Fred Marshall Spitz passed away Thursday, August 28th, 2002 at his home in Miami, Florida.

Fred came to Dartmouth Abraham Lincoln H.S. in Brooklyn, N.Y. and majored in Government. At Dartmouth he was a Government major and a brother of Tau Epsilon Phi.

After Dartmouth Fred received his LLB/J.D. from St. John's Law School in N.Y.C. He never really liked the law and practiced for only one year, but he was admitted to the Bar in N.Y., FL, and the Federal courts. Fred spent his working life in all areas of real estate, serving as Senior VP of Merrill Lynch Realty Group in N.Y.C., the McArthur Foundation - Realty Division in Palm Beach, FL, and Talisman Companies, LLC in Coral Gables, FL , and as President of Somerset Properties in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

From Fred's brother, Stuart ('67):
"His passion was travel and he made at least one or two major trips each year to exotic places. It was not just the trips, but the planning that went into the trips was just as important. He was a wealth of knowledge about travel: where, how, when, sights, food, drink, local hangouts, intimate knowledge of so many places. He made at least one or two MAJOR trips a year. No one took trips like my brother (ie. You just don't go to Africa-- you hang out with Dr. Leakey for a week and deliver dead camels for Leakey's lions to eat). The stories are too numerous to go into, but at least his children have great memories and more pictures and memorabilia than an amateur could catalog. Fred should have been in the travel business, or at least have owned a hotel and/or bar in some exotic locale. He was a good guy and fun to be with!!!!"

Fred is survived by his children Jonathan, Amanda and Kim, grandchildren, Zachery and Taylor, his sister Patricia Mondre of Fort Lauderdale. Fred's Dartmouth relatives include his brother Stuart Spitz ('67, Tuck '68) of Delray Beach FL, and nephew Benjamin Spitz ('91) of N.Y.C.