where the athletes grow up shooting hoops
in the driveway, playing catch in the backyard.
We sit on our sectional sofa. My mother loves
Danish modern. Our pants have cuffs. Our hair
is short. We are smiling and we mean it. I am
a guard. My father is my coach. I am sitting
next to him on the bench. I am ready to go in.
My sister will cheer. My mother will make
the pre-game meal from The Joy of Cooking.
Buster is a good dog. We are all at an angle.
We are a family at an angle. Our clothes are
pressed. We look into the eye of the camera.
"Look 'em in the eye," my father teaches us.
All we see ahead are wins, good grades,
Christmas. We believe in being happy. We
believe in mowing the lawn, a two-car garage,
a freezer, and what the teacher says. There is
nothing on the wall. We are facing away
from the wall. The jungle is far from home.
Hoses are for cleaning the car, watering
the gardens. My sister walks to school. My
father and I lean into the camera. My mother
and sister sit up straight. Ike has kept us
safe. In the spring, we will have a new car,
a Plymouth Fury with whitewalls and a vinyl top."

Charlie Chapman reports: "Thanks for the reply and update on your new location.  Kris and I have a new location too, and we are making good progress settling in. After 16 wonderful years owning the Kensington, NH farm and growing vegetables for local charities, we decided it was time to start simplifying our life. The idea was to sell the farm and move to our summer home in Kennebunk, ME on a year round basis. We listed the property last fall expecting it would take a long time to sell. To our surprise (and perhaps due to covid) it sold very quickly and at the asking price. The last few months have been a big scramble to move a lifetime of 'stuff' and prepare a summer home for year-round living. The good news is the hard work is behind us, and we are feeling great about our more simplified life in Maine. 
We are looking forward to more normal times too, and some hugs with our 11 grandchildren. If all goes well our 21 family members will gather this summer to celebrate Kris and Charlie 's 60th wedding anniversary."
Andy Morse responded to birthday greetings urging him to celebrate with an, um, innovative dish: "I 'll have to try some of that Spam pizza. Looks like it would obviate the benefits of any healthy foods eaten since the Dartmouth years.  Good to hear from you.  Thanks for the birthday shout out. My wife Nancy and I are doing quite well in spite of covid, which got me in early March 2020, and which caused loss of appetite and about 15 pounds, all of which have reclaimed their rightful place on my body since.  Hope you 're doing well."
Native Portlander Bill Farrens reports from a distant outpost: "How are you doing? Are you able to move about now that most of us 'geezers' have had the vaccine?  We are still at the coast 95% of the time.  Portland is still a mess and we hope things will improve this summer/fall… Looking forward to our " 60th" gathering…"
FJ "Duck" Eicke had some internal plumbing modifications at end of April. "Thought I would share with you what happens when I sought a partial knee replacement: should be done but now on hold pending medical complications…To get medical clearance to have the knee replacement, I was referred to a MD who discovered a prior echo had shown 'moderate to severe' aortic valve issues. That led to another MD - cardiologist this time - who needed an echo to clear me, and also ran some other tests that showed the aortic valve might not be up to par…Now I have seen a cardiac thoracic surgeon who has scheduled me for a Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR). Look it up - what used to require open heart surgery is now done with a catheter with apparently fairly low risk and positive outcomes. Will take an overnight stay to assure all is well and then should be able to carry on with life. Other than that I am feeling fine." Later: "Update - Everything moved pretty fast over the past weeks, culminating with my TAVR on April 30. A one-night stay in the hospital for observation (certainly not to sleep…) had us headed home by 1:00 PM on May 1. The AM echo apparently confirmed that the valve was in the place it should be…Will be in cardiac rehab for a while and take up my normal routine as much as possible through the summer…Next up in 6 or more months is the knee replacement (hopefully without complications this time)."
Rich Husband is good about stimulating our funny-bone. A select few observations:
•I really don 't mind getting older, but my body is taking it badly.
•It turns out that being an adult is mostly just googling how to do stuff.
•As I watch this generation try to rewrite our history, one thing I 'm sure of… it will be misspelled and have no punctuation.
•I thought getting old would take longer . . .

