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Past Events

Past Events

Dartmouth-Harvard Football Game

Saturday, November 2, 2008 – TV (sort of)  at Champps

The six (yes 6) Dartmouth men who showed up meant that Dartmouth beat Harvard in attendance 6 to 0.  

The camaraderie among the audience made for a most pleasant get-together and bull session.  Present were Ryan Pulis ’93 (with 6 month old Lucy, D’29),  (Come to think of it the writer’s father was ’29 also.)  Dan Dittrick ’08, Peter Hussey ’83 (all the way from Seattle), Jack Herrick ’60, Lew Goodman ‘60 and Luke Case ’54.  The ambience, service, food and drink were also fine.

It’s not that the TV didn’t work at all.  Dan managed to coax a 15 second segment of play.  The bad news being that that was all the play he could get and it repeated itself in as an endless loop.  The audience was exposed to a quick view of what Hell might be like.  Dan did find the Dartmouth College web site that telecast the basics of the game – whose ball, what down, how many yards, time and score.  That information looked simply awful and it’s likely we were ahead by not being able to see the actual play.

It was so awful and so pleasant we really must do it again next year – perhaps with a whole lot more advertising.


Luke Case D’54, T’55

Bike and Build

On Sunday, July 6th, 2008 the Dartmouth Club of Northeast Ohio hosted 30 cyclists from the Bike and Build organization (http://www.bikeandbuild.org) who were biking their way across the country to promote awareness of affordable housing.  The group started in Portsmouth, NH, made a stop to help build homes in the Upper Valley near Hanover, and were working their way west toward Vancouver, BC.  We provided a picnic for the very hungry and very appreciative cyclists, among whom were 13 current Dartmouth students or recent alumni.  Local alumni also attended.  The picnic was held at Roaming Shores, and the weather was perfect!

Click here to view pictures of the event

RiverSweep 2007

On a beautiful 65 degree Saturday morning in May, a small group of alums gathered to help clean up the Cuyahoga River.  With a warm welcome at Zeleznik’s Tavern (complete with coffee, donuts and bagels), our group met up with the many other volunteers and families who had come out for this community-wide service event. 

After celebrating our apparent victory over the Cornell alums, who appeared to have one less volunteer than we did, we set out along railroad tracks and down to the river, where we collected litter and car parts, and cleaned up the beautiful riverfront.  After a bit of work and some very interesting trivia about plants and wildlife (thanks to our own Steve Zilber), we returned to Zelezniks to find that apparently Cornell tracked down another person to leave us with a tie. 

Once we had cleaned the area, lunch was served at the Nautica Pavilion, complete with live music to celebrate the end of a job well done.  In all, despite the attendance tie with Cornell, it was a fantastic way to connect with other alums, meet some new friends and take a few hours to give back to our community.  As a nine-year-old girl who working with us asked, "What would happen if we cleaned up the whole world?"

Click here to view pictures from RiverSweep 2007

Holiday Brunch with Students

An overflowing crowd of 42 converged on the Cleveland Racquet Club on December 16th for our renewed annual Holiday Brunch with our local students. As was historically tradition, the Club hosted students who were returning from campus as well as our admitted Early Decision candidates for quiche, pastries, fruit and lots of fun updates from Hanover! Four students: Luke Antal '07, Dan Dittrick '08, Anna Dev '09 and Dierre Upshaw '09-- spoke eloquantly about life on campus, ranging from skiing to campus politics to dance to music and faith. We all reminisced about our time in the Upper Valley and had many opportunities to laugh as we remembered the connection we have to one another through our shared experience.

In addition to the fun portion of the morning, a Special Meeting of the membership was convened in order to evaluate proposed amendment to our Club's constitution. People were given an opportunity to review the documents, a brief overview was given, questions were asked and answered, and the vote came out unanimously in favor of the changes.

In all, even with a discussion of procedure and more constitutional issues, the morning was a fantastic success that we hope will continue to be a great annual tradition for the Club.

