last updated November 28, 1997

News from Fall '97

Greg Chapman writes:

I am in Singapore starting an office for ONYX Software. I recently married Erin McCann of Colorado and we made the big move.

Brian Wolf writes:

After a few (ok, 20 ) months of pinballing around, I have moved to Anaheim, CA, home of Mickey, Goofy, Minnie, and Pluto. I am currently working for an equipment leasing company, Republic Group International, handling the credit and finance work associated with leasing. I am heading back up to Hanover for Homecoming, and I look forward to seeing everyone.

Nicole Mallement writes:

Suzanne Kim asked where I, since i'm sure she's in transit between the coasts, hopefully, she'll pick this up on our page. I am working in M&A as a generalist in the Lazard Freres banking group in New York. It's a brutal lifestyle, but sometimes the work we do is interesting. I see alums around a bit, but, clearly, not as much as everyone else who writes in. Unfortunately, the banking-thing leaves little time for hanging-out, Dartmouth-style (which i'm sure we all miss. :)

Lately, I've seen Mattias Lamotte, who's just moved here from London, Josh Wesoky, who is working for the Lauder VC fund, and Henry Nilert, who moved to Finland during the summer...and I saw Ethan Leonard about a month ago, who is quite the successful lawyer here in town. Sumaya Abu-Haidar is happy in the state of Colorado, getting her Doctorate in the Philosphy of Education at Boulder -- makes me sure miss the outdoors. So, that's all for now. Cheers.

Rob Simmelkjaer writes:

Having graduated Harvard Law School in June, I'm headed back to New York to start work at Cravath, Swaine and Moore in late October. Since taking the bar exam in July, I've been travelling (South Africa and Europe), playing golf (badly), and training for the 1997 New York Mararthon (pray for me, please). Hopefully I'll find some spare time during those infamous New York law firm 80 hour work weeks to catch up with some old Dartmouth friends around the city.

Also graduating Harvard Law with me were Melanie Bowen '93 and Johanna Williams '93. Melanie, always the adventurous one, was accepted into the foreign service in the spring and will be shipped off to God knows where sometime in '98. She's currently training in D.C. Johanna and Brian Roberts '93 were married last spring, and have moved out to San Franscisco. Greg King '93, another Harvard Law grad, married fellow lawyer Karen Matsushima (Duke '94) and has moved to New York. Nicola Zesiger '93 is now Nicola Zesiger Mullen '93, having married Terry Mullen in a beautiful May wedding in New York. They have moved to Boston. Also in attendance at the wedding were Betty Wang '93, Hilary Brooke '93, Adriana Popescu '93 and Sara Fried '93. Mike DeBenedictis '93 has started the J.D./M.B.A. program at Penn/Wharton. Suzanne Mooney '93 is now a 1L at Lewis and Clark law school in Oregon. That's the story. If you're in the New York area, give me a ring!

Cathleen Millett writes:

Greetings from San Francisco! I'm excited to announce that Chad Thomas '93 and I got engaged over Memorial Day Weekend. Arguably the longest-dating Dartmouth couple (we started dating the first day of Freshman Week -- yes, that's September 12, 1993!), we are (finally) planning a July 1998 wedding in the Napa Valley. Chad proposed in Yosemite, at the top of El Capitan after a grueling 6-hour hike to the top. Overlooking the valley and with Half Dome in the background, Chad popped the question, ring in hand. He even brought along a celebratory bottle of wine! And yes, even after 7 1/2 years, I was TOTALLY surprised by the proposal. And I'm still wondering what would have happened if I hadn't made it to the top, or what would have happened had I said "no" -- keep in mind that it was several thousand feet straight down!

I'm living in San Francisco and working in Palo Alto at a consumer software company as a Product Manager ( We make productivity software for small businesses that can be found in stores such as Office Depot, Best Buy, OfficeMax and CompUSA. I've been in San Francisco since graduation and love it! Chad is busy in his second year at Stanford Business School, somehow finding time to golf, bike, and mountaineer ( This past summer, while Chad did an internship in Seattle, we managed to spend some long weekends hiking in Whistler, BC and sea kayaking in the San Juan Islands.

No surprise, but the Bay Area Dartmouth Wedding Network is definitely expanding with several weddings planned across the country for summer 1998. Dana MacLaurin '93 & Jake Nunn '92, Pete Chung '92 & Andrea Higgins '92, Vic Parker '91 & Jennifer Murphy (Boston College '92), and Jennifer Chapman '95 & Nat Schindler '95. Chad, Jake, Pete, and Vic are all classmates at Stanford and are plotting a Dartmouth-caliber bachelor party.

Adrienne Woods writes:

I wanted to let you know that last year Risa Williams was married in Pueblo, Colorado. Several alums were present including myself. Elise Ahyi, a fellow 93, and Christine Griffith, 92. Currently I am in my 3rd year of law school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. If there are any alums in the area lets hook up.

Peter Spingola writes:

Finished law school in May; took the Illinois bar in July; started working for a Chicago based litigation firm specializing in personal injury and commercial litigation in August; recently spent a weekend in New York City with Will Griffith.

Kevin Fleming writes:

No real news to report here in Boston. That's where Sam Kim and I live. He's getting his master's in Theology at Harvard and I putter my life away accounting and studying for the MCAT and GMAT hoping for a combined MD-MBA program next year. Dave Cabot is out in San Francisco getting his masters in Lithography or some sort of Studio Art degree.

