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                          Class Officers

Updated 07-03-2021

President Maynard Wheeler

Immediate Past President

Don O'Neill

Vice Presidents

Denny Denniston
Gerald Kaminsky


Vic Rich


Ron Wybranowski

Co-Head Agents

Henry Eberhardt
Harris McKee
Roger McArt

Newsletter Editor

Tom Conger

Communication Officer/Webmaster

Harris McKee

Bequest Chairman

David Armstrong
Alan Rozycki


Mini-/Reunion Co-Chairs

--Hanover & Virtual Reunions Peter Bleyler
--Non-Hanover Reunions Dave Prewitt

Class Historian/Necrologist

Harris McKee

Women's Committee

Nyla Arslanian
Patti Rich

Arts & Legacy Committee     

Oscar Arslanian
Peter Bleyler
Vic Rich
Where Class Officers Live  

I '61 Executive Committee

  David Armstrong Mort Lynn
  Nyla Arslanian Roger McArt
  Oscar Arslanian Jim McElhinney
  Peter Bleyler Harris McKee
Gim Burton Don O'Neill
Bill Collishaw David Prewitt
Tom Conger Patti Rich
Denny Denniston Vic Rich
  Henry Eberhardt Alan Rozycki
Glenn Gemelli Jonathan Sperling
  Tim Grumbacher Maynard Wheeler
Hop Holmberg Vince Wilson
Gerald Kaminsky Ron Wybranowski
  Art Kelton  
  Where Class Officers Live  
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