Welcome Home 67!

Class of ’67 Volunteers Needed
’67-’17 Connections Program at the Second College Grant
Tuesday August 27, 2013 through Sunday September 8, 2013

The Great Class of ’67 will be continuing the tradition of meeting, greeting, feeding and socializing with incoming first year students as they spend a few days on their Freshman Trips at the Second Dartmouth College Grant in northern New Hampshire.

This tradition, ably kept alive last year by members of the Class of ’66, has become an important part of orientation activities for new Dartmouth students, and gives the Class of ’67, as the “50 year class” for the Class of 2017, a unique opportunity to sponsor an event that will become a memorable part of the Dartmouth experience for these new students and for us.

Robert Piampiano ‘67, who is a member of the Dartmouth committee that manages the Second College Grant, has agreed to organize the program for our class.  15-20 class members are needed to volunteer to work at the Grant in late August and early September for 3-4 days each to staff the crews that will meet, greet, cook for, feed and socialize with the students.  Robert needs to hear from class members as soon as possible to make sure that we can staff this program adequately and continue this tradition.

Here are the details:

When:  Tuesday August 27, 2013 through Sunday September 8, 2013.

Where:  Second Dartmouth College Grant, Wentworth Location, NH. About 3 hours from Hanover by vehicle.

Time Commitment:  There will be 4 different crews, each staying at the Grant for 3 nights.  The tentative schedule for crews is noon to noon:

August 27-30 - Crew A
August 30-Sept. 2 - Crew B
Sept. 2-5 - Crew C
Sept. 5-8 - Crew D (this crew already filled)

Any class member can volunteer for one or more crews. Spouses, significant others, and adult children/grandchildren can come along and serve as crew members.

Accommodations and Food:  Crew members will stay at the Grant Management Center, which has indoor sleeping accommodations and bathroom facilities, plus a full kitchen with gas stove and refrigerator.  Each crew member brings a sleeping bag or blankets, plus their own clothing and personal gear.  Accommodations are primitive but comfortable.  The cost of food, drink and accommodations will be paid by the class.
Work Involved/Recreational Opportunities:  One meal per day, the evening meal, is prepared and served to a different Freshman Trip section of 16-20 students and trip leaders each evening.  Work includes menu planning, food preparation, service and cleanup.  Trips to nearby Milan, Errol or Berlin NH are necessary to buy fresh food and perishable items.  Typical meals involve items that can be prepared easily for large groups (spaghetti or pasta dishes) or on the barbecue grille outside.  Experience in cooking or outdoor camping is not required. However, class members who enjoy meal planning and cooking can volunteer to serve as the executive chef for each crew.  Total daily time commitment is 4-6 hours per day, with most mornings free, so there is plenty of time for recreational activity or relaxation.  The Grant offers fishing for brook trout, swimming, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, bird watching for eagles, ospreys and owls, local wildlife including moose and deer, and is close to many other recreational venues in the region, including the Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge, which is close by and offers trails, guided tours, and educational programs.  Golf is available about 45 minutes away.  August and early September is a GREAT time at the Grant.  Warm days, warm water, cool evenings, clear skies, the colors of autumn just starting and few bugs. You can also combine this with a trip back to Hanover to see firsthand all the new facilities, including a completely renovated Hanover Inn and the new Black Family Visual Arts Center.

TransportationVolunteers are asked to arrive at the Grant by 12:00 noon on the first day of their tour, although arrangements for later arrivals can be made.  If you can bring your own vehicle, that would be great.  However, once we have a list of volunteers and know where they are coming from, we will try to arrange car pooling from Boston, Hanover, Portland, Maine, or other locations, and we can arrange for some pickup/drop-off at airports in Boston, Manchester or Lebanon, NH or Portland, Maine if needed.

How to Volunteer: To volunteer, or to get more information, contact Robert Piampiano ’67 at any of the following:

Robert Piampiano                    207-846-4500- work
45 Forest Falls Drive               207-831-9232-cell
Yarmouth, ME 04096               207-721-8512- home






Rich Paolino 67 Golf Open and Dinner September 18, 2013


As mentioned in the Class of ’67 News Letter the 2013 Rich Paolino Dartmouth ’67 RI Open Golf Outing is scheduled for

Saturday, September 28, 2013
at Rhode Island Country Club
tee time 12:30PM

plan to be there to order your lunch, if desired, by 11:30.

