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President Don O'Neill
8787 Bay Colony Dr
Naples, FL 34108

Newsletter Editor:
Thomas S. Conger
2210 Quail Point Terrace
Medford, OR 97504

Communication Officer:
Harris B. McKee (Webmaster)
929 W Foster Ave Apt 705
Chicago, IL 60640-1682

Vice-President :Denny Denniston
266 West 91st St
New York, NY 10024-1101

Vice-President Gerald Kaminsky
136 Harold Road
Woodmere, NY 11598-1435

Co-Bequest Chairs
Red Facher
52 Collinwood Road
Maplewood, NY 07040-1038
David Armstrong
4600 N Ocean Boulevard, Ste. 206
Boynton Beach, FL 33435-7365
Arts & Legacy Committee
Oscar Arslanian
2489 North Edgemont St
Los Angeles, CA 90027-1054
Pete Bleyler
42 Wildwood Drive
West Lebanon, NH 03784
Secretary :Victor S. Rich
94 Dove Hill Drive
Manhasset, NY 11030-4060
Treasurer :Ron Wybranowski
89 Millpond
North Andover, MA 01845-2902
Mini-Reunion Chairman: Hanover
Maynard B. Wheeler
P.O. Box 538
Grantham, NH 02753-0538
Class Historian/Necrologist
Harris McKee

Co-Head Agents :
Henry Eberhardt
300 Beach Dr. NE
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Harris McKee
929 W Foster Ave Apt 705
Chicago, IL 60640-1682
(479) 619-7324
Roger McArt
3421 Ballybridge Circle, Apt 203
Bonita Springs, FL 34134-1998

Mini-Reunion Chairman:

Dave Prewitt
and Joan Prewitt
279 Warner Road
Wayne , PA 19087-2156

Women's Committee
Nyla Arslanian
Patti Rich
Joan Prewitt

(Note that email addresses inWWW are disguised using *** for @ to provide some protectionagainst sites looking for email addresses. Replace the *** with @ before using.)
Class Web Site:http://www.dartmouth.org/classes/61/

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'61s: Arslanian, Baker, Bleyler, Blue, Boss, Burton, Collishaw, Conger, DeHaven, Denniston, Foster, Gazzaniga, Gemelli , Goodridge, Hargraves, Horan, Husband, Kelsey, McElhinney, McKee, Naegele, O'Neill, Prewitt, Quickel, Reed, Rich, Patti Rich, Richards, Rozycki, Stuart, Walker, Rowley, Wheeler, Wilkins, Wybranowski

Mini-Reunion/Class Meeting--So we had to abort the Coronado mini. From our own perspective, the venue was too much a Pacific crossroads, and we were too much the most vulnerable sector of the populace. We made the call to cancel our mini on March 4th ahead of official government decisions. Then the gov't(s) stepped in and shut down all contributing factors including air travel and social engagement. Dave & Joani Prewitt were able to negotiate our way out of advance deposits and guaranteed attendance, etc., so as a class we came out mostly whole (securing individual air fare refunds is another matter…).  Point of curiosity: there are about 100 '61s with "west coast" addresses. Of those, only 6 had indicated plans to attend a lovely occasion in their own backyard… WTF? What is amiss here?  Have we become so ancient we cannot travel a few miles to reconnect with old friends/teammates/fraternity brothers…?  Or is the proper term will not…? What do we need to do to rekindle flames of unity within us? Or do we we just extinguish the lamp of 1961 forever?  Perish forbid.  Maybe crossing the bar into octo-hood proved too traumatic for you? Then pitch in a few greenbacks to the DCF—you can do it w/o leaving home. And you can start healing now in order to gitchy popo to Hanover for the 60th—yea, e'en the mini-reunion in October . . .
The mini did not take place but we did have the momentous class meeting at the time the reunion was scheduled. Why momentous, you ask, well here's why. We adopted a revised constitution that had been labored over and nurtured longer than it takes to make a baby by Wm. Collishaw and his crew. This revision enhances the position of the women of the class and lays the groundwork for the continuation of the Class of '61 when only the women survive.
In addition to adopting the Revised Constitution, the Class recognized two worthy '61s for Special Recognition, only the sixth and seventh classmates to be so recognized. The plaques for Tom Conger and Vic Rich are provided here.

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     Logo-New-3.jpg Class of 1961 Special Recognition Award
Presented to
Thomas S Conger


Tom, where would the Class of 1961 be without you? It would probably still exist, but probably not nearly as well.

