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This page will provide you with news about the Class, reports from our mini-Reunions and other gatherings and highlights from Bob Burka’s newsletter and news from the College that affects our Class.  If you have news – and pictures – please send it to krisa@bluechipfilms.com.


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Report from December 2009 Alumni Council Meeting

To members of the Classes of 1967 and 1968,

This is a brief message from the fall session of the Alumni Council held in Hanover on the 3rd, 4th and 5th. I will follow up in the coming weeks with a full report about things happening at Dartmouth, including the new President and the financial situation, but I want to make sure you are aware of the news concerning trustee elections, a topic which has generated more news than other matters over the past few years. During the meeting the Alumni Council voted 89-1 to approve candidates to run for the two Board of Trustee vacancies that will be voted upon next spring: Mort Kondracke '60, Executive Editor of Roll Call (www.mort4dartmouth.com and alumni.dartmouth.edu) and John Replogle '88, President and CEO of Burt's Bees (www.john4dartmouth.com and alumni.dartmouth.edu). Mort and John are highly accomplished in their respective fields, critical and independent thinkers, and effective communicators. Both have multi-generational Dartmouth ties, a history of involvement with the college, and board experience. Mort is a journalist of 40 years who has covered politics, policy, health care, education and the economy, and has a reputation as a fierce independent and voice of moderation. John has 20 years of experience in business management, operations, strategic planning, budgeting, sales and marketing, and is a recognized leader on corporate social responsibility and sustainability issues. Given the complexity of Dartmouth as an institution and the challenges it faces in the current environment, we are fortunate to have such fine alumni to run for the Board of Trustees. I have met Mort a couple of times in connection with Dartmouth and personally know of his devotion to Dartmouth, and while I had not met John before the meeting, we have a number of mutual acquaintances who speak very highly of him.

Mort's and John's approval came at the end of a two-year process led by the Council's Nominating and Alumni Trustee Search Committee (alumni.dartmouth.edu). The 11-member committee has representation from alumni in ten different classes living throughout the U.S., and whose Dartmouth involvement includes activity in clubs, classes and affiliated groups. At Dartmouth, more than 70% of them were involved in fraternities or sororities and many in athletics, the arts, and various clubs. Since graduation, they have been involved in fields that include media, technology, communications, health care, finance, consulting, nonprofits and government. Over the past year, the committee met 14 times and reviewed more than 400 alumni nominations. Extensive vetting was conducted and a diverse slate of finalists were interviewed in person in early November. It is through this process that Mort and John were recommended to the Alumni Council (alumni.dartmouth.edu), where they were introduced and approved.

Alumni will have the opportunity to cast their ballots for trustee between March 10 and April 7, 2010. Please visit www.voxthevote.org for more information about the election and the candidates. As Dartmouth alumni we have the rare privilege of electing members of the Board of Trustees. I hope you will join me in encouraging all of our classmates to become familiar with the candidates and vote. This is our opportunity to make our voice heard and to play a direct role in the oversight of the College.

In other areas, the students, the campus and the alumni who have met him are all thrilled with our new President Jim Kim. Even if you have not followed news directly from Hanover, you may have seen him in the general press and on Bill Moyer's Journal. Despite the current economic squeeze on College resources, everyone I talked with, both at the September inauguration and during other campus visits, there is a great feeling of optimism throughout the College.

John Manaras '67

Please click here for a pdf of this letter.


An historic Homecoming – was it historic because it was Jim Yong Kim’s first as Dartmouth President or because the football team broke a 17 game losing streak – turned out a large 67 contingent braving a chilly rain. Thanks to Paul “Tweedle” Killebrew for making sure all of the 67’s got (and, these days, stayed) together and for the excellent photos of our contingent.

Paul Killebrew, Rob Kugler, Steve Cheheyl, Mark Sisitsky, Susan Coakley, Joyce Killebrew, Rich Paolino, Jim Coakley, Beth Paolino, Larry Bowen, John Schumacher
homecoming1 Rich Paolino, Wayne Beyer, Mark Sisitsky

Wayne Beyer, Steve Cheheyl, Susan Coakley, Mark Sisitsky, Andy Longacre, Ginny Longacre