Non golf participants are encouraged as well

Pre-prandial Libations at the Bowen’s home 5:00PM
172 Nayatt Road Barrington, RI 02806  (next to the RICC)

Dinner to follow at Rhode Island Country Club

Beth and Chris Paolino will be on the course with us. Kate will join us later.

RSVP: Sharleen and Larry Bowen sbowen172@verizon.net


67 to Greet and “Pin” 17’s at Matriculation September 15, 2013 

As each 2017 leaves the Matriculation ceremony, 67’s will introduce them into the Dartmouth family providing each with a 2017 pin and a note welcoming them to a lifetime with Dartmouth and its great classes.  If you will be in the Hanover area on Sunday September 15, please contact Paul Killebrew (paulkillebrew@me.com), who is organizing this project for us.



It started as we walked into 53 Commons (aka Thayer), were overwhelmed by the incredible array of dinner choices, distracted by the thousands of students who knew exactly to which food station they were headed and then looked up at the electric sign boards throughout the building  flashing WELCOME HOME CLASS OF 1967. As we found each other at tables surrounded by students, the never ending conversation that is Dartmouth’s Great Class of 1967 was renewed.

It was a truly incredible 45th Reunion, with 148 attendees (84 classmates, 61 partners and three legacies). 67’s came from as far from Hanover as California, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Florida and Minnesota, as well as from the Northeast and Middle Atlantic states to enjoy three days focused on where we are now and where we are going, with plenty of time to remember as well. A list of all of the attendees can be found at the end of this article.

Friday morning’s seminars at the Roth Center were valuable, powerful and even emotional.  Robert Santulli, M.D. from the Med School helped us understand what science knows – and doesn’t know – about the cognitive conditions of the elderly and the behaviors that can help you stay sharper longer. And Professor Roberta Stewart, Chair of the Classics Department, made the Iliad and Odyssey alive in today’s context, bringing tears to many 67’s as she described how Odysseus evaluated his life as it came to an end.

Here are links to their presentations:
Making the Most of Your Aging Brain -- Dr. Santulli
Homer, Solon and Aging -- Dr. Stewart

From those powerful presentations, we walked around Occum Pond to our refurbished Class of 67 Memorial Grove for lunch, at which we were honored by President Folt lauding the uniqueness of our class, its value to the College and her review of how the College will be evolving in the years to come. We then held our Memorial Service, beautifully led by Reverend Mobby Larson (Dave Larson’s bride) and Rabbi Gary Atkins. Tears again flowed as the names of 83 deceased classmates were read in front of the new plinth on which our memorial plaque is mounted.

A copy of the Memorial Service Program distributed at the service can be found here.

At the request of several classmates, a copy of Sam’s Memorial Service remarks, As One, can be found here.    

After lunch, we returned to the Roth Center for a presentation on financial management for “seniors” – focused on maximizing Social Security and Medicare benefits as well as managing investments to preserve income and resources for the long term.  Copies of the Memorial Grove Service program are available on this link (Memorial Service Program).

Friday night’s dinner at John and Gail Wasson’s barn in Lebanon was one of those evenings you always dream about, and then are absolutely delighted when the reality is as wonderful as the dream. A beautifully decorated long room large enough to hold all of us, fabulous food catered by Blood’s, danceable jazz provided by East Bay Jazz (and which actually got a lot of us up and dancing), an exciting performance by the Subtleties (an all Dartmouth woman acapella group organized and led by Rob Kugler’s daughter, Kelley) and hours and hours of a conversational buzz throughout the room that brought a sense of true homecoming and comfort to everyone blessed to be there.     

The Class Meeting began at 8:30 Saturday morning, with a presentation by Dave Mangelsdorff called Metamorphosis, on the historical and current demographics of our Class. The Minutes of the business portion of the meeting are included as an insert into the newsletter. The most important decisions were to plan for the 50th Reunion at Commencement in June 2017, to approve developing proposals for two major class projects to be dedicated at the 50th, and to developing a 50th Reunion book of 67’s perspectives on the milestones of our era and a companion electronic history of the Class. The Class also approved an increase in funding for our current Class project in support of Dartmouth Partners in Community Service, to continue our checkoff funding of the Athletic Department’s recruiting trips and to develop a fund to ensure perpetual maintenance of the Memorial Grove.  Class annual dues were fixed at $50 a year.  The current slate of officers was re-elected in a vote required by the Class constitution, and the appointment of additional officers ratified.  In addition, David Millane was elected as the Class’s Representative to the Alumni Council to succeed Rob Kugler when his term expires in 2013, and Ed Kern appointment to the Class Executive Committee was ratified.  Minutes of the meeting are at this link.