An Evening with Timothy Rub

On Thursday, October 19th, 80 or so alumni from the Dartmouth Club of Northeast Ohio and the Princeton Alumni of Northern Ohio gathered at the home of Neil and Susan Luria '89 to hear Timothy Rub, the Director of the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA), speak. Mr. Rub, formerly the Director of the Hood Museum at Dartmouth, spoke about both his time at Dartmouth and his hopes and plans for the Cleveland Museum of Art. A fascinating discussion ensued on topics ranging from the physical renovations of CMA to the impact that the Hood Museum has on student life at Dartmouth. Mr. Rub took a myriad of questions about these issues, about fundraising and about the long term plan for CMA. The group mingled and ate good food and drinks and generally left enthusiastic about the future of one of Cleveland's greatest assets!

Investing in Excellence: A Campaign for Tuck

Paul Danos, the very successful Dean of Tuck School for the last 11 years, was in town Monday, June 26th to spread the good news. Dean Danos and about 20 Tuck and Dartmouth alumni were hosted at a scrumptious reception by "Sandy" Cutler T70, President of Eaton Corporation at Eaton headquarters in downtown Cleveland.

Saving the best for first: Dean Danos said that there are about 10,000 business schools in the world and that among them Tuck ranks 2nd in the eyes of employees who hire the graduates and in the eyes of the graduates themselves - who support Tuck Annual Giving with 64% participation. Employees are most impressed by Tuck graduates' abilities to go effortlessly to work as part of a team which Dean Danos explained - probably 70% of the Tuck "schooling:" involves being a team member.

As business becomes more global and more complicated there are ever increasing pressures to introduce new courses in emerging fields. This has been a major reason for the increase in class size from (say) 70 in the 1950s to almost 250 today.

Tuck professors, today as in the past, handle well the jobs of teaching, research, consulting and writing. They not only stay current in their fields, they are leaders in their fields.

Some (approximate) facts regarding today's Tuck:

Class size - 240
Age at enrollment -29
% with full work experience - 99%
International students - 30%
Nationalities - 30
Women - 30%
Minorities - 20%

There are over 50 student organizations ranging from the hockey team to dozens of special interest groups. This led Dick Lezius '47, T50 to comment on the roughest day of his life. As a Tuck student he played on the football team (at the time 1 of probably 3 student groups). Tuck went down to Cambridge to play Harvard Business School. Dick says HBS had a couple of all Americans on their team and he never was more battered in his life.

Shawn Card T05, a new Clevelander with Key/McDonald, (and for 4 months a father) was called on to tell a bit of his recent Tuck experiences. Tuck apparently knows the very basic lesson of getting and keeping employees - make the spouse happy. Shawn explained that Erica was really doubtful about spending 2 years up with the polar bears but she did agree to a very short visit. Apparently the Tuck machine cast a spell on her for upon departing Hanover she exclaimed that she wouldn't go anywhere else for Shawn's MBA. (Thereby putting full pressure on Shawn to be accepted.)

This Tuck Alumnus left with the strong conviction that the school was in extraordinarily capable hands and doing a truly outstanding job.


Luke Case 54, T55

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad Tour

On the rainy and chilly Saturday morning of May 13th, 2006, members of the Club rode the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The 150 passengers on the train were treated to stories of the history of the area, gorgeous views of the forest and its wildlife and even a search for the nest of the American Bald Eagle, which has found a home the forest. Kids were able to run around and look out both sides of the windows, and everyone enjoyed the 2 hour trip. As the first real "family" event in recent years, this was a fantastic success!

Click here to see photos from the event

RiverSweep 2006 - Community Service Event

On Saturday, May 6th, 2006 a small band of intrepid alums participated in the RiverSweep 2006, an annual cleanup of the lower Cuyahoga River sponsored by the Ohio Canal Corridor. Volunteers from neighborhoods, businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations and schools came together to clean those places within the Cuyahoga River Valley where one day a new park or trail will be built.

We have an ongoing challenge from the Cornell Alumni Club to recruit alums for the event and we are proud to announce that we narrowly edged them out (by 1) this year!