Dartmouth '67 in DC 2009 Dinner -

John Isaacs and Bob Burka produced another triumph --- their Sixth (all but one year) Annual Washington 67 Dinner. 15 hearty 67’s – joined by incredibly tolerant spouses and significant others – made it through a cold, rainy Washington evening to an evening of great conversation, good food and renewed friendships. After dinner, at John’s insistence, each 67 was asked to talk about his current life and plans for the future. It was a fascinating array – from Bob Davidson who had just returned from a Dartmouth sponsored trip along the Silk Road (where he stopped in Turkmenistan where Sam Ostrow’s daughter is serving in the Peace Corps), to Jeff Zimmermann studying at Georgetown for a PH.D. in (we’re not kidding) Liberal Studies, to Ben Schlesinger still doing worldwide energy business, to Wayne Beyer still an Administrative Judge in the Labor Department but working on his family homestead in North Conway NH to Bob Burka announcing he would be retiring from his law practice in the Spring of 2010 to Brad Langley not quite telling us what he was doing working for the government in England for three years to Larry Leiken still practicing law while trying to point a 15 year old daughter towards Dartmouth to Bill Reynolds still teaching law at the University of Maryland. And there was more, but next year you have to be there.

dc homecoming 2009

Front row: (left to right) John Isaacs, Bob Davidson, Sam Ostrow, Jim Rooks, Ben Schlesinger, Tony Newkirk

Back row: Bill Reynolds, Chuck Hobbie, Bob Burka, Dave Millane, Brad Langley, Jeff Zimmermann, Wayne Beyer, Larry Leiken, Wayne Johnson



Alviani DOESN’T Win 67 Rhode Island Golf Open (he only tied) -

67’s intrepid New England golfers played the stunning, tricky and on September 26 windy Rhode Island Country Club and fought the course, and Joe, to a tie, literally and figuratively. Playing in three teams (Team A: Jon Feltner, Beth Paolino, Rich Paolino Team B: Paul Killebrew, Joe Alviani, Steve Cheheyl, John Manaras Team C:  Tom Grove, Bill Eggeling, Gary Schwandt, Cheri Schwandt), Teams B & C tied with outstanding net scores of 66.  After golf, the annual mini-reunion dinner was held, hosted by Club members and all around great organizers  Rick and Beth Paolino.  The dinner was attended by

Rich & Beth Paolino, Larry & Sharleen Bowen, Paul & Joyce Killebrew, Doug & Joan Smith, Susan & John Manaras, Steve & Maureen Cheheyl, Joe Alviani, Dave Larson, Jon Feltner, Tom Grove, Tom & Carol Pyles

Sam Ostrow and Bill Bogardus, regular participants in the affair, were up in Hanover representing the Great Class of 1967 at Class Officers Weekend.

Tom Grove and Larry Bowen

joyce joe jon
Joyce Killebrew, Joe Alvaiani,
Jon Feltner
Beth & Rich Paolino
Doug and Joan
Doug & Joan Smith
carol tome
Carol & Tom Pyles
Susan & John Manaras, Dave Larson standing, Beth & Rich Paolino


From: Robert Piampiano

I was pleased to learn recently that I have been appointed as a member of the College Grant Management Committee that is responsible for assisting in the stewardship and management of the Dartmouth College Grant. I will be attending my first meeting at the Grant this weekend. The Grant is a 27,000 acre tract that has been owned by the College for over 200 years, and is managed on the basis of principles of sustainability and best forest practices to preserve its unique wilderness character, yet it provides educational and recreational opportunities to students, alumni, and their guests, and historically has provided income to the College from timber harvesting activities. The Grant is a special place and I look forward to helping to preserve and protect it. If any '67s have questions or concerns about the Grant, please feel free to contact me. rjpiam@maine.rr.com or 207-829-3239.


67 Out for Homecoming!

Based on e-mail traffic, it looks like a larger than usual contingent of Dartmouth 67’s are headed to Hanover for Homecoming, Friday night, October 23, 2009.  It’s an historic homecoming, with the first ever march and rally led by Dartmouth’s new President Jim Kim. If you haven’t heard him speak before, be ready to be excited, and experience a whole new spirit on the Dartmouth campus. If you are planning to join in, contact Paul Killebrew (Killebrew@valley.net) for joining the 67 contingent.  


September 9, 2009 -

Robert R. Kugler, Class of 1967, has been elected to serve as Chairman of Symphony
in C, the Mid-Atlantic region's only professional training and performance orchestra
providing career development services for orchestral musicians. The orchestra is
based in Camden, N.J. A Partner/Shareholder with the law firm of Archer & Greiner,
P.C., in Haddonfield, N.J., Kugler served as Vice Chair of the Symphony's Board of
Directors for several years before being elevated to Chairman in July 2009. A
Haddonfield resident, Kugler concentrates his practice in complex lending
transactions and real estate law.