(This tribute is in progress. Based on the information submitted by Blair for our 25th Reunion in 1990, and newpaper articles in the St. Petersburg Times, here is a beginning.)
Blair Clark , an avid athlete and runner, suffered a heart attack just before a race in Seminole FL on September 9th. He died on October 31, 2000.Blair came to Dartmouth from Buchanan Michigan. After graduation he went to Columbia University were he received a law degree (1967) and MBA (1968). He was President of Cortek Properties Inc. in St. Petersburg FL at the time of our 25th. At the time of his death, Blair was working as a lawyer in St. Petersburg and was professor of business law at the University of South Florida. He is survived by his wife of 3 years Ping, son Dan, daughter Katrina Larson, sister Sue Harrelson, and mother Dorothy Clark.

Blair in Green Book (1960) and Photo he sent for the 25th Reunion Book (around 1990).
From classmates:

On Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Berne, Michael wrote:

I met Blair on our graduation walk, struck up a conversation
and friendship that lasted through rooming with Blair all three years at
Columbia University Law School, having him in my wedding party, vacationing
with him and Eileen (his first wife) on Eleuthra, and even joining him in a
real estate deal. Blair was kind, considerate and a dear friend. I will
miss him.

Michael Berne ' 64

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