Annual Accepted Students Reception

On April 18th, 2006, alums met with accepted applicants and their parents at the Cleveland Skating Club to answer questions, offer support and generally congratulate those accepted to Dartmouth this year. About 40 people attended the event, and great fun was had by all.

Professor Peter Saccio in Cleveland for Great Lakes Theater Festivay (and your Dartmouth Club)

On Friday, April 21st Dartmouth's own Professor Peter Saccio - reknown for his life's love affair with William Shakespeare - was in Cleveland to speak about - you guessed it - William Shakespeare: Specifically it centered on "going to war" and "Henry V".

Your Dartmouth Club (DC) and The Great Lakes Theater Festival (GILT) cooperated on the project. Of the 84 attendees, 31 were Dartmouth-related. The Hermit Club was well suited to the affair which consisted of a pleasant, slightly boisterous refreshment session, Professor Saccio's talk, a post talk session with Charles Fee, Executive Director of GLTF joining Professor Saccio on stage to field questions - some quite good questions - from the audience. A delicious dinner ended the happening.

Professor Saccio's classes are inevitably oversubscribed. Sadly - for future students - this is his last year. Some years ago he wrote the book on Shakespeare's many kings so that he wouldn't have to spend class time explaining background. Many of you may have The Teaching Company's course (www.TEACH12.com) (DVD, Videotape, Audiotape and/or Audio CD) covering four comedies, five histories and seven tragedies which the Professor produced for them. He has also directed a number of Shakespeare's works in various venues. He is a legend in his own time, an engaging speaker and an awfully nice guy personally (says he who picked him up and drove him around a bit.)

Professor Saccio gave us a magnificent thumbnail sketch of Shakespeare and his times leading to Henry V and "going to war". He then showed clips from two films made 30 years apart of the scene where Henry's hears his advisers on going to war with France. In the first (in color) the King appears competent and in kingly control while the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop, his primary advisors/apologists, are at best bunglers and at worst dolts. His nobles seem competent and ready to support what may look to them as a regal bent towards battle. In the second (in black and white) a young, unsure, undersized King sits on an oversized throne listening to exceedingly glib and rehearsed Archbishop and Bishop followed by encouragement from his darkly clothed and glance-darting nobles: Sinister advisors all.

To even the most innocent and hapless observer would come the eerie thought that this event not only took place hundreds of years ago but that it took place but a few years ago and is still a work in progress.

As the cadre of old Alumni learned in our senior year Great Issues course - there are some things that just will not be and stay resolved. They have been with us throughout the ages. They are.... Great Issues: How to deal with enemies? Who is to rule and how? Desire, greed, ambition: How much is too much?

Indeed Professor Saccio underlines clearly that Shakespeare is as current as today's newspaper.


Luke Case '54

2nd Young Alumni Happy Hour

Our second Young Alum Happy Hour on March 31st, 2006, was another smashing success!! We met up at Liquid on the "Liquid Couches" in the Warehouse District of Downtown Cleveland. With a turnout of more than 15 people, we all had a great time meeting and getting to know other younger alums in the area-while drinking and eating, of course! We hope you will join us for our next night out on the town on Friday, May 19th from 6:30-8:30pm!

Click here to see pictures from the Happy Hour

Lecture by Andrew Samwick, Director of the Rockefeller Center, Professor of Economics

On Thursday, 3/10/06, a dozen or so people gathered to hear Andrew Samwick, an economics professor at Dartmouth and the director of the Rockefeller Center, speak about social security reform. An Ivy 15 lectures series event, Professor Samwick wowed all in attendance with his clear, thoughtful and non-partisan approach to social security reform. All in attendance gained a better understanding of the current state of our social security system, why reform is necessary, how various plans for reform might work, how politics continues to influence the debate surrounding social security reform, and how we can compromise to provide a long-term solution to the impending problems with funding the current system. Comments were unanimously positive from those who attended, and the club is hoping to find a date to show a recording of the lecture sometime in the near future.

