Jeffrey Howard Shendell
August 4, 2008

JEFFREY HOWARD SHENDELL of Stamford, Connecticut, passed away on
August 4, 2008, after a 15 month fight against cancer. Jeff came to Dartmouth
from Roslyn (New York) High School. He attended the Tuck School of
Business on the 3/2 program, receiving his MBA from Tuck in 1965, a year
after getting his AB from the College. During his five years in
Hanover, Jeff pursued his keen interest in History and Spanish, and he
also prepared for the rough and tumble world of business. Jeff would
talk at length about what was happening in his classes, so it is not
surprising that Jeff once thought seriously about entering the
teaching profession. Nor is it surprising that, throughout his life,
Jeff's eagerness for learning about epic battles and other significant
historical events, as well as about the lives of those involved, never
lessened. Jeff frequently spent vacations with his wife Marsha,
visiting the sites, in this country and abroad, where those battles and
other events had taken place, as well as where those involved had lived.
Ironically, Jeff greatly admired Custer, who fought against
insurmountable odds in "Custer's last stand." Along with his lifelong
love of History, Jeff also welcomed the ongoing challenges he faced in
the brutally competitive world of retail, putting to good use the
lessons he had learned at Tuck, where he focused on Marketing and
Finance. Jeff enjoyed an extremely successful career in the business
world, earning the respect of his colleagues for his integrity and
ethics while playing a leadership role at such renowned organizations as
Macy's, Lord & Taylor, Dansk, Liz Claiborne and Kellwood, from which
Jeff retired last year. Jeff never lost his enthusiasm for teaching, as
evidenced by the success that many who worked for him over the years
have enjoyed in their own impressive careers. Among his many friends
and acquaintances, Jeff will be remembered for his unswerving loyalty,
sage advice and most particularly his unique and very intricate sense of
humor. Jeff was a proud Dartmouth alumnus, a loyal and generous
supporter of the College. While too sick to participate actively in
this year's Dartmouth College Fund, Jeff played a substantial role in
'64's successful effort to increase participation during the 2007
campaign. Jeff is survived by his wife of 40 years, Marsha, his son
Derek '96 and Derek's wife, Margaret Tuohy, his son Craig, and his
mother, Mildrose Shendell, as well as his sister and brother-in-law,
Glenda and PJ Cannon, his brother and sister-in-law, Douglas and Randi
Shendell, and three nieces, Heather, Brooke and Kimberly Shendell.