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Welcome 1961Alumni Magazine Notes and the Wide Wide WorldAlumni Fund InformationBulletin BoardMini-Reunions in Hanover and San Francisco and our 40th in June, 2001RedirectionsThe Gallery - Art from the ClassClass Directory - Email addressesJust what do we want this web site to be?Contact Bob Conn, John Wilkins, Bert Rawley, and others Here's a place to share your art with the Class.   Whether you're a professional or a serious amateur like Ron Wybranowski, or just create your artwork for your own pleasure, this is the place to display it.

If you have photos or slides of your work then send it to Harris McKee (h4mmckee*** and they will be scanned and posted for you.  If  you have a web site then send an email and one or two images will be posted here along with a link to the site.

Here's a couple of early contributions for you to see.

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Southwest Icon by Tom Judd



Tom Judd

Photography Web Site

Nude by Devona Cox ....Click to see more paintings

Nude By DeVona Cox
Paintings by Duane and DeVona Cox


The Beautiful Sculpture of Bruce Beasley