Annual Winter Luncheon

For those who were at our Annual Winter Lunch on Friday, March 10th, you already know what a great event it was! We had about 22 attendees, and lunch was yummy. We showed a DVD that Hanover sent us entitled “How Dartmouth Builds” that talked about architecture and planning for the College. Luke Case ’54 spoke about the positive things he sees going on at the College, and Kim Haring ’96 spoke on behalf of Cindy Shannon, our alumni council representative, about the proposed alumni governance changes. They were received with interest (and some controversy), which is what we hoped for and expected from a diverse group of alums with varying opinions about how the College should be run! We announced upcoming events, including An Evening with Peter Saccio, an event co-sponsored by the Great Lakes Theater Festival, on Friday, April 21st, and the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad trip on Saturday, May 13th, which garnered quite a bit of enthusiasm. In all, the event was a tremendous success thanks, almost entirely, to the work that Luke Case put into making it a great gathering.

First Young Alumni Happy Hour

We had our first (or first in many years!) young alumni happy hour on Friday, January 20th at Liquid in the Warehouse District. We had five alums show up and about a half dozen friends join us—a great turnout for our first event! We mingled, laughed and met friends, new and old! The (very nice) bar owner sent us some free appetizers and shots, which will likely ensure our future patronage of his establishment! This will be a bi-monthly event from here on out, so look for an invitation and announcement for our happy hour in March. Put it on your calendar and join us to catch up, meet some new friends and start the weekend off right!

Dartmouth Homecoming Football Party

Join us for the Dartmouth Homecoming football game at Champs where we'll watch the game on the big screen!

WHEN: Saturday, October 22nd, 2005

WHERE: Champs in Valley View (5989 Canal Road, 216-328-0083)

Second Annual Interviewing Event

20 Dartmouth alums from classes ranging from the class of 1955 to the class of 1997 gathered Saturday morning, January 29, 2005 at the Thompson Hine Law offices in Public Square to meet and interview 33 impressive young people who have applied to Dartmouth for admission in September '05. Special thanks go out to our District Enrollment Director Jonathon Good '92, who hosted us at Thompson Hine and arranged for the student attendance.

Alone or in pairs, alums spent a half hour with each candidate. In the spacious Thompson Hine setting, this meant we were able to interview approximately 15 students each half hour, thus accomplishing together much more than we could have done alone. The students were all remarkable, each in his or her own way. I think every alum came away thinking the same thought: "Thank goodness I don't have to apply today--I'd never make it this time around!"

The Club tried this event last year and found it enjoyable, successful and an efficient way to accomplish the task of interviewing students. In between interviews, we had a chance to get to know each other and catch up with old friends.

We follow up this event by having the alum who did the interview call to congratulate each student who is accepted. In April, we host a reception for those who have been admitted. In August, the club hosts an event to welcome those who have decided to enroll. This last event is especially fun because the students get to meet their new classmates. We try to have current students attend to answer questions and give the new freshmen the real scoop.

Annual Reception for Dartmouth Students, Parents and Alumni

What: Good food and friendship
Why: Welcome incoming freshmen and their parents, get to know upperclassmen from this area and strengthen the network between students and alums. This is our third year having this party, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive… if you do one thing with us this year, join us for this.
When: Thursday, August 18, 2005, 6:00 to 8:00 pm
Dress: Business Casual
Where: Home of Mark Heller ’70 and Sara Stashower: 2766 Edgehill Road, Cleveland Heights, OH. Rain or Shine.
Who: YOU

Fishing with Dean Woon - and a look at changing thought on the Hanover Plain (A report and some editorial comment by LH Case)

Dartmouth's "Diversity" Dean Tommy Lee Woon was our guest Thursday, September 30th, 2004 at the Pine Lake Trout Club. Some 30 members of the Dartmouth Family partook of some or all of the offerings. Several fished for trout - or brought their children to fish - including Dean Woon, himself an avid trout fisherman. A pleasant cocktail hour gave everyone a chance to talk with Tommy Lee to and catch up with one another. Dinner was great.

