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Treasurer’s Report

Richard Geissinger, Treasurer
June 2009

Report to come.

67 Class Dues

These are clearly no longer “the best of times.” But, as we meet with and talk to members of our Great Class, one constant refrain is, “I am so glad to have so many of my Dartmouth classmates as my friends; we know what this is about and we know we are  in this together.”

When you are among Dartmouth 67’s – whether at a mini-Reunion, another Dartmouth gathering or even through reading the rejuvenated newsletter and our steady column in the Alumni Magazine – you know you are among friends. Sure, we talk about “way back when,” and we bore our wives and significant others with the umpteenth re-telling of “that road trip” story or “that Green Key weekend” or Herb West’s last lecture. But, we also talk about where we are now, where we are going and how we are learning to deal with the impacts and challenges with which this unprecedented confluence of economic, political and personal changes are confronting each of us.

It is the broad range of activities to which our Great Class is committed that keep our friendships so strong and so valuable. From our communications through the newsletter and, soon, the new website; to our support of the Hood Museum, the Class of 67 Memorial Grove, recruiting trips to Hanover for high school student athletes, the Dartmouth Partners in Community Service project; to our mini-reunions; to our planning for major Class events such as our reunions and “milestone” joint birthday celebrations – 67 ranks among the most active of Dartmouth classes. In fact, we are pleased to report that our Great Class was in the top rank of all Dartmouth classes in the new “Healthy Class” metrics system developed by the Class Presidents Association.  

Your Class Dues and Class Project check-offs pay for all of these activities, and for your subscription to the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine as well. We’ve kept the dues at $50.00 a year, and your check-offs for Class projects and our Memorial Fund can be at any level at which you are comfortable. Please join hundreds of classmates in keeping Dartmouth 67 an important part of your life, and the lives of so many Dartmouth students.

Please download this form and mail it to Rick Geissinger.

Class of 67' dues form- pdf file