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     Dartmouth Class of 1961

        What do we want our Web Site to be?

(Revised July 11, 2018)

That's really the Question. 

This first cut at a web site follows the pattern of the classes before and after us.

We have pages for officers, the president's pithy comments, class notes and newsletters, a directory of email addresses, the Alumni Fund, etc., but this is rather static information which is readily available elsewhere.  And class notes and the newsletter on the printed page make more sense. 

So just what do we want to do with this resource?  Here are a couple of suggestions, but we really need your ideas if we are to be successful.

  First and Foremost it should be a way for us to communicate.... about our classmates, our Class and the College...  and to do it informally well in advance of the mailings and magazines.  It should be a simple way to pose questions and get feedback.  It should be a way for you to share with all of us about what's going on with you.

  The Web is ideally suited for graphic arts.  An ambitious plan is to expand our site with examples of the art which we, including our spouses and children, have produced.  Perhaps an artist of the month could be featured.

  It should be a way to enhance reunion planning.   What do you really want to do during the 3-4 days in Hanover?

  We can have running discussions about subjects of interest to us all such as Retirement, When, how and where?

  It should be good way to share what's going on in your life.  How about comments and photos from your most recent or memorable vacation?  Or.. a brag section for our wonderful, beautiful, well-behaved grandchildren?  

Send your comments to Tom Conger, or Harris McKee and we'll share you ideas with the rest of the class.

Welcome '61