Dean Woon talked after dinner of his views on "diversity". It is quite evident that his ideas are quite a bit different than those the College has espoused during the last 25 years. In the opinion of the writer Tommy Lee is the first person in the Administration in 25 years to talk sensibly about "diversity". Some of the differences are noted below.

For 25 years the college has equated "diversity" with "percentages": i.e. we have "diversity" when we have on campus x% White, y% Black, z% Oriental and have it liberally sprinkled with those professing various different life styles and etc. Underrepresented groups have deserved special attention: e.g. Professor Cole was black so it was ok for him to yell racial epithets and threats across Main Street and follow students to their dorms to pound on their doors to continue his tirades.

Dean Woon's approach is that "diversity" is a matter of mind and manners rather than of numbers. Civility and respect for others is his keystone. Who cares if the group be all White or all Black or all Hindu or all anything? What matters is that when anyone enters another's "space" that that person - that group - be made to feel welcome. This applies equally and evenly to every person and to every group. No favorites. No exceptions. No excuses.

His numbers make a convincing case for the need to (learn how to )be civil. By the middle of this century the USA could have large and fairly equal percentages of Whites, Blacks and Hispanics - and that doesn't even include Asians who are even now starting to dominate California universities.

Dean Woon agrees that Dartmouth needs "social spaces". He argues that fraternities and sororities have these much needed social spaces and that they rightly should be considered a normal part of the social fabric of Dartmouth. You will note the difference between Dean Woon's view and that of the non-lamented, late departed "Terminator" Dean Pelton.

President Emeritus Dave McLaughlin's short address to his 50 year class this June was right in tune with Tommy Lee. Dave made an eloquent case for and plea for "civility" towards one another in this age of gross incivility.

In the words of Eliza Doolittle "Wouldn't It Be Loverly?"

Annual Student, Incoming Student, Family and Alumni Reception

August 19,2004
This second annual reception held at the home of Neil and Susan Luria was a fun event, allowing students from the area to get to know one another, incoming freshmen to hear from older students, parents to meet alums and one another, and alums to connect with everyone.

Monthly Dartmouth Alumni Lunches

Many alums throughout Northeast Ohio eat bad sandwiches at their desks or spend time in McDonald’s drive-throughs with their children. As a general step up from that, between 7 and 12 alums have engaged in our monthly lunches at the Union Club and the Lion and Lamb Restaurants. See details on the Upcoming Events page to join us in the future.

Dartmouth Club of NEO Leadership Committee

On Monday, May 10, a group of interested alums met to review Club operations, including financials, dues policies and priorities. The purpose of this group is for the Club to have an ongoing oversight committee from which the leadership of working teams and officers will be established. The Committee will oversee and guide the Club’s priorities, annual calendar and reach, meeting a minimum of twice per year to keep us focused. Please contact Susan Luria ’89 if you are interested in joining this Committee.

Riversweep - Community Service Event

On Saturday, May 8th, 2004 under the leadership of Paul Goldberg ’60 and Doug Cooper ’63, a hearty few alums participated in Riversweep, an annual cleanup of the lower Cuyahoga River sponsored by the Ohio Canal Corridor. While this was a fabulous event, we had a challenge from the Cornell Alumni Club to recruit alums for the event and Cornell beat us this year. Our Club Leadership Committee (see below) has chosen to participate in this event again next year, hence we do have another attempt to shame Cornell and the other institutions that join the competition.

Accepted Applicants Reception

On April 20, 2004 several alums met with accepted applicants and their parents at the Cleveland Skating Club to answer questions, offer support and generally congratulate those accepted to Dartmouth this year. A few positives came out of this – students grouping together and getting to know one another as well as witnessing alums James Jarett ’97 and Kimberly Koontz (now Kimberly Haring) ’96 perform a very valiant attempt to sway all applicants who were even questioning which institution they should attend (they convinced at least one in question).

David Shipler '64 speaking

Pulitizer Prize-winning author David Shipler was the featured speaker on May 2, 2004 at the Cleveland Public Library's Main Library, Louis Stokes Wing Auditorium. He discussed his latest book, "The Working Poor: Invisible in America."

