We're sorry to announce that Viki Kindergan has informed us that Jack died on June 18, 2006, of pancreatic cancer. Here are some memories and biographical details provided by Viki and their daughter, Natasha (D'95)

After graduating from Dartmouth, where he had taken the ROTC program, Jack entered the Army and chose to serve in Germany, building on his knowledge of German gained from a Dartmouth study abroad program, and where he met his future wife Viki. Jack finished his four-year Army career as a Captain in Vietnam. He then returned to Dartmouth to pursue his MBA at Tuck School. His interest was working for an international company and he found a job with Caltex Petroleum Corporation - a subsidiary of Chevron and Texaco. Within one year he and Viki moved overseas and spent eleven years in Asia, where Jack worked in various financial positions. Daughters Natasha, D'95 and Lara were born overseas, but grew up mostly in the States. In 1997, after Caltex had established new headquarters in Singapore, Jack and Viki returned to Asia and spent seven years there, before retiring in Singapore and moving to New Jersey, where he grew up. The last 15 years of his 33 years with the company, Jack was running the Internal Auditing division worldwide and traveled to all corners of the world - visiting many of the 50 locations where Caltex was in. Jack loved his international staff and his fairness towards them was well known - as we saw from the many e-mails we received, after they learned about his untimely death.

On the lighter side - Jack had a truly adventurous spirit, and in addition to a lot of business and private travel to some of the most remote countries, he tried his luck in bungy-jumping in New Zealand and over Victoria Falls, and he also learned how to scuba dive with younger daughter Lara in the Philippines - and all of it after age 55.

He himself said, after having been diagnosed with terminal cancer, that he had "no regrets", as he had lived his life the way he wanted to.

Viki Kindergan