With the exception of a brief interlude suggested by the College, you have been the '61 Class newsletter editor for most of our nearly 60 years as alumni of Dartmouth College. Your newsletter columns are always witty, interesting and informative, and a contributing factor to our Class being selected Class of the Year for two of the five past years. Your language skills, in both "stream-of-thought" English and Hawaiian, have at times left your readers scratching their heads. However, your readers have always come back for more ----- again and again, newsletter after newsletter, year after year. Your upbeat personality is infectious, and rubs off on all with whom you come in contact.

TC, you are an asset to the Class of 1961 and the Class appreciates your ongoing contribution as an important class officer for so many years. Congratulations on being only the sixth classmate to be selected for the


Class of 1961 Special Recognition Award.
March 23, 2020


Logo-New-3.jpgClass of 1961 Special Recognition Award
Presented to
Victor S. Rich
Diligence and persistence!! You have contributed enormously to our class over many years, and you have likewise contributed your efforts to other organizations. What stands out most is your drive and persistence to diligently carry out so many tasks, always stepping up to accomplish what is needed.
Over many years you have served our class as President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Alumni Council Representative and Class Agent, Leadership Chair, Participation Chair and Reunion Committee. You have also served the College for five terms on Alumni Council and several of its committees, as President, Treasurer and other positions in your regional Dartmouth Club, as President of the Class Secretaries Association, and Alumni Interviewer. You were recognized in 1997 with the Dartmouth Outstanding Alumni Award.
You also served on your community's Planning Board and Environmental Conservation Board and Cold Spring Country Club as Board Member and Treasurer.
After earning an MBA from Columbia, you had a successful career as a senior partner and regional manager in a national accounting firm and served as an officer and director of the N.Y. State Society of CPAs and recipient of its Distinguished Service Award.
All of this did not deter you from being involved in raising and participating with your five children and eight grandchildren in their activities and development.
Vic, as our Class Secretary you have diligently produced our meeting minutes and Alumni Magazine column. You have played a pivotal role as a class officer, frequently persisting into the wee hours writing, rewriting and perfecting every report. letter and document generated by the class officers and taking whatever time and effort is required to persuade and cajole your fellow officers to achieve perfection and clarity. Vic, you are irreplaceable and highly appreciated by your classmates, and we thank you.
March 23, 2020
Kudos to Vic Rich for the Tom Conger writeup and to Denny Denniston for citing Vic Rich.

Fall Mini-Reunion-Thus we turn our sights to the fall mini: As of this writing we are still on, so pls. bear in mind that October 2-5 is not only Homecoming weekend but also the height of leaf-peeping, thus housing will be tight. Make your reservation posthaste. Here is a brief overview for your consideration:
                                                October 2 - 5, 2020
It is time to make your plans to return to Hanover for HOMECOMING 2020!
A REGISTRATION FORM is on the Class Web Site. http://www.dartmouth.org/classes/61/
Friday: as always, there will be College organized activities for Alumni such as informative                                     talks.
We will gather at the Hanover Inn for cocktails and dinner at 5:00 PM so that we will be                            ready to march in the parade to Dartmouth Hall and the Bonfire behind out Robert Frost                                   Class Banner at 7:00 PM.
Saturday: We meet with the students whom we support to hear their stories, location yet to be                            determined.  Then, grab a bag lunch, attend a Class meeting and conversation to be fol-                           lowed by the PENN game. We re-gather for cocktails with dinner at yet a new                                        location, The Hilton Garden Inn on Rte 120 next to Dartmouth Coach between Hanover                                  and Interstate 89.
Sunday: Brunch at the Norwich Inn.
LODGING:  It will be leaf-peeping season as well as Homecoming so rooms will be at a premium. Some places to consider:

  1. Hilton Garden Inn Hanover in Lebanon (603) 448-3300
  2. Holiday Inn Express Hotel in WRJ (802) 299-2700
  3. Fairfield Inn & Suites in WRJ  (802) 291-9911
  4. Residence Inn by Marriott at Centerra in Lebanon (603) 643-4511
  5. Element Hanover near Centerra in Lebanon (603) 448-5000
  6. The Hampton In in WRJ - (802) 296-2800

Best regards,
Maynard  Wheeler
As always, please contact me with any questions or suggestions.
Maynard Wheeler PO Box 538, Grantham, NH.   Cell: (404)-217-1089

