Class of '78 Newsletter

Volume 25, Issue 1, January 2001


In this issue we hear from or about:

Jeff Immelt

Ann McLane Kuster

Drew Rockwell

John Carney

Susan Krysiewicz and Thomas Bell

Barbara Moses

Gar Waterman

Mara Dinsmoor

John Kreider

Charlie Allen

Mark Jacobson

Cay Wieboldt Kendrick

Jeff Immelt

Jack Welch Sez: "Jeff is the Man!"

On Nov. 27, our own Jeff Immelt was named as the successor to "Neutron Jack" Welch as CEO of General Electric. Most of the "business bios" included good quotes from the likes of Florida Gators assistant coach Buddy Teevens and Harvard government school student Nick Lowery.

Although most thumbnail profiles referred to Jeff's "wicked wit," none mentioned either Jeff's gut-splitting graduation speech (an oversight flagged by Anne Bagamery, business editor of the International Herald-Tribune) or his excellent years of service as Class Secretary---a job henceforth to be known as the nation's No. 1 route to corporate stardom.

The Wall Street Journal reached deep into its "Dartmouth guy" cliché bank in describing Jeff as, "an amiable, 6-foot-4-inch bear of a man...." We'd have preferred, "Imposing and buff to the max, Jeff looks 10 years younger than his 44 years."

Ann McLane Kuster

N.H. Dems Hand Annie the Eleanor

Ann McLane Kuster, a partner in the Concord, N.H., law firm of Rath, Young and Pignatelli, Professional Association, won one of the New Hampshire Democratic Party's most prestigious honors, the Eleanor Roosevelt Award, at a pre-election reception on Thursday, Oct. 19.

Announcing the award, state Senator Mark Fernald described Kuster as "a New Hampshire hero" whose guiding principle was "to do the right thing." The Franklin Roosevelt Award was presented to state Rep. Peter Hoe Burling of Cornish, the House Democratic leader.

Kuster, of Hopkinton, is the great-granddaughter of Governor John McLane, who served from 1905 to 1907. In 1972, Kuster worked in the independent gubernatorial campaign of her father, former Executive Councilor Malcolm McLane, and in the state Senate and 1980 congressional campaigns of her mother, Susan McLane. She served on the campaign finance committee of Governor Jeanne Shaheen in 1996 and 1998. She has participated in numerous local, state, and national Democratic campaigns.

At Rath, Young and Pignatelli, Kuster's practice focuses primarily on legislative and policy matters. Kuster has been actively involved in a number of significant health care policy issues and in the creation of the New Hampshire College Tuition Savings Plan. She also maintains a private adoption practice.

Annie her own self writes: "Dan Reicher will be joining Ellen Meyer Shorb on the Rockefeller Center Board. I am still enjoying the Alumni Council and the Tucker Foundation Board. I was pleased to participate in the search committee last year for the new College Legal Counsel (Bob Donin, formerly at Harvard for 18 years and I continue to enjoy representing the College in the N.H. Legislature. "My husband Brad was so amused to see me totally speechless for the first time in my life!"

Ann McLane Kuster, Esq.
Rath, Young & Pignatelli, Professional Association 
1 Capital Plaza, Box 1500 
Concord, NH 03302-1500 
(603) 226-2600 (603) 226-2700 - Fax

Drew Rockwell

MCK Taps Drew Rockwell as Senior VP of Marketing & Biz Development

NEEDHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 14, 2000--MCK Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: MCKC), a leading communication-systems company, announced that Andrew (Drew) Rockwell has been named senior vice president of Marketing and Business Development.

The move is designed to leverage MCK's unique remote voice assets to capitalize on exploding opportunities in next-generation networks, through deep channel and technology partnerships with service providers and soft-switch vendors.

Rockwell comes to MCK from Verizon Communications, where he most recently was president of a "next-gen-e-telco" joint venture spawned out of Verizon. Prior to that, he served as vice president, corporate strategy and development, for Bell Atlantic. He has spent his entire career in the communications industry, and in the last ten years has served in senior executive roles in marketing, sales, operations, and strategy.

Rockwell is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Columbia's School of Executive Education. At MCK, he is chartered with developing significant new lines of business that capitalize on MCK's core strengths in remote voice.

"The MCK team has built a terrific technology and channel platform for enterprise remote voice," Rockwell said. "With their continued success in executing a healthy core business, they've created significant new opportunities to be a major player in the evolution to next-gen communications networks. I am pleased to be joining the executive team to spearhead the effort to capitalize on that opportunity."

John Carney

John Carney Elected Delaware Lt. Gov.

In a pre-election letter, John Carney wrote: I'm off and running! This time it's not on a football or a lacrosse field. It's a good thing, too, because I'd be in trouble with my ailing knees. Instead, it's a race to be Delaware's next Lieutenant Governor.

As you may know, I've served the people of Delaware in a variety of ways for the past 15 years. I ran programs for youth and families at the Catholic Youth Organization, dealt with federal issues working for Sen. Joe Biden, and managed local government with Castle County, the largest of Delaware's counties. For the past five years, I've had the privilege of serving Gov. Tom Carper, the first as Deputy Chief of Staff and, for the past three years, as Secretary of Finance. I've been responsible for a number of economic development projects and for the development of tax cuts and fiscal policy.

My vision for Delaware is simple --a continued emphasis on good jobs and a strong economy, the development of a truly world-class education system, a concerted effort to rid our communities of drugs and crime, improvement in health care quality for all Delawareans and an unwavering commitment to efficient and responsive state government. Fulfilling that vision will be a challenge, but I believe I bring the knowledge, experience and commitment to get the job done.

After years of playing and coaching sports, I know something about team effort, and I am honored to be part of the team with the Democratic candidate for Governor, Ruth Ann Minner. Last year Ruth Ann selected me from a large group of able leaders who were interested in running for Lieutenant Governor. While these offices are elected separately, Ruth Ann's early endorsement has helped put my campaign on the right track.

As a first-time candidate, it's certainly advantageous to run with someone like Ruth Ann. She has solid support throughout the state and enjoys a 20-point lead over her opponent. While I currently hold a 7-point lead in my race, many voters are still undecided.

Like any first time candidate, I've received most of my financial support from people who know me best --- my family and friends. So far, I've received an overwhelmingly positive response from my friends and fellow alumni from Dartmouth. I've received contributions from "old boys" like Brendan O'Neill '72, Joel Hyatt '72, Jay Wright '73, and Bob Hittle '74, and youngsters like Brian Stretch '86.

In December we had a very successful fundraiser in the San Francisco Bay area organized by Sam Coffey and Phil Jackmauh, and in July we had another great event in Boston sponsored by Sheri ('82)and Curt Oberg. There's nothing quite like the bond that was formed on the Hanover Plain. It certainly transcends time and the distance (and even party affiliation) that separates us.

302-996-9405 (f) 
PO Box 738
Wilmington, DE   19899-0738
Check out John Carney's website at


Susan Krysiewicz and Thomas Bell are happy to announce the birth of their daughter Aubrienne Krysiewicz-Bell on Sept. 6, 2000. 7 lb. 12 oz; 20 inches.
75 East End Ave, #1&2A 
New York, NY 10028 
212-517-9359 (h)
212-455-2533 (w) 212-734-6048 (fax)

Barbara Moses: Better late than never - my first child, Elizabeth Moses Grayson, was born Aug. 17, 2000, and is extremely adorable, as my husband, Matt Grayson, will confirm. We are living in a suddenly-much-smaller NYC apartment, and I am still practicing law at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP.

333 Central Park West
New York, NY   10023
212-506-5170 (w)
212-506-5151 (fax)

Green Cards

Gar Waterman: Enclosed are a card and statement from my current show of tin men. I've had way too much fun making them. 100% found metal parts from local Connecticut industry. The title of the piece on the card, to avoid confusion, is actually Sisyphus (on a good day).
425 West Rock Ave.
New haven, CT

Mara Dinsmoor: Although I swore I would never move north of the Mason-Dixon Line, I find myself preparing to move to Evanston, Illinois, in December (great timing!). Any classmates in the area with tips on surviving the winter, please call.

847-570-2280 (w)
847-570-2910 (fax)
2650 Ridge Ave, #1600
Evanston, IL   60201   

John Kreider: I am living in Vermont with my wife Vickie and our 16 year old son Harry. Our daughters Sarah (19) and Mary (18) are at college in Virginia. Life has been good here in Central Vermont.

Executive Trustee
Brookfield Recruiting
RR 2 Box 99
Bethel, Vermont 05032
Voice: 802-234-6372
Fax: 248-671-5135
Home: 802-234-6369

Charlie Allen: After a decade in Europe and nine years in the Midwest, my family and I have moved to Miami, as part of the relocation of my company's Latin American division. I am in charge of planning and administration. My wife, Ophelia, and my children Charles, Alicia and Victor, have adjusted well to the change of lifestyle and climate. Miami is totally different from any place we've lived---modern, Latin American, tropical and recreational. My Spanish is rapidly improving, but I'm still doing translations from Russian literature on the side.

8940 SW 61st Court
Miami, FL   33156
2655 LeJeune Rd.
Coral Gables, FL   33133
305-662-8405 (h)
305-648-4320 (w)
305-648-4310 (fax)

Mark Jacobson

404-299-5209 (h)
404-299-5209 (w)
404-687-8806 (fax)

Cay Wieboldt Kendrick: George '77 and I moved across town to a new house in Yarmouth. All very unplanned, but the new spot backs on the Cousins River estuary---great views, lots of wildlife and privacy. Moving after 121/2 years in our old house has been quite an ordeal, but a good opportunity to get rid of things. Cory, 12 1/2, is in 7th grade and Ross, 9, is in 4th. Both are doing well and enjoying life. Had a great women's weekend in the Grant at the end of Sept. George is doing well with his men's group this weekend.

34 Spar Circle
Yarmouth, ME   04096

Owen L. Astrachan
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