Al Freihofer's page

20 Summerfield Lane
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-5475
Ph: 518-587-6583

Vermont Country Foods
P.O. Box 2010
Springfield, VT 05156-2010
Ph: 802-886-2010
Fax: 802-886-2050
Food/Beverage / Vice President


News & Gossip
Spouse: Jane C. Freihofer
Matt ~1979
Katie ~1984

To the dismay of my children, Al is out of the Freihofer Baking Company which made the very best chocolate chip cookies any of us have ever had. Sigh. Now he's with Vermont Country Foods. Did you bring the chocolate cookie recipe with you, Al?

We should get Al to write up a case for all of us on Freihofer Baking Company and the problems with family ventures as stock ownership widens over several generations. Many lessons to be learned.

Then (1975)

Since and Now

1975 entering photo

Al Freihofer and Charlie McClaskey, Reunion 1992

Tom Ortolf and Al Freihofer, Reunion, 1992


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