60th Reunion--Moving on to the 60th next June, you are aware that this will be our last summer five-year reunion?  After the 60th, we are moved to the fall—but the question remains: how many reunions do you have left in you…? As the sand inexorably flows down the hourglass, one needs to take stock and consider: was this whole Dartmouth experience a worthwhile endeavor for you? Those brief four Hanover years in the late '50s/early '60s were extremely formative for some, perhaps more ephemeral for others; but as we approach 60 years away from the academic regimen we understand that our days on campus were merely the gateway to a life lived under the aegis of a fine and lasting institution. How much that relationship has meant to you is now the issue. For most of us it has been a defining factor: ever since matriculation we were, for life, Dartmouth Men. And the bond of that identity is what has kept us connected. Now we are inevitably confronting end-of-life considerations, and must decide if we should answer the call to be, once again, surrounded by old friends and associates, many who have shared our life's highs and lows, and who have made our journey through the years what it has been.  What think you? Will we see you in Hanover come June 2021? This lowly scribe, for one, certainly hopes so.
In keeping with the shelter-in-place restrictions under which we are all existing at this writing, we had a successful virtual reunion this spring. Each year Harris McKee circulates a poster to all classmates with e-mail (how many of you really don't…?), which you print out and, on the 61st day of the year, take a selfie and submit to a composite poster which brings us all visually current with your waist/hairline…

2020 Virtual Reunion- Thanks to all the reuning '61s, numbering 35 '61s, and 27 others including 12 spouses! See the gallery completing this WWW.Virtual Reunion

And, speaking of COVID-19 restrictions, trust you are all keeping your hands scrubbed.

Upper Valley Lunches--The program of UV'61 monthly lunches has flourished since departure of the failed founder/designated kanaka in late '14, and Pete Bleyler had arranged the April session for the Leb Green. New Ground Rules were established to conform with new CDC guidelines for social distancing:
1. "Everyone should order their take-out lunch from Three Tomatoes or Salt Hill Pub (best to call ahead and make sure they 're serving take-out).
2. We will sit in a big circle on the Lebanon green (i.e., Coburn Park), keeping at least 6 feet between people (husbands and wives only need to sit 3 feet from each other)
3. If there are more than 10 people who show up, the excess will have to go over to the band stand at the far end of the park, and also follow the 6 foot separation rule.
4. If the temperature is less than 75 degrees, the lunch is canceled."

Chagrined that lunch was canceled, presumably as there are no longer any wash troughs @Coburn Park, Rick Husband sent these no-news tidings to WWW HQ for general publication.
Perhaps class lunches may resume in, say, June—when Commencement and reunions have been canceled…?

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Dartmouth College Fund—Our class efforts for the 2019-20 DCF are progressing well. We are running ahead of last year both in contributions and contributors. But to reach our goals of $310,000 and 72 percent, we need gifts from everyone who gave last year. The college needs our support more than ever to provide the funds for scholarships that help students who would not otherwise be able to afford Dartmouth to attend and maintain the balance that we have known. You can show your support of the class and help us achieve our participation goal with a gift of any size. Go to dartmouthcollegefund.org for links to secure credit card giving or instructions for other forms of giving e.g. stock, as well as mail addresses.

Didja see that article in the March/April AluMag titled "Sibling Revelry" which noted the siblings who have sought higher education in Hanover since the college's inception? Where were the brothers Boss, Quickel, Gazzaniga, or the October twins Vic Rich & Dave Prewitt, born on the same day in 1939? Likewise Ellis Naegele managed to show up the same day as tc:12/25/1939—but let Naegs freeze his [whatever] off in the Kappa Sig basement until they  could get married and begin life in less, uh, extreme climes. Speaking of Gazzanigas, here's a brace o' pulchritudinous members of that clan:
Francesca Gazzaniga '07 & Daughter Fiala (Czech for Violet).
Rozycki: "Can 't believe I took care of her and her brother when they were this age!"

Just can't let go of the COVID-19 topic yet—too all-pervasive and unique to brush off lightly. H. Dutton Foster: "I can offer…only a piece of doggerel I scribbled early in the pandemic:


When ancient Egypt faced a virus
Egyptians stocked up on papyrus;
Now pandemic 's here as well --
Time to purchase Cottonelle.
Want to set your fears at rest?
Try some rolls of Green Forest.
Market 's down, it 's down a lot,
But go ahead, invest in Scott;
The daily news is quite alarmin '

Soothe yourself with lots of Charmin.
Console your forfeited vacation
By hoarding Seventh Generation!
Just keep calm, we 'll solve this issue
By building walls of toilet tissue."

