June 6-10, 2014

The Reunion Committee planned a great 50th reunion, with many
class and college sponsored events.

Click on the images below to see the Reunion Schedule (left) and some very selected pictures (right; needs password):


At each reunion, the classmates and family members gather for a Memorial Service. As has been our tradition,
The Rev. Robert S. MacArthur, III '64 welcomed those gathered in Rollins Chapel and then introduced the event.
Click on the links to download PDF documents of the Welcome, the "Keep Going" Introduction, and Rabbi Roger Klein's Benediction.

As part of the preparations for the reunion, the class leadership asked classmates to write an essay
about their life (what we did well, what not so well, and what we learned along the way. Three volumes
were sent to classmates before the reunion and they made for great reading. A fourth volume was created
after the deadline for those whose essays were not received in time for inclusion. Here it is.

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