Ivy 15 Lecture - poet Henri Cole

Saturday, 3/27/04
Smith College’s Henri Cole, ("Poet In Residence") gave the Ivy 15 Lecture at Joseph-Beth Booksellers at Legacy Village
Mr. Cole has also been "Artist in Residence" at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and other institutions. The topic was "A Reading from ‘Middle Earth’". Mr. Cole’s most recent book, “Middle Earth,” has been enthusiastically praised by critic Harold Bloom, who describes Cole as a master poet with few peers.

Ivy 15 Lecture - Ohio and Erie Canalway and Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

4/7/04: Ivy 15 Lecture at Hathaway Brown School
Lecture - Dartmouth’s Own Douglas O. Cooper ‘63, President and CEO, Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, and Timothy S. Donovan, Executive Director, Ohio Canal Corridor.
Topic: “Ohio and Erie Canalway and Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, its ‘Iron Spine’” Ohio and Erie Canalway is the 110 mile National Heritage Area extending south from Cleveland’s lakeshore through the Flats along the historic Ohio and Erie Canal to New Philadelphia. Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad is one of three transportation spines connecting attractions and other elements of the Canalway.

2004 Annual Great Lakes Brewery Luncheon

25 alumni classes, ranging from '53 to '93, gathered at Great Lakes Brewery (GLB) on February 13th to greet old friends and to meet new ones. All enjoyed a short social hour and then sat down to lunch. The roar of the conversation from start to finish leads one to believe that everyone had a truly fine, fun time.

This was the traditional February lunch at GLB.The company was superb, the beer was the finest and the food was awfully darn tasty. All for $16.00 apiece. We will certainly do it again next year and hope to see even more alumni there. Check out these photos taken at the event.

Alumni Interviewing Event

1/31/04 - Organized by Jon Good '92 and Cindy Shannon '76, 15 alums spent their Saturday morning at gracious sponsor Thompson Hine's office interviewing 35 applicants to Dartmouth. We had an enthusiastic response to this format, as it provided alums with both an opportunity to get to know one another as well as become energized by the caliber of today's student applicants. In addition to those who interviewed at this event, individual alums have stepped in to interview the rest of our applicants - thank you!

2003 Holiday Alumni/Student brunch

The Holiday Alumni/Student brunch was held at the Cleveland Skating Club on Sunday, December 28, 2003. Thanks to the 35 who attended. Undergraduate Echo Brown '06 spoke eloquently on her experiences at Dartmouth and plans for the future, and we were fortunate to be able to introduce two of the area's four students who were accepted early decision to Dartmouth. Congrats!


The Club held a cookout/clambake at Gus Aberle's on August 26th, 2001 where Club members got an oppotunity to meet most (if not all) of the 11 newest 'shmen from Northeast Ohio. We hope this will become an annual event as a send-off for the area's newest Dartmouth stuents.

Where: Gus Aberle's house, 284 Monticello Dr, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 (click here for a map)

Great Lakes Luncheon

The Club held its traditional Great Lakes Brewing Company lunch on the Friday of Winter Carnival, February 9, 2001. The lunch was held at the GLBC, located at 2516 Market Street, just off West 25th Street near the West Side Market.

Annual Holiday Applicants' Luncheon

The Dartmouth Club of Northeastern Ohio held its Ninety-First Annual Holiday Applicants' Luncheon on Wednesday, December 20, 2000. The Holiday Luncheon plays an important part in our Club's recruiting and enrollment effort by providing applicants and their parents the opportunity to meet with students and alumni and learn more about the college.

President Wright's Visit

President James Wright and his lovely wife Susan visited Cleveland on November 15th, where they mingled with and enthusiastic crowd of approximately 75 people. After an hour of cocktails, President Wright addressed the group that included alumni, current students, and parents. His address lasted about 45 minutes after which he took some questions. The visit was well received and well attended. We thank all of you who were able to attend.

The Dartmouth Chords

On Sunday, December 10th, the student a capella group, "The Dartmouth Chords", performed at the Cleveland Skating Club. The evening included music and dinner in the main dining room.