As the ad agency for Guinness Brewery would emote: Brilliant!

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And on a more spiritual note, Rabbi McKee suggests that observers of Passover might take this counsel from a latter-day Ted Geisel'25 wannabe:
I do not want you in my house,
I do not want you or your spouse.
I do not want to eat with you 
At Seder One or Seder Two.
Don't get me wrong, I think you're nice.
But the CDC gave this advice:
You must avoid just one plague more
And shoo Elijah from your door.
At next year's seder we will tell
How we were all saved by Purell!

Here's an observant Gim Burton adhering to the ancient strictures of novel Corona Virus 19:
Gim Burton
For some class news without specific reference to CV-19, Sam Baker submitted some photos to enlarge on those used for the virtual reunion:
Sam Baker
S.R. Baker, MD with Tova and Haakon (grandkids) at their home in Winthrop Washington.
Flautist Martha (middle) with her musician friends at their orchestra symphony performance (Feb.).

Just to regain your perspective on life 'round the girdled earth, pls see the real estate ad spotted by Ron Wybranowski in some Maui publication: " ~Fabulous Friday Lunch Break~
c.1943. 872 square feet. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath on 0.64 acre. $2,300,000! Thanks to Pete for sending this one in! Set amidst swaying coconut palms in a secluded refuge by the sea, lies a masterful restoration of a 1943 Plantation Cottage. Situated on 0.64 acres of land surrounded by rock walls, lush gardens and a small orchard, the cottage melds the beauty and craftsmanship of days gone by with the modern conveniences of today. Updated plumbing and electrical, a new roof, an enormous trex lanai, original wood siding with some Hardie Plank exterior, a modern kitchen, new windows and doors and central air conditioning and an indoor-outdoor bathroom compliment the beautiful, original, fir flooring throughout. Smell the salt air, and listen to the sound of breaking waves from the nearby ocean. Experience spectacular sunrises and cooling sea breezes in the hot tub. Enjoy a meal with friends and family on the covered lanai. There is a detached garage and laundry room and an additional deluxe storage shed on site. Did we mention that the location is convenient? Downtown Wailuku is less than 5 minutes away; sand piles surf spot is 2 minutes away; Kite beach is 11 minutes and access to the airport and south shore beaches is excellent as well. 886 Pakele Place, Wailuku, Hawaii"
A ridiculous steal folks—872 sq-ft for a mere $2.3 million! How can you miss…?!

Women's Initiative --In 2020, in addition to celebrating the Centennial of Women's Suffrage, the Women of Dartmouth '61 also have something to celebrate.
Eyes are now fixed on the 60th Reunion and our Women's Initiative is on board to have a record number of the Class of 1961 members attend. To mark the extraordinary action of the Executive Committee and the Class in rewriting its Constitution to include spouses as class members, we've assembled a key team of women who are making contact with as many Women of Dartmouth '61 as we can to encourage them to come and celebrate this important milestone.
We are a mixed group. Among us are wives who were sweethearts and trekked to Hanover for Winter Carnival and football games who also have a 60+ year relationship with the college. Others may have met and wed in graduate school or years beyond. Some are 2nd, 3rd or more in a line of succession and came late into the fold. But along with the relationship with the man in our lives, it wasn't long before we learned that we had a relationship with their college.
Besides representing the Women of Dartmouth '61 on the monthly class Executive Committee conference calls and organizing the "gatherings" at the reunions and mini-reunions, a key part of our Women's Initiative is to reach out to the women whose husbands have passed away.
Through the years we've journeyed together, separating and coming together every five years in Hanover or at mini-reunions, we renew acquaintances, make new friends, and go home with the bond renewed until we meet again. Now these times are becoming even more precious as we realize that, yes, even we are at the effect of the actuarial table.
So, we plan for the 60th and also recognize that as one of the last classes before Dartmouth went co-ed, the men of Dartmouth '61, who had the good sense to bring us into their lives, also have the foresight to acknowledge our contribution and have taken formal action to include us in the class. This action is unprecedented and one to be celebrated: 2020 – The Year of The Women--Nyla Arslanian & Patti Rich  

