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50th Reunion Art Show 50th Reunion Photos

2021 Art Show

Stony Hill Vineyards - Fine Chardonnay
Peter and Willinda McCrea


The Beautiful Sculpture of Bruce Beasley

  Gregg Millett has retired as founder/director of .
  Ray Welsh has a book, Copywriter, A Life of Making Ads and Other Mistakes at his web site. Take a look.

Nude by Devona Cox ....Click to see more paintings

Nude By DeVona Cox


For More Paintings by Duane and DeVona Cox, Click Here

For Details on the "DeVona McLaughlin Cox Retrospective Art Show Benefit and Open House" on Saturday March 26, 2011, Click Here.

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Speaking of Fine Photography, check this marvelous image by Tom Judd.  He is spending more time at photography now that he is retired. More images can be found at  Photography Web Site
or you can contact him at

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Bruce Forester's has written six books. You can see the list on his website The most recent is Fatal Betrayal. On this website there is a link to the book where you can find a preview of it. There is also an interview with the main characters, Mort and Millie.

There is also a link to the bookstores where you can place an order,
if you wish. The ISBN # is
1-931354-00-6 if you wish to order the book at your local bookstore or better yet your library.

Thanks for helping promote Bruce's books. Hopefully it will make significant royalties that will be earmarked for Dartmouth.

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David Birney is leading the effort to develop this Class of '61 project.  Check out a description of our Legacy and what it will mean to the College.  David has also written an Open Letter to the Class explaining why he feels that this "reaches far beyond a class gift, deep into the lives of the next generations of Dartmouth."

Another Birney activity is his Christmas Pudding Benefit. 2009 marks the 15th annual. He notes, "The Pudding as created--I guess that means I create a script, a different script each year, pull together a dozen professional singers and six actors--for a collage, and evening of song, story, poetry, jokes, Mozart, Bach, European carols, Twain, Frank McCourt, Edith Oliver, Diane Ackerman, Sir Thomas Malory, Dylan Thomas, Pearl Buck, Dave Barry , E. B. White... you get the idea).  It's the "Anti-Scrooge" someone once said in that there will be a thousand productions of A Christmas Carol, but this stands on it's own. And it's turned out to have become one of the traditions here on the west side of LA.  The music is super and and the evening is funny and moving."

You might also want visit  David Birney's Web Site.

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Peter Holbrook has a display of his paintings on his website.

New Entry March 2019. SFWA Gallery April 5 to May 4

July 2018. Summer Group Show in Salt Lake City July 20-Sep 14

Below Yovimpa

Morning at Brian Head

Navajo Point Sketch

Study for AWOL in Zion

The Alligator at Bryce Point

Entry 1-15-14: Holbrook "In the Studio"


Sam Bell Awarded Honorary Doctorate December 12, 2009 by University of South Florida. Check out Press Release.


Our Webmaster, Harris McKee, has written a number of essays some reflecting Dartmouth experiences but all involving his reflections from his farm experiences in Iowa to later times. Check out his website.

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Doug Zipes has published over 800 medical articles and twenty-one books that have sold thousands of copies in multiple languages. He is editor-in-chief of HeartRhythm, the Heart Rhythm Society's official journal and authors a health column in the Saturday Evening Post. He lives in Indianapolis.

Check out his website for a preview of his new novel Not Just A Game. Click on the Press Release. Also, note the Zipes Geisel Medical School Recognition from 2015.

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Ron Wybranowski says, "I am a "serious amateur" photographer; not a pro. My primary focus is on nature photography with a goal of capturing extraordinary images of the beautiful flowers, birds, animals and scenery that surround us all. " But check out his website . He's more than semi-pro.

Gazzaniga--Mike has just published his latest book, Tales from Both Sides of the Brain. For Complete Wall Street Journal Review, Click on Gazzaniga WSJ.

Gazzaniga Book Cover, Both Sides of the Brain

John White

I've just published my 20th book.  It is available on Amazon. It is entitled THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE & THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER:  A Patriot's Primer on the American Spirit and A Citizen's Guide to Restoring the Republic. It deals with the essence of America—its principles, ideals and values, its history, its future. It is politically incorrect, but Constitutionally and spiritually right. Through the two quintessential symbols of America—the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star-Spangled Banner—it discusses the fundamentals of America and their relation to the rest of the world. It regards the Declaration of Independence as a spiritual document as much as a political one.   For additional details, click on White-Book-20.

Joan Jaffe, a special friend of Al Rozycki, published an essay in the Valley News in 2020 that Al has shared. Click on "They don't make nostalgia like they used to" to see her writing. She also wrote of her challenge in improving Al's diet. She helped him take off 50 pounds but her essay on Jell-O showed frustration. Click on Jell-O to read this essay.

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