Since 2003, our class has sponsored from one to three Dartmouth students per year for a public policy internship in Washington, D.C., and other important sites. A list of the students we have sponsored can be found HERE

Interested students apply for internships through Dartmouth's Rockefeller Center for Public Policy, which coordinates the available positions from offering organizations and reviews and selects the applicants. Funding for these internships costs between $4000 per term. There are more student applicants than there is available funding. Since 2003, our class has been supporting up to three students per year. For the past sevemn years, our Class President, Ron Schram, has been Chairman of the Center's Board of Visitors. The first Intern was Jason Ballet '04. Click HERE to see a thank-you letter from Jason.

Dale Eickelman '64, Professor of Anthropology, assisted by Bill Craig and Bob Bartles, will coordinate pre- and post- internship activities on campus. As the number of interns involved in the program grows, these on campus sessions will develop into creative enrichment programs for new and returning interns. Interns are expected to write a report of their experience and will be available to meet with '64s during our annual meeting on campus. John Topping '64, Director of the Climate Institute in Washington, D.C., will chair a committee of other '64s to develop an enrichment program for Dartmouth student interns while they are in the Washington, D.C. area. Initial committee members include Lou Goodman, Dean of the International School at American University, David Shipler, noted author and a Dartmouth Trustee, and David Plavin, President of Airport Councils International of North America.

Your generous support of this program through class dues has been greatly appreciated. Click HERE for the Rockefeller Center 2010 Annual Report. You will see there that our Class President, Ron Schram, has just finished a seven-year term as Chairman of the Center's Board of Visitors.

For the Executive Committee,

Ron Schram, President

Last modified 12 October, 2011