The Dartmouth Club of London

The Dartmouth Club of London is the oldest international club and with over 400 Dartmouth alumni registered as living in the London area, it is also quite possibly the largest international club.

Co-Chair: Jenn Jones '97
Co-Chair: Jelena Madir '00
Webmaster: Adrian Loehwing '01


Club Announcements

Job opportunities for Dartmouth Alumni & Students in London


We have set up a Facebook Group for the club and people have started to join. We would ideally like all who are interested join so we can more easily plan events and get feedback from you about them. Click here to join!

Upcoming Club Events

Dartmouth/Tuck Holiday Drinks - DATE TBD

As in the past few years, we will be organizing holiday drinks with Tuck in mid-December, so please stay tuned!

Visit from President Hanlon - Date TBD

Exciting news from Hanover: President Hanlon will be visiting London in the last week of January 2014 and we will be organizing a get-together to welcome him. Date, time and place will be announced in the next few weeks.

Event Hosting

We are always looking for alumni willing to host one of our events. As I am sure you know, finding a suitable venue that does not require a high minimum spend is quite a challenge in London, so please let us know if you would be willing to host one of our upcoming events. Similarly, if you have an idea about a future event, please let us know.

See the events page for details on club and All-Ivy events.

Dartmouth Alumni in London

  • Most live in north and southwest London.
  • Most work in "the City" or the "West End".
  • Most live in London fewer than three years or never leave.
  • Arts, entertainment and cultural events are the most popular club activity.
  • Eating and drinking is the second most popular club activity.
Voter Registration

Americans living abroad can both register to vote and request an absentee ballot using the Federal Postcard Application ("FPCA"). An FPCA needs to be sent in each election year to ensure that you will receive an absentee ballot. The FPCA is accepted by all states and territories, but the information required varies. There is state-by-state information available on the internet at You will need the address where you last lived in the US, your US social security number and your driver's license number if you have a valid US license.


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