Al Rozycki submitted an article from the NH Union Leader re. Matt Friedman's herculean efforts in treating PTSD: "Friedman has been treating patients with PTSD for 35 years. He 's the founder and former executive director of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs ' National Center for PTSD, and he played a critical role in revising the diagnostic criteria for PTSD." What Matt's research has revealed is that "We 're beginning to be able to understand how traumatic experiences affect gene expression and therefore how that affects different people…The latest study, published in the medical journal Nature Neuroscience, found marked differences in the brains of males and females diagnosed with PTSD. That could have important treatment implications, Friedman said. Some medications might be better prescribed to women and others more effective for men with PTSD. According to the National Center for PTSD, about 6 in 10 men and 5 in 10 women will experience at least one trauma in their lives. Most will not develop PTSD. But about 7% to 8% of the population will have PTSD at some point. About 10% of women develop PTSD at some time, compared with about 4% of men, according to the center."  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is being diagnosed more and more often, and Matt's research is promising hope for successful treatment.

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Green Card

(Only one this time? U can do better)  Robert Fryer <rfryer@cox.net> advises: "I left Dartmouth at the end of freshman year and transferred to UNH. There I met the love of my life, Carol Zaejec, and graduated in 1961. 1961-'64, Duke Law School where I met up with Sam Bell and Art Kola and Tom Andrews (Dartmouth '60). 1965-68, USMC. 1969-76, Asst. Counsel and Asst Sec., Nashua Corporation. 1976-2004, Private practice, Londonderry, NH. Served on municipal Planning Boards, Boards of Administration, an Economic Development Committee, and as school-district moderator. Retired and moved to Williamsburg, VA, In 2005. Was a CASA volunteer for 10 years, drove for Meals on Wheels and volunteer as guide with project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, working with disabled vets, teaching fly-tying, rod building and taking them on trips. Carol is a retired Occupational Therapist, and now is a Master gardener, Tree Steward, and designs rain gardens for the County, as as being a good watercolorist. (BTW, I spent 2 summers with the Forest Service in [aptly yclept] Burns, OR)"
Departed men of Dartmouth—always the toughest part of WWW: Harris has posted death notices for far too many classmates since the last issue. Included in that roster are Jack Penn, Phil Oehler, Rich Selph, Dave Lincoln, Roger Baumberger, Bob Gillespie, Don Shropshire, Lee Heap, Rip Maxwell, Mauro Dentino, John Gerrish, Bob Daly, and Harry Penn. Add to that '61 wives Mel Gitchel and Joani Prewitt. Although Harris tries to include a complete obituary for each lost classmate, a few touched your scribe in a personal way and bear brief notice. Jack Penn was a weightman on the track team and, on one of those long, stuffy bus rides to some distant campus, he related the dilemma of growing up oversized in a small Iowa town. Shopping for a sport jacket in a local midwest haberdashery, Jack advised the salesman that he required a 50 Long. The staffer perked up: "You're in luck—you can have your choice: a black one or a brown one…"  Philthy Phil Oehler was, among other accomplishments, President of AD; as such he was also one of the triumvirate on the IFC Executive Committee with Bill Collishaw and the Prez. of Phi Gam. Fraternities pretty much provided the established social life back in the day, and we three would meet each Tuesday for lunch with "baby dean" Stew Sanders—naive as he was gentle, to run the show. We also constituted the IFC-JC and adjudicated any/all activities which we felt required authoritative attention [can U say "railroad"…?]. Wonder how many houses, and individuals, were spared "Double Secret Probation" by our wizened tolerance…?
Rich Selph, the ol' Pelham Pelican, only stayed freshman year; one day he called the single pay phone in Richardson Hall basement and left a message that he wanted me to go to West Virginia with him that weekend. Sounded intriguing to this Pacific Islander, so threw some stuff into a PanAm overnight bag, and hopped into the borrowed Buick when it pulled up to the dorm. About an hour into the trip, having no idea wherenell we were, I piped up and asked how long it took to get to W. Virginia. Somebody in the front seat growled back at me: "Not West Virginia, dummy—it's Westbrook Junior. You know: Portland, Maine." Oh.  David Ogden Lincoln was a good buddy; he also had the extreme good fortune of dating my Punahou GF, Anne MacNaughton, who was at Colby Junior. Total babe (ask Duke Forester)! Need we elaborate on the many contributions made by Joani Prewitt over years? She and Prew-dads were the unrivaled entrepreneurs of our fabulous out-of-Hanover mini-reunions, and clearly enriched the lives of all who ever attended any one of them. Sorely missed—mai poina!
A coupe of non-'61s also slipped away during this period, but were consequential to our Dartmouth experience. Denny Goodman '60 was Vice-Captain of the popular and highly successful Rugby Club, founded the Friends of Dartmouth Rugby, and was voted the second-ever recipient of the Liesching Trophy, the only award bestowed by the DRFC back then; the undersigned made a pedestrian effort to succeed him.  David Prentice'69 helped produce a few 50th Reunion yearbooks before 2011, and agreed to handle production of ours as well.
He had a copy of the opus which a Punahou classmate & I cobbled together (over a span of 7.5 years) for '57's 5-0, which he called the "gold standard of Fiftieth books," and proceeded to help us turn out a lovely product for Paths We've Taken.

Bartlett Tower Society

As we near our 60th reunion, now is a good time to review your estate plans. As you all must know by now, the BTS is made up of those Dartmouth graduates who want to help Dartmouth by naming Dartmouth as a beneficiary of a portion (large or small) of their "estate" at their death.

Becoming a Member.
You can become a member in many different ways including naming Dartmouth in your Will or your Trust Agreement or in the beneficiary designation of your IRA or life insurance policy.

Key Facts to Know If You Are Thinking Of Becoming a Member.
1) no minimum amount is required.
2) you can change your mind at any time by simply removing the bequest.
3) It's easy. Check out the simple procedure and  sample language which are set forth on the BTS webpage found on our Class Website (click here).

Assistance or questions:
If you would like any assistance or if you have any questions please contact Al (Alan.A.Rozycki@ Dartmouth.edu) or David (dgarmstrong0507@gmail.com or at 561-573-6316) and we will be glad to help.

Note: if you have already named Dartmouth, as a beneficiary of a portion of your estate and are NOT listed as a member on the BTS webpage of our Class Website,  please contact Al or David  and we will advise the college which will  immediately make you a member of BTS.
Seventy-one of our classmates have already made the commitment-how about you?

Dartmouth College Fund

Co-Head Agents Harris McKee, Henry Eberhardt, & Roger McArt note:

We are just reaching our original $$ goal of $610,000 and now are striving to achieve our stretch goal of $725,000 by the time of our reunion. We still have a substantial challenge to meet our 72% participation goal and funds are still available to match any gift that equals the 55th Anniversary gift or DOUBLES the 2020 gift. Thank you if you have already given. If you haven't click on the DCF Give Now link below.

DCF How To Give


Women's Initiative--

The excitement builds as we get ready for the 60th Reunion. Nyla Arslanian and Patti Rich have participated on the Reunion Organizing Committee. Because of our new "official" status as class members, a Women's Team has been making outreach calls to spouses and widows to make sure they are aware of their new status.

Tasked with encouraging the women to participate and attend the Women's Gathering session during the festivities, team members Chris Bosworth,  Eileen DiSavino,  Laurie Eberhardt, Bonnie Gartner, Madge Ginn, Carol Jozus, Pani Kolb, Susan Lynn, and Susan Moore, and have been calling.

While we send condolences to wives upon the loss of their husbands, in our goal to connect with all wives we're hearing about women who have passed away. Sadly, last month we lost one of the most active women of our class, Joani Prewitt. She and her husband, Dave, organized the last three mini-reunions and she has been at his side actively participating since college days.

During Reunion there will be a Women's Gathering. The Gatherings provide a forum for women to share what's happening in their lives. Given that as a group we are moving through similar successive stages of life that most of us, being of a certain age, relate to, our Gathering this reunion will reflect these realities. This is an opportunity to share our challenges and triumphs.  We are the groundbreakers going where women of our age have never gone before.

If you received a message, please return the call. We just want to connect. Hearing back from you will make someone's day.

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A Few Shots From Our 61st Day Virtual Reunion.

Ken & Pani Kolb
Ken and Pani Kolb

Tom & Karla Goodridge
Tom & Karla Goodridge
Jake Gillespie
Jake Gillespie


Don & Ellen O'Neill
Don and Ellen O'Neill
lGerry Kaminsky
Gerry Kaminsky
Chuck Dayton
Chuck Dayton

Finally, the Last Word on Zoom




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