Green Cards  Virginia "Winkie" Kelsey: "A year's graduate studies with the Art Department ended with a show at the Library. Because I was mentioned in your last class output, I have now stepped forward (years ago no man would have liked to have a woman in the class).
There are 14 Kelseys & relatives that are Dartmouth grads (one this fall). [no mention in 'Sibling Revelry' (above)?–Ed.] Go to Top
Sent in a check for reunion."
Tony Horan: "On Jan.18th 2020 I arrived at Shadow Mountain resort in Palm Desert to play >80 singles in a USTA Event. I lost 6-3, 6-1 but 'won' in the sense that I was competitive. In the evening I met Bill Blue and Sid Goldman'60 for a dinner I had arranged. I never knew Bill Blue at Dartmouth but so many notables have 'bought the farm' that I thought we should meet. He was on a submarine tender during the Vietnam War. Sid Goldman came to my match and bought me sunglasses that permitted me win 4 games. He was drafted out of his internship as an MD. I still owe him for the sunglasses necessary because of cataract surgery."

Ol' footie skipper Ken DeHaven responds to birthday greetings thus: "Thanks for thinking of us in Colorado, almost 2 years in the Covenant Living of Colorado retirement village (NFP). It is perfectly located, halfway between Denver and Boulder (20 miles). Our daughter Kathleen, father Mike, and only Grandchild, Jossephene, only 7 years old. Everyone calls her Josie. We are happy here, and everything is going as well as could be expected. It's nice to reconnect with J McElhinney and Patty. Jean and I are exercising 6 days a week at the on-site fitness center, and exercise walking on site daily for 1-1/2 miles, weather  permitting. And I am getting in golf."

WilkinsJohn "Coyote" Wilkins slipped away on January 9 in Falls Church, VA. He joined us from Millburn (NJ) High, fully absorbed the UV "color," and pledged AD—soon to be Animal House.
We met freshman year, out at the Skiway in late spring (remember the record snowfall that winter?), where he flashed his frontal incisors— newly abbreviated from a rugby match. This timid soul resolved to avoid any rugby involvement, if that's what could happen . . .
After graduation (on Thad's 5-year plan...) and grad work at Rutgers, he went to work in DC @Treasury Dept (eventually Ass't Sec. of Treas. for tax policy), relishing congressional hearings wherein he was addressed as "Mr. Secretary"—then retired to join a big name CPA outfit.
He was reliable about participating in reunions, and often organized the class tennis tournaments. There was even a brief period when, your lowly scribe having been relieved of his WWW post for reporting campus/Parkhurst facts too candidly, Coyote and Bert Rowley were co-editors for the newsletter. When their tenure was abruptly ended by executive fiat, Coyote spared no venom in advising the undersigned of his displeasure. Did what I could to oil the waters (having had nothing to do with the process), but always felt he resented what had transpired. At any rate, a good guy—with impressive credentials—gone too soon. Kai re!  Mai poina.

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And now some Virtual Reunion Shots
Vic and Patti Rich

Richard Husband


Ruth & Pete Bleyler with Bob Hargraves at Rum Point in the Cayman Islands

Tom & Karla Goodridge
Jim Watson, Mary McKee, Harris McKee, Joan Watson
Ellen and Don O'Neill

Ken Walker & Bert Rowley

Grandson in white plays for Eau Claire U of Wisconsin; Won play off series. Three goals in the two game series for top points. Long road trip for me. Left at noon from Maplelag and home this morning at 5:30. 800 miles solo driving. Jim Richards

Gemelli 3
Glenn Gemelli above and belowGemelli 4
The circle of life. The first recent photo was taken this summer, with our 4-mo-old Golden Retriever puppy. No poster, but my hat has a Dartmouth connection-a "Renegade" remembrance made for our 50th "Reunion Tour". The second older photo shows two loving dogs and my 40th reunion hat which have preceded me into the sunset.
Ron Wybranowski.
Happy  to see you all.  The big paintings in the background were done by DeVona Cox, Duane's now deceased wife.  Nice to have her work on my office wall. 


Stuart, 2
Pete & Karin Stuart
Rick Reed with Robert
Anthony Horan

Alan Rozycki w.all 8 of Dianne's grandchildren after weekend with all her descendants at Bretton Woods, NH

Denny Denniston
Book Store
And with that, ol' Valedictorian/Commo Officer/DCF Co-Head/Necrologist/Senior Class Prez and yuge help to the [lowly] WWW scribe HB McKee submits this thought on maturing gracefully:
"Just remember, once you're over the hill you begin to pick up speed."

Malama pono (and wash your hands…!),

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