Larry D. Mitchell
September 16, 1942 - January 22, 2010

Submitted by friend, classmate, roommate and fraternity brother, Chris Palmer

Larry David Mitchell, Class of 1964, died peacefully at his home in Auburn, CA on January 22, 2010 after a brief and
courageous battle against cancer. His family and many friends, classmates, fraternity brothers and business
associates celebrated his life at a gathering in Auburn, CA on February 26, 2010.

Larry was raised on a dairy farm in Sebastopol, CA. In an interview published in the Sacramento Business Journal,
Larry had this to say about farming. "I knew I did not want to own a dairy farm. I grew up on one milking cows.
Farming teaches you a lot but it doesn't get you any time off, I'll tell you that!"

An Alumnus who knew of Larry's high school success on the football field and in the classroom encouraged Larry to
come to Dartmouth. At Dartmouth, he played freshman football and pledged Phi Delta Alpha fraternity. He
graduated from Dartmouth with an AB Degree in Engineering in 1964 and from Stanford Business School with
an MBA in 1966. Larry paid for his education with scholarships and loans and by working for DDA and ROTC.

After serving 2 years as an Officer and Engineering Instructor in the US Army at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, he returned to
his beloved California where he joined Hewlett Packard. Larry spent his entire 29 year business career with
HP, including 3 years in Puerto Rico opening up HP's manufacturing capacity in that location. He spent the last
12 years as General Manager of the Roseville Terminal Division and the Division grew to employ more than
5,000 people under Larry's leadership. Larry's contribution to the growth of HP is legendary. When asked how
to get an organization to perform at peak efficiency, he said, "You start with values everybody understands; a
vision of what you want to do. That has to do with how you treat each other and your customers. I try to hire
the best people . . . then stand out of their way and let them do their job." An article about Larry in Business
Week magazine touched on the secret of Larry's success. "Mitchell teamed up engineers and specialists in
manufacturing and marketing to solve problems together . . . the result was a radically new terminal designed
for low-cost high-volume production." Larry wasn't just about growth and profits. During his tenure at
Roseville the division donated more then $2 million per year to local charities and schools.

Larry retired from HP in 1998 at the age of 55 saying at the time that he had worked every day of his life and it was
now time to enjoy the fruits of his labors. After retiring, Larry continued to serve as a Board Member of
several businesses, including Finisar Corporation as Lead Director, Placer Sierra Bank where he served as
Chairman of the Board, and U.S. Bank. He also continued to give back to his community with service on the
Boards of Pride Industries, Sacramento Chamber of Commerce, American Leadership Forum, Valley Vision,
U. C. Davis School of Management, the Liver Transplant Board at the U. C. Davis Medical Center and the Thayer
School of Engineering at Dartmouth. His service on the Board at Thayer School brought him back often to his
Dartmouth friends and his favorite College.

Larry is survived by his wife of 45 years, Denise "Cookie", his two sons, their wives, and two grandchildren. In 1997,
Larry and Cookie purchased a second home in Graeagle, CA where he pursued his passion for fly fishing, golf
and entertaining family, friends, and Dartmouth classmates.

Larry's love and dedication to his family, his commitment to community service, and his belief in the power of
education, particularly for those of lesser economic means, will live on through the Larry D. Mitchell Memorial
Scholarship Fund administered by the Placer Community Foundation ( Contributions to this
endowed fund will provide scholarships to Placer High School and Analy High School students attending

Larry Mitchell was a son of Dartmouth who took great pride in his association with Dartmouth and he treasured
the fellowship of his Dartmouth classmates and fraternity brothers. Larry departed this earth way too soon
and he will be greatly missed by his many Dartmouth friends.