A box lunch at the Class Tent, in the prime spot in front of the West Gym, brought together a large crowd headed to the Dartmouth – Sacred Heart football game, about which no report will be filed, other than to note that most of the hearty 67’s remained throughout the debacle.

The Great Class arrived at the Skiway just before Saturday’s sunset turned the maples even brighter oranges and reds, and the birches even sharper yellows.  A deliberately long cocktails and hors d’ouerves service provided great opportunities for conversation, followed by another outstanding dinner, this time catered perfectly by Murphy’s. As dessert was served, the ‘Aires burst into the room, and performed all of the Dartmouth songs that evoke so many memories. It brought the Reunion, to a close that, as Sam summed up, “if you want to know how close, caring, and loving this class is, know how many times we looked at each other with tears in our eyes. For men of the 60’s, that is indeed something very special.” At Reunion President Folt told us, “I had heard your class was different – and now that I have experienced it I know that difference makes it a very special one for Dartmouth.”  Or, as Martha Beattie, Dartmouth’s Vice President for Alumni Relations put it in a post-reunion note to Sam and Bruce: “There was never a doubt that your class would create a spectacular reunion, and we are looking forward to seeing it again for the 50th – in June of 2017 as promised.”    

We’ve done it, 67’s. Dartmouth finally gets it.                                


Class of 67 Completes Great Year!

Our Great Class of 67 has just completed an outstanding year in the period July 1, 2012 to June 30 2013. We had a terrific 45th Reunion with nearly 150 participants, held well-attended mini-reunions, supported a large number of important projects, published our maximum quota of newsletters and Dartmouth Alumni Magazine columns, maintained the number of dues payers but increased our check-off contributions, grew the Treasury, continued planning for 50th Reunion and had a great time doing all of the above and more.  The complete Class Activity Report will be posted here when the College has completed inputting its data.


67' Website – New and Improving

The Great Class of ’67 website was re-launched in 2009, and we have now had the time and experience to understand what 67’s like about it, and what more they expect. The good news is that the website is reasonably well visited – an average of 20 unique hits a week, many using search terms that tell us classmates are looking for specific information about upcoming class events, and other classmates (and sometimes even their significant others).

We have had many inquiries about using the blogs, but precious few bloggers. And, in our conversations with classmates at Class and Dartmouth events, we find that everyone likes the new website, but there are strong desires for (1) updating it more frequently; (2) making it more interactive and transactional; and (3) providing links to news about the College and the Dartmouth activities we support and in which our classmates are engaged. Some of those “wants” are being addressed immediately.


Links: We have created a new section on this Home Page (just above the Class Archives) of links to major Dartmouth news sources.

Updating:  We have set up a new process for getting periodic information from our Class Officers and the members of the Executive Committee who manage our Class projects. You will start to see their updates soon, either on the Home Page or by clicking on the tabs at the top of the Home Page. You will also begin to see regular updates as we move towards the 45th Reunion and plan the 50th. Each will have their own tab at the top of the Home Page and, of course, important news will be here. We have begun posting the Class Newsletter to the website as soon as it comes off the printing press. We are looking to assigning someone to cover the campus for us, and who can post updates to the Home Page as news warrants.

Interactivity: The blogs work. They are easy to use. We password protected this section to avoid spammers. Everyone in the Class has the same password. If you need it again, e-mail Sam or Krisa and it will be sent to you immediately. We are looking at ways to put an email link into the stories, so that if you want to email a classmate mentioned in an article, all you will have to do is click and your email program will open up. We are also studying ways to put in secure transactional capabilities for payment of Class dues and Reunion fees.  The link we have just added to the Dartmouth College Fund is secure.


This is your website. Please use it. Please let us know what you think about the improvements. Please let us know what else you would like to have.



It’s still about us.  It's about what we love, what we like, and what we don't. It's about what we do, what we won't do, and what we don't do anymore. It's about growing old, staying young, and knowing where and who we are. It's about what we have in common and what makes us unique and what we expect from ourselves and from each other.

We’ve added a lot of new features – lots of history, archives of our Dartmouth Alumni Magazine columns, frequent updates about 67 news and events and reports from Class officers.

