"Class of 1964 Dues and Donations Payment Page"

The Class of 1964 accepts 2015-2016 class dues and donations
through Credit Card Payment or through your PayPal Account.
Or send a check to the address at the bottom.

Dues support in FY 2015 Newsletters and other communications
Class Projects in support of Dartmouth (including the Rockefeller Center Interns)
Class Administrative Costs

Amount = 110.00

Additional Financial Donations are gratefully accepted

Dues & Donations
FOR CREDIT CARD/PAYPAL Note - in the window supplied in the box.

Please enter your dues and/or donation amount and click Update Total - click here to see where this is.

Note that although you will go to the PayPal page, you can pay using your own credit card by entering the information on the left side of the page
(if you see "Continue" above the credit card logos, click on it to get to where you enter the card number and expiration date).

Or you can mail your check (payable to Dartmouth Class of 1964) directly to:

Dartmouth 1964
Ledyard National Bank
PO Box 799
Hanover, NH 03755
Please indicate check is for dues.

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Last modified, August 9, 2015