Welcome to Dartmouth
Through the
Dartmouth Club of the Upper Valley

Baker Towerelcome to the Dartmouth Club of the Upper Valley (DCUV) which is centered within earshot of the bells of Dartmouth's Baker Library Tower. We are proud of our forty plus years of service here in Hanover and throughout the Upper Valley.


In welcoming you, please note that while the majority of our members are Dartmouth alumni, having attended Dartmouth is not required for club membership...We welcome everyone who is interested in becoming part of the larger Dartmouth community. Should you wish to join, please refer to membership info.



With the 2014 Annual Dinner behind us, the 2013-2014 Members' fiscal year has concluded as the DCUV does not schedule events during the maelstrom of Dartmouth graduation and reuniuon activities. The Board of Directors will reconvene June 30 to begin planning the coming 2014-2015 season with the challenge of improving on this past year which in 10 months initiated 24 diverse activities and provided access to more. A review can be seen by clicking on the link in the left column for "Recent Events".


Best wishes to all,


Dimitri Gerakaris '69

DCUV President



Images above from the sold-out 2014 Annual Meeting