The best new feature is our state-of-the-art 67 BLOGS. Here you will be able to post news about yourself, read the postings of our classmates and engage in discussions about College, Class and life issues.  67 BLOGS is password protected for security. We have e-mailed passwords to everyone for whom we have addresses. If you do not have yours, use this e-mail address to get yours "Sam Ostrow" ceo@ostrow-partners.com or "Krisa Verbitsky" krisa@bluechipfilms.com.  

67, this is your website.  It will grow with you, and with us. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Let us know how we are doing, every time you come Home.


Class Officers:

President: Sam Ostrow

Vice Presidents: Paul Killebrew, Sr. Robert Kugler, Bill Bogardus

Class Secretary: A. David Mangelsdorff

Head Agent: John Kornet

Gift Planning: Howard Sharfstein

Reunion Chairman: Bruce Pacht

Mini Reunion Chairmen:

Jim Peck, New York
Bob Burka
John Isaacs, Washington D.C.
Andy Danver, San Francisco
Tom Pyles
Steve Cheheyl
John Manaras
Ted Neill, Boston

Class Treasurer: Rick Geissinger

Webmaster: Krisa Verbitsky, Blue Chip Films


Class of 67' this is your homepage.


67' NEWS

Alumni Council Report –
May 2013 Meeting

The most recent meeting occurred in the context of the “Dimensions event”, which had occurred just three weeks earlier. While that event stirred many emotions both on-campus and off, discussion of the event itself did not dominate the meeting. That said, many of the issues related to that event were discussed at length as part of the long-planned meeting agenda.

Because the College provides extensive Minutes of meeting activities (which can be accessed at by clicking here), I will attempt to avoid repeating much of what is stated there, instead highlighting what I found to be most important or interesting at the meeting.

A panel of five upperclass student leaders addressed the continuing issue of “High Risk Behaviors”. This was a much more positive, less hand-wringing view of the subject than usual, emphasizing the effectiveness of certain methods now in place to deal with the realities of what happens when the factors of youth and mind-altering substances are combined in a relatively remote location with limited adult supervision. These students underlined the important leadership role of Greek house officers in setting the tone for a civil campus society. By the way, the vast majority of undergraduates are involved as members of Greek houses, which continue to be the primary social outlet at Dartmouth. That fact is married with an apparent uncanny, pervasive fascination with beer pong played in fraternity basements. The students on the panel pointed to a major advance in that regard, stating that for the first time in years, it is now socially acceptable to play a game of pong with water, rather than consuming the standard Keystone Light. [Commentary: advances sometimes come in small increments.]

On a related note, when Dean of Students, Charlotte Johnson, addressed the Council, she spoke of a number of new venues made available to those students who choose not to spend their time in the basement of fraternity houses. Both she and President (soon to be Chancellor – at UNC Raleigh) Folt spoke of the relocation of the newly consolidated counseling services in Baker-Berry. This move addresses a weakness about which I have written previously, namely, having relevant counseling made readily available to students on an on-going basis, not just when a crisis arises.

Dean of the Faculty, Mike Mastaduno, explained why course credit will no longer be allowed for success in AP exams and why course credit will not be given automatically for courses taken abroad from non-Dartmouth professors. Did you know that if a student is able and elects to take only two (rather than the standard three) courses per term, full tuition is still charged for that term? [Commentary: I had the privilege of learning that lesson.]

The College is in the marketplace for a Provost, a COO and a V.P. for Marketing and Communications – important positions all, giving President Hanlon an opportunity to set his mark on the institution early in his career.

Lastly, watch for changes in the methods of electing Alumni-nominated Trustees. The reason espoused for doing this now is that it is possible that there will not be another Trustee election for another four years, giving time to consider the question in the absence of any particular candidates.

I would like to extend my thanks to all of you for the privilege of serving on the Alumni Council for the past three years as your Class representative. My successor, David Millane, attended this past meeting and is well-prepared to assume the role.

67 is LinkedIn

We have a LinkedIn Group, thanks to Class Secretary Dave Mangelsdorff. After just 10 days, over 50 67’s joined the Group, which is open only to classmates (Dave has to approve every request to join off the Class roster). Joining the Group is easy. Go to www.linkedin.com and register (if you haven’t before) .

On the LinkedIn page, look at tabs on the top for Groups.

Click Groups You May Like.

Enter Dartmouth College Class of 1967 in Search Groups box on top left

Hit Join button.

Class of 67 October 2013 Newsletter


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