Renee Kalvestrand writes:

I'm back from Germany to get on with my life and have joined the ranks of '93's in/outside of Boston. I am at the Fletcher School, where John Conley is a also second-year student. John Kanarowski, who was on my program in Germany, has also returned to the states, and at last check,was littering the streets of Salt Lake City. During my time overseas, I was glad to host Eric Mininberg and Jenn Tursi in my humble student housing. I look forward to seeing the rest of you at Homecoming!

Allison Cowan writes:

After 3 1/2 years at State Farm, I have moved to Atlanta. I'm in business school at Emory University. I haven't had a chance to catch up with any local Dartmouth folks, but I will keep you posted if I hear any good news about other 93s.

Hilary Brooke writes:

This message comes to you from the front seat of Georgia Green's ('93) car, occupied by Hilary Brooke '93, and Georgia, en route from Lafayette, LA to Cambridge, MA. Having begun our trip four days ago in Cajun Country, we've: travelled through love bug high season; sampled the lo-cal cuisine of Mississippi (there is no such thing); visited the home of the King himself, Elvis; braved the boob centrifuge of Dollywood; observed a Smokey Mountains muscle car convention; and hit every outlet center from Memphis, TN to Charlottesville, VA. The highlight of this, we must point out, is Graceland. Travel tip for all you early risers: the burial shrine/meditation ground opens early (6:30am), and is a terrific spot for a morning stroll. A close second highlight of our trip was visiting Noah Levine '93, who is living in a palatial foaling stall (for those of you who don't know what this is, consult your local horse breeder) working for a federal judge in Charlottesville. Noah seems to be living the life -- home on a beautiful horse farm, working for a terrific mentor who just happens to believe in quality of life, opportunity to train for an upcoming marathon, and great mountain biking country out his doorstep.

Georgia is embarking on her second masters' degree in International Education at Harvard, the first being Stanford/Latin Amerian Studies '95. She has been in Lima, Peru for the past two and half years, where she taught junior high and high school level history and worked with Peruvian street children. Georgia will be listed in Somerville, MA, and is looking forward to the opportunity to reconnect with Dartmouth.

As recently mentioned in this column, Hilary is in New York City working as a marketing manager for KPMG Peat Marwick. In her spare time, she manages a portion of the NYC interviewing effort, shamelessly recruiting volunteers to interview prospective high school seniors. Anyone in the area interested in recruiting, please contact her at

News of other '93s we're in touch with:

  • Tamar Gerber is now in London, having transfered within Citibank from a Singpore post back to the Western world.
  • Sara Fried is completing her second year at Kellogg Business School and is preparing to marry Chris Ehrlich '92 this coming July '98. Congratulations Sara and Chris!
  • Alyssa Cohen is in New York City, working as an account executive for BBDO Worldwide. Having moved on from the world of feminine hygiene to the world of male whisker control, Alyssa's job has generated a terrific travel schedule, bringing her closer to her boyfriend, Marco Tablada (Princeton '93), currently a second year at Tuck. We wouldn't mention this except for one continuing point of contention: although Marco IS Noah Levine's best childhood friend, it was WE who introduced Alyssa and Marco. Just making that fact clear and official.
  • Sharon Tomao has also recently moved to the Big Apple, and is working for a small entertainment law firm handling some pretty interesting clients. Sharon also paid a visit to Noah recently, where she reconnected with Amy McFadden, in her third year of law school at UVA.
  • Steve Rodgers is off to Stanford Business School, where he'll be living with Todd Sisitsky. He recently left NYC to travel South America and then drive cross country. Steve, did YOU go to Graceland?
  • Tammy Fagell is getting ready is enter her first year of school at Columbia Business School. All address info for Tammy remains the same.
  • Deborah Bernstein is back from Stanford, returning to New York with her cat Rangoon to begin a new post at Goldman Sachs.
  • Robbie DiGiorgio is back from Milan, and has recently taken a job in corporate communications at a small financial firm.
  • Steve Largay has hit it on Broadway, appearing in the Tony-award winning play, The Last Night of Ballyhoo. If you're in town, go see it -- it's great!

Luke McInnis writes:

i live in boston and work at a small LBO firm. on the side, i'm playing in a pop rock band called Bubble Wrap. if you're in boston, you can see us on cambridge community television on october 5th, at the middle east in cambridge on october 13, at the small planet in cambridge on november 11, or on WBRS 100.1 FM november 12.

Bear Christensen writes:

I graduated from the University of Colorado School of law last may and took the colorado bar last july. I am now currently working for an Indian law firm here in Boulder Colorado. I recently attended the wedding of Jerome Patterson '93 in Austin, Texas. Charles Preuss '93 was also supposed to attend but he fell ill. The wedding was at the end of August.

Deb Bernstein writes:

Just wanted to let you know that I have graduated Stanford Business School and moved back to New York. I am currently a first year associate in the Principal Investments Area of Goldman Sachs. As the weather starts to turn cooler, I am beginning to wonder about my decision to come back to the East Coast!!! I see Alyssa Cohen, Hilary Brooke and Robbie DiGiorgio all the time in NYC. Alyssa is at BBDO, Hilary is at KPMG Peat Marwick and Robbie works for a small financial company.

I left Cathleen Millett (recently engaged to Chad Thomas) and Dana MacLaurin (recently engaged to Jake Nunn) back in CA. A bunch of '93s are suppose to be starting Stanford Business School this year.