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Arslanian--Oscar sends along an article about Arslanian & Associates.


Conger & Murphy--Robert Frost/Corey Ford Road Trip 2007


Eicke--Duck & Kathy share observations I & II on Hurricane Katrina, on 45th Reunion Trip, Katrina at One Year, and on Professional Hockey in Mississippi..

Penn--Jack was recently honored for serving as Outstanding 2006 Director in Minneapolis for his efforts as Director of Health Fitness Corporation.

Classmate Notes/Requests

Horan--Tony writes: "I am interested in seeing postings from '61's who have been treated for prostate cancer. I am interested in surgery and radiotherapy as cultural phenomena since they have not had published data of sufficient merit to elevate them over 'surveillance." 
Contact him at Anthony Horan [ahhmtm***]

Reno--Jack inquires whether any classmate is a member of Coral Beach Club in Bermuda?
If so, can they please e-mail him at johnreno*